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CAMBRIDGE Pre Al Starters Trainer Two practice tests without answers OfficiaL Cambridge Cambridge University Press www.cambridge.org/elt Cambridge Assessment English www. comb rid gee n gi i sh .0 rg Information on this title: www.cambridge.org/9781108564304 © Cambridge University Press and UCLES 2019 This publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any port may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. First published 2019 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Printed in Dubai by Orienta’ Press A catalogue record for this publication is available from the British Library ISBN 978-1-102-56430-4 Student’5 Book with Audio download The publishers have no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this publication, and do not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate. Information regarding prices, travel timetables, and other factual information given in this work is correct at the time of first printing but the publishers do not guarantee the accuracy of such information thereafter. Contents Pre Al Starters Test 1 Training and Exam Practice Listening 4 Reading and Writing 14 Speaking 26 Test 2 Exam Practice Listening 31 Reading and Writing 37 Speaking 44 Acknowledgements 48 ____ Listeruc H Listen, look and point. 1 Grammar: simple verb forms 2 In pairs, draw lines to make sentences. There is an example (0). o Sam is playing o Mark has got o Sue and Tom are o Alex is wearing o Pat’s kite has got o Ben, Kim and Jill are 0 a fish on it. 0 playing football. 0 in their dad’s boat. o with the sand. o a small boat. 0a long dress. Grammar: prepositions 3 Look at the picture. Students A read sentences 1—4 to your partner. Student B look at the picture, is it True or False? o Student A: Tom and Sue are n a boat. Student R: True! o Jill is wearing a pink T-shirt. o Kim is sitting under the tree. o Mark has grey hair. O Nick is wearing glasses. Li 0 Say what you can see in the picture. This will help you in the test. Part 7 Part 1 — 5 questions — •‘i’• Listen and draw lines. There is one example. Alice Matt May Dan Hugo www.cambridge.org/SageStartersl Eva Grace 5 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary: numbers and colours 1 Look, say and point. 7 3 13 11 15 14 20 16 4 Vocabulary: spelling names 2 Look and colour the names. VP FT MAYY NTSB F DHY Lucy Anna Mark Bill -Matt IiiI Dan Nick Eva Sam Grace Tom LUCY DANN TMBI G RAC FVSK UDMZ B LY R EAMS MBAA H JWM CIMO I LA I L LRX El K I XGTO NA DN GN GA Z L II RC Z E WV MA Listen and write the names. 3 o o 1iiJ Youcansay cousin for boys and girls. Anna 0 4 Look and read aloud in pairs. Then ask and answer questions about children in your family. 1 6 How old are you? I’m 8. Have you got a sister? Yes, I’ve got a big sister. She’s 1 4. How old are you? I’m 7. Have you got a cousin? Yes, I have. He’s 1. He’s a baby! Test 1 Exam practice Part 2 — 5 questions IE I!I — IIiI Read the question. Listen and write a name or number. There are two examples. Examples What is the girl’s name? Mex How old is the girl? 7 Questions o What is Alex’s family name? o Where does Alex live? in Street o What number is Alex’s house? O What colour is Alex’s sports skirt? o What’s the badminton teacher’s name? www.cambridge.org/Sagestarters2 7 Test 1 1 Training 3 Listen and tick (V) the correct box. There is one example. 0 Which is Anna’s helicopter? o Which sport are Dan and May doing? AD BL o What is Mark wearing? BE AD 0 Where is Tom’s teddy bear? (i.’ I AD I o What is Sam’s favourite BE AD BE 0 Which animal is on the TV? ice cream? ply AD BE BE AD 2 Look at the pictures. Say what you can see. Now, read and put a tick (V) or a cross (K) in the box. There are two examples. o Jellysh are pinlc. The . toy elephant s yellow. OThe bear is waving. o The giraffe is eating an ice cream. o My baby cousin has got brown hair. o My grandma has got a bike. 8 LI 0 Read the questions, look at the pictures and say what you can see. Then listen and choose the right answer. Test 1 Training Listening Part 3 i-r. Ij i. 3 Listen to the boy and girl and tick correct pictures. 0 This (i.’) the Listen carefully for ‘no’ answers, like ‘No, it can’t.’ 15 AD BEC[i o It has got a AD o it BE CE o It likes eating AD BE CE BE CE o it can AD BE CE 0 It’s wearing A E AD B E C Use ‘yes’ and ‘no’ sentences to test your classmates. Have fun! Get ready! 4 Write two questions. Draw three pictures for each question. Write two short conversations in your notebooks. 1 L °[ J[ A AB C Now, read your conversations about your pictures. Can your classmates choose the correct one? 9 Listening Part 3 Test 1 Exam practice Part 3 — Listen and tick (i.’) 5 questions — the box. There is one example. Which car is Jill’s grandpa’s? Afl 0 Which c[11 BE] is Hugo’s favourite sport? ) Afl 0 What’s Alice’s dad B[1 cooking? r AD 10 BLi www.cambridge.org/SageStarters3 CD Test 7 Exam practice 0 Which Listening Part 3 animal is in the bath? ALl CE BE 0 Where are Alex’s shorts? L1. AU BE CE BE CE o Which ship is Kim’s? AD 11 ____ ____ Listening Part q Test 1 Training Vocabulary: colours 1 *fl Listen and tick (V) the correct answer. 00 0 A oIJc CD AflBDCH 0 AEBE CD Afl Vocabulary prepositions Where is the frog? Listen and write the numbers in order. 2 C D 1 E 1 ---- In Part 4, learn how to say where things are with prepositions. When do we say in, on, in front of or next to, between, behind and under? G readyI 3 Listen and colour. In pairs write about the teddy bears. pqbearjsin the boy’s bag. o o__.__________ o.. 12 Test 1 Exam practice Listening Part •.. - -:• Part 4 — 5 questions — Listen and colour. There is one example. www.cambridge.org/SageStarters4 13 LI Reading and Writing Part 1 Test 1 Training 0 Vocabulary: matching 1 Match the sentences and the pictures. A B E 4: ( o These are pencils. o This is a frog o These are balls : 1f1 0 This is a camera We usually put an s or es at the end of a plural word, but we say two fish and two sheep. 0 These are sweets 0 This is a coconut. Grammar: singular and plural 2 Choose the correct word. 0 This is a /fr balloons. Look at the sentences and decide if they are about one or more things. Remember! This is o = 1 thing, These are = more things. 0 This is a / These are tennis racket. o This is a / These are baseball cap. o This is a / These are sausages. 0 This is a / These are zebra. 0 This is a / These are jeans. Reading: understanding sentences 3 Read the sentences. Draw two correct pictures and three wrong pictures. 0 This is a 0 These are fish. chicken. [Li 0 This is a house. r J J 0 These are boots. 1’4 [i 0 This is an elephant. 0 These are watches. [] Test 1 Exam practice Reading and Writing Part 1 Part 1 — 5 questions — r. Look and read. Put a tick (V) or a cross (K) in the box. There are two examples. Examples This is a potato. 0 I I These are shoes. [Xl This is a skateboard. El This is a rug. El These are watermelons. El This is a board game. Li This is a jellyfish. El I I 0 0 C 0 www.cambridge.org/5ageStarters5 15 St 1 Training Reading irf 2 or 1 Read the sentences and choose the correct answer. Why are the other two answers wrong? o The boy and girl are in the bookshop / park ifft o The woman with black hair is drawing / driving on / crossing the street. O The man in the fruit shop has got pink? grey? brown hair. o The children are wearing hats / shorts / jeans. o The girl is holding a lorry? skateboard? motorbike. o You can see two tigers ? sheep ? horses in the picture. o There’s a giraffe? hippo / cow in the car. Grammar: talking about the present 2 Look at the picture. Read the sentences and put a tick There is a jellyfish in the clothes shop. o o It’s wearing sunglasses. o The jellyfish has got green hair o It’s sitting on a chair. o The T-shirt has got a picture of a beach on it. o The jellyfish is sad. (i/) or a cross E?] [j LI jJ [_] 3 Write 3 more sentences about the picture, one ‘yes’ and two ‘no’. Yes 0 0, 0 16 No (K). No Test 1 Exam practice Reading and Writing Part 2 Part 2 — 5 questions — Look and read. Write yes or no. Examples The people are having fun in the park. The boy is watching television. no Questions o The boy and girl ate playing tennis. o The girl has got black hair. o The baby is eating ice cream. o The woman’s bag is closed. 0 The horses are drinking some water. www.cambridge.org/Sage5tarters6 17 Reading and Writing Part 3 Test 1 Training Vocabulary spelling 1 Look at the letters and numbers. Look at the code words. What are they? In pairs draw and write code words. A]1BHCID E F G H iJ K L M N 0 P Q R ST U V W X Yz 2 3 4 5 6 7 $ 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 oDLJJ 2 Write the words. Colour the letters that are the same. floor door Ocool o o is the same Oso c k s tennis racket jacket is the same omouse house trousers is the same 0 teacher computer flower is the same 0 pea bear sea is the same Grammar: articles and prepositions 3 Read the sentences. Choose the correct answers. o Tom is at / in the kitchen. o i play at /the park every afternoon. o i like watching TV in the I bedroom. o He is swimming in a I the sea. OI — play baseball at / in the weekend. o i always eat an I a ice cream at the beach. Get ready’ 4 Look at the pictures. Then write the words. o 0 hUh on b as 5’ 9 18 5 - b -I CD 1 -t. 0 vi -f. 0 (0 CD vi (3 0 (0 CD 0 3 0 0 0 0 -D .. m x I I LI) - (D -4. -4. m -. -I. 0 0 0 I- C -‘ CD C, -4. -D - -4. 0 0 0 C CD vi Ln.D
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