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a• A note to teachers, parents and children Welcome to the English World Level 5 Grammar Practice Book. As in previous levels, this book contains a variety of activities which practise the grammar points of the Pupil's Book and Workbook. There are also activities which practise writing skills and spelling. There is a unit in the Grammar Practice Book for each unit in the Pupil's Book and the Workbook. There are three pages in each unit: • Page 1 of each unit practises the main grammar point of eachunit. • Page 2 of each unit practises the Grammar in Conversation point. • Page 3 of each unit practises the content of the Use o f Englishactivity in each unit. There are Review pages after every two units. The Review pages practise the grammar, phonics and spelling from the previous two units. Each grammar activity in the Review units has a score out of 5. The spelling activity has a score out of 10. This gives a total score out of 35. The children write their score for the Review pages in a box on the page. The Review units also have a Your Writing Page. These pages help the children to • complete simple three-paragraph texts. • understand the use of paragraphs in written English. • write texts in paragraphs. When all the activities in each unit are complete, the Grammar Practice Book will be a useful reference and revision aid for the children. The series of Grammar Practice Books builds up into a complete record of the grammar in English W orld. The children can keep their Grammar Practice Books and use them for reference in later levels of English W orld. In this w ay, they develop good study skills and make an important step to becoming independent learners. Introduction Contents page Unit 1 4 Unit 2 7 Review 1 10 Unit 3 14 Unit 4 17 Review 2 20 Unit 5 24 Unit 6 27 Review 3 30 Unit 7 34 Unit 8 37 Review 4 40 Unit 9 44 Unit 10 47 Review 5 50 Unit 11 54 Unit 12 57 Review 6 60 Contents While he was walking in the park, it started to rain. Unit 1 While I was ... / While they were ... Complete. Use the verbs in the box. eat carry bttg ring take see run away with fall cross While she was baying apples, a man ran away with. her bag. & While they sandwiches, they their friends. While I While she While they 2 Write about these people. 1 look at/find play with / hurt her finger Unit 1 Grammar the street, my phone a photo, she the box, they r : j _ _ _ _ When I was little, I used to play with a car. 1 Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in the box and time expressions with When ... wear play have Tom 1 When Tom was little he used, to wear shorts. 2 _________________________ , he _________________________ with dinosaurs. Lucy 3 _ she with dolls, 4 _ she long hair. Tom and Lucy 5 ___________ they . in the garden. Tom and Lucy 6 they . bicycles. 2 Write. 1 Lucy / long hair / short hair Lacy used to Kave long hair bat now she Kas sKort hair 2 They / bicycles / cars 3 Tom / shorts/trousers 4 Lucy / garden / hospital 5 They/short/tall U nit 1 Grammar in conversation Use of English 1 Complete the adjective and adverb pairs. Remember: to Adjectives Adverbs Adjectives Adverbs make an adverb 1 angry arigrLlij 2 heavily from an adjective 3 greedy _______ 4 funnily 5 lazy _______ 6 prettily 7 noisy _______ 8 happily ending in a consonant + y, change y to i and add ly. 2 Complete the sentences. Use adjectives and adverbs from Activity 1 1 It was my birthday party. My friends and I w ere _______________ and we made a lot of noise. 2 My mother covered her ears with her hands. "This is a ve ry _______________ party," she said 3 There was a clown. He made some___________ 4 We laughed because the clown danced 5 Alex did not laugh. He was eating all the sandwiches_____________ There were not enough sandwiches for my friends! 6 Alex did not want to play games. "I'm very tired," he said. He sat on the sofa. 7 My brother wanted to put a box of games on the sofa. It was very 8 Alex shouted at my brother. "I'm not going to move!" he said am not going to invite Alex again! Unit 1 Spelling of adverbs from adjectives ending in y Unit They went to the shops to buy a computer game. 1 Match. 1 Matt went to the sports centre d a 2 Emma went to the shopping mall b to have a coffee. 3 Jack and Joe went to the park c 4 Miss Green went to the supermarket d to swim. 5 Linda went to the cafe e 1 2 1 d 2 3 4 to buy eggs. to buy a CD. to play football. 5 Write about these people. wear scarves / keep warm They wore scarves to keep warm. buy some eggs / make some biscuits take her camera / take photos phone his friend / invite him to his house U nit 2 Grammar f He has to study. + had to ..., will have to ... She does not have to study. + did not have to ..., will not have to Do they have to clean their rooms? Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. ^ + Did they have to ...?, Will they have to ...? 1 Complete with the words in the boxes. Has to does not have to have to do not have to 1 H e -- b-CLS to__________ pack for his holiday today. / 2 They--------------- do their homework today. / 3 She------------- buy a present for Mum today. X 4 They------------- walk to school today. X had to did not have to 5 H e ------------------ walk to school yesterday. / 6 H e ------------------ clean his room yesterday. X will have to will not have to 7 She------------- buy a present for Mum tomorrow. / 8 She------------- clean her room tomorrow. X 2 Write questions. he / clean his room today 1 Does Ke Kave toclean his room, today?_____________ No, he doesn't. she / make a caketoday 2 — _____________________________________________________No, she doesn't. he / go to bed early yesterday 3 ________________________________________ ______________ Yes, he did. they / do their homework tomorrow 4 --------------------------------------------- No, they won't. Unit 2 Grammar in conversation Use of English 1 Read these mixed-up paragraphs about a football match. Match each paragraph with the subject. what happened after the match C his opinion of the d a y _______ information about the teams and the stadium_______ what happened at the match_______ A It was a very good match. Ricky Rogers, the Mega United captain, scored the first goal. Then Star Rovers scored a goal. Finally, Ricky Rogers scored another goal and Mega United won the match. B It was a very special day. I always enjoy matches at the Mega United Stadium. This match was very good. The best part of the day was meeting Ricky Rogers. That was fantastic! C When we were walking home we saw Ricky Rogers in the street. W e talked to him and we took photos with him. Then we went back to my friend's house. W e showed the photos to his mum and dad. They were very happy for us. D On Saturday I went to see Mega United play Star Rovers. The match was at the Mega United Stadium. It's a new stadium and it's very big. I went with my best friend. We were very excited because Mega United is our favourite team. 2 Decide the best order for the paragraphs. 1 D 2 3 4 U nit 2 Writing in paragraphs Review J J Review of Unit 1 and Unit 2 While she was running, she lost her phone. 1 Complete. Use the words in the box. mother you While 1 playing was hurt they were walking, it began to rain. 2 While he -------- swimming, he saw a shark. 3 While I was 4 WhHe a computer game, the telephone rang. While my -------- was cooking, she broke a plate. 5 While my friend was plauinq football, he 6 While his leg ---- were watching TV, your friends arrived. ( Score ____ /5 When she was /our, she used to play with dolls. He used to play with cars but now he plays computer games. 2 Match. 1 He used to live in a flat but now d a to play in the garden. 2 When he was little, b used to have a bike. 3 When he was six, he used c now he wears trousers. 4 He used to d he lives in a house. 5 He used to wear shorts but e he used to eat sweets. f like pizza. 6 When he was four, he 1 d 2 3 4 5 6 ( Score ____ /5 Review 1 ) He went home to have lunch, j 3 Write in the correct order. 1 the television / 1/ watch / turned on / a film / to / I turned on. ike television to watch a film.________ 2 went / to / some bread / They / to the supermarket / buy / 3 a CD player / bought / W e / to / our CDs / listen to / 4 working / have / They / to / stopped / lunch / 5 close/stood u p /to /the window/He/ 6 some bread / sandwiches / She / make / bought / to / Score ____ /5 She has to / had to / will have to wash her clothes. ) Theu do not have to / did not have to / will not have to cook lunch. V-_ _________ _-...........-.^ 4 Write sentences with the correct form of have to. He will have to tidy his room 1 He/tidy his room/tomorrow tomorrow. 2 She / not / play football / yesterday She did not have to play football yesterday._________ 3 I / not/make lunch/today ____________________________ 4 They / not/get up early/tomorrow 5 You/w alk to school / yesterday 6 W e / buy some food/today __ ______ 7 She/not/do her homework/yesterday ____________________________ ( Score ____ 15 Review 1 r Does he have to read this book? Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t. ' Do they have to buy pencils? Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. Did he have to make lunch? Yes, he did. / No, he didn’t. Will he have to walk to school? Yes, he will. / No, he won’t. 5 Complete. 1 L)o they have to learn French? No, they don't have to learn French. 2 Do y o u ______________________________ early? Yes, I have to get up early. he his room yesterday? No, he did not have to tidy his room yesterday. _______ y o u ____________________ the car next week? No, I will not have to wash the car next week. Score 15 Phonics and spelling 6 Write and say. w h like wheel wkat h w t a ■n rf 1 ch like stomach school 8 h w h i c 4 r £Kx'Jp\ ch like bunch lurick a Review 1 Phonics and spelling 10 Score My score is no) D Your Writing Page 1 1 Complete the story about Jack. Use the words in the box. cake much does at opening medicine hospital used to eat W hen Jack was four, h e ----------at his a lot. He had a very b ig ----------birthday party. W hile he w a s ------------his presents, he felt ill. His mother took him to _______________ to see a doctor. Jack - four Jack - ten They arrived at the ho sp ital_______________ 6 o'clock. The doctor talked to him. He did not give Ja c k _______________ "Y o u aren't ill," the doctor said. "Y o u ate t o o _______________ cake." Jack and his mother left the hospital at 8 o'clock. Now Jack is ten. He likes cake, but he _______________ not eat too much cake! Match the paragraphs with their content. Paragraph 1 _____ a How Jack is different now Paragraph 2 _____ b Jack's problem Paragraph 3 _____ c W hat happened when Jack felt ill Write about David. Use the text in 1 as a model. The words below can help you. Paragraph 1 David - five - watch a lot of television / one night - watch television for six hours / going to bed - very bad headache / hospital - doctor Paragraph 2 arrive at 10 o'clock / "Y o u aren't ill." / "You watched too much television." / leave at 11 o'clock Paragraph 3 now - nine - not watch too much television When David, was five,__________________________ Review 1 Your Writing Page Who are planes flown by? By pilots. Unit Planes are flown by pilots. 1 Complete. in w. ~ i ~ m• ■ ■»« » I open the gates in the morning, paint the gates and windows. I mend the chairs. Mr Brown teach English. ) r Miss Green clean the school. sell sandwiches. Tom 1 The gates and windows are painted by Mr Browrt. 2 The school__________________________________________ 3 The gates________________________________ __________ 4 English_____________________________________________ 5 The sandwiches_____________________________________ 6 The chairs 2 Write Who ...? and W hat...? questions. Answer the questions. 1 English/teach Who Is English, taught by? Miss Green 2 school /clean 3 chairs / mend 4 teach / Miss Green English 5 sandwiches/sell _ 6 paint / Mr Brown Unit 3 Grammar The gates and windows I am interested in sports. Sports are interesting. V-.................. ............... .......... 0 Across 1 Complete the crossword. when 1 W e were e 4 1 we heard the news. 5 That progamme about 2 India was i_______ . 3 6 She is f_______ by film stars. 5 7 I watched television all day. I was very b_______ . Down 6 1 W e thought the news was very e_______ . 7 2 I was i_______ in that programme about India. 3 She thinks film stars are f_______ . 4 I watched television all day. It was very b_______ . 2 Write sentences about yourself. Use the words in boxes. interesting / interested 4 I think------------- are 1 I am _______________ in exciting / excited 2 I think boring / bored 3 are I think__________ 6 I was are because I was because U nit 3 Grammar in conversation Use 1 of English Change the adjectives to adverbs 1 quick___ quickly___ 2 beautiful_______________ 3 slow _______________ 4 steady_______________ 5 watchful 6 2 hap p y_ Write sentences with adverbs from Activity 1. 1 The children were playing_______________ 2 The lion ra n _______________ 3 The birds were singing_______________ 4 The ship sailed------------- a n d ______________ _ across the ocean 5 The soldier stood------------- at the entrance to the palace. 3 Answer the questions with adverbs from Activity 1. 1 There were children in the park. How were they playing? Happily 2 There was a lion on the hill. How was it running?_______________ 3 There were birds in the trees. How were they singing?_______________ There was a a ship on the sea. How was it sailing?_______________ and _ There was a soldier in front of the palace. How was he standing?_______________ U nit 3 Adverbs of manner : She has been to a lot of countries. Unit Has she been to China? No, she hasn’t. She has never visited China. Has she ever seen the Pyramids? Yes, she has. Switzerland 1 Complete. China play / eat 1 She ice piano. She shark soup. go / listen 3 They_________ to Switzerland. 4 to Egyptian music, They _______ go / see 5 He ___ 6 He to China. the pyramids. 2 Write questions and answers. they / visit Egypt? 1 Have they ever visited Egypt? Yes, they have. she / hear Egyptian music? 2 ______________________________________________________ they / see the pyramids? 3 _______________________________________ _____________________ h e / eat shark soup? 4 _______________________________________ _____________________ she / play an ice piano? 5 _______________________________________ _____________________ Unit 4 Grammar I have never been to France. Have you ever been to America? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. 1 Write sentences. / play football in England 1 I have played football la England. take a photo of a tiger in India 2 I have never taken a photo of a tiger In India make octopus soup in Spain see the Taj Mahal in India climb a mountain in Japan go to the desert in Australia , Write questions and answers. 1 Unit 4 Have you ever climbed a mountain In Japan ? Grammar in conversation Yes. I have. 7# / \^K Use of English 1 Write the words under the correct headings. Use capital letters for the first letter. Days of the w eek Months of the year Places Names of people friday September robert egypt march russia carla thursday 2 Write the conversation. Use capital letters. Joe: what are you reading? What are you reading? M att: adventure in egypt. it's about an explorer, his name is tim. he travels to cairo, in egypt, and he goes on a boat on the nile. Joe: did you buy it? M att: no, I didn't, it was a birthday present from mum. she bought it in a bookshop in london on tuesday. Joe: M att: when's your birthday? on September 21st. Unit 4 Proper nouns Review - c Review of Unit 3 and Unit 4 Bridges are built by engineers. 1 Complete. Use the verbs in boxes. grow 1 Grapes__Q£g grown.__ in hot countries. find 2 W hales_________________________ in the Pacific Ocean. make 3 That house_________________________ of wood. build 4 Fast roads____________ between large towns. pick 5 The apples on the farm in September. use 6 Paper________________ for many things in the house. Who are bridges built by? By engineers. W hat is built by engineers? Bridges. 2 Complete. 1 Who is bread made by ? By bakers. 2 is made by bakers? Bread, 3 are planes flown by? By pilots, 4 are sold by bookshops? Books. 5 Who 6 Review 2 ____ films directed by? By directors. is grass eaten by? By cows. Score /5
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