Tài liệu Bài tập bổ trợ và nâng cao tiếng anh 7 chương trình thí điểm nguyễn thị chi (file word có thể copy)

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3 NGUYỄN THỊ CHI (Chù biên) - NGUYỄN HỮU CƯƠNG BÀI TẬP Bổ TRỢ - NÂNG CAO <• TIẾNG ANH 7 (Theo-chương trình TiểngẢnh mới) NHÀ XUÂT BẢN GIÁO DỤC VIỆT NAM 3 4§f MY HOBBIES 3 4 LANGUAGE FOCUS C 5 6 C Topic: Phonetics: Grammar: Vocabulary: Hobbies Sounds /a/ and /3:/ - Review: the present simple and future simple - Verbs of liking + V-ing - Hobbies - Action verbs Skills: PRACTICE - Listening to and talking about types of hobbies - Reading and writing about personal hobbies J I. Choose the word having the underlined' part pronounced differently in each line. 1. A. purpose B, bottle C. collect D. second 2. A. heard B, pearl C. heart D. earth 3* A, button B. circus C. suggest D. future 4. A, sofa B. away C. banana D. occasion 5. A. burst B, curtain C furniture D. cure 7 II. Reorder the letters under each picture to make the meaningful word, saying it aloud and putting it in the correct column. 8 9 ' 2. rbnu 7. teripuc Wednesday ???......... Friday 4, Iwdor 10. lomed 10 11 53 Sr 5, 10, IV. Match each of the verbs in column A with a suitable noun/ noun phrase in column B. Use each word only once. /a/ /3:/ 1. collect 2, take 3, do a, football match b, detective stones c, dolls 4. watch 5, play d. countryside music e, wood 6, go 7, listen to 8, make 9. read 10, carve f. pottery g, photos h. the violin i, sightseeing j. aerobics V. Look at the pictures and choose the best answer to complete each sentence. 1, My sister's hobby is A, making models B, arranging flowers C drawing D. reading 2. Anna and collecting A. stamps B, dolls C, glass bottles D. toy bears 12 Hoa love 3. I think________is very interesting. A. dancing S. cycling C ice-skating D, doing gymnastics 4. When I have free time, I usually go________ A. surfing B. swimming C fishing D. camping 5. My brother________table tennis every day, A, does B, takes C makes D, plays 6. Mr. Phong's hobby is_________. A, bird watching B, mountain climbing C, horse riding D, scuba diving 7, Mary's grandmother likes_________. A. sewing B. 8.1 cooking C reading D, shopping find_________eggshells is an unusual hobby. A, making B. doing C. carving D, taking 13 9, Will you take up making A. wood B. pottery C. cake D. model 10. Vinh's hobby is A. taking photos B. watching TV C. playing badminton D. doing judo 14 VI* Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence. COLLECT 1. Nick's hobby is collecting stamps. He is a stamp 2. Hoa is verv and she paints very well. 3. Myuncleusuallvtakesaiotof photos. 4.1 think collectina old bowls is a very hobby. 5. You can use carved eaoshells as in your house. 6.1 like readina books because it my knowledge. 7. Model makina is a wavs of spending time. 8. Reading books can also develop our CREATE BEAUTY BORE DECORATE WIDE WONDER IMAGINE MUSIC 9. That airl can use leaves to make sounds. KL You should choose a hobby because it will aive you PLEASE and help vou relax. 15 VII. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1. My brother usually (go)____________fishing in his free time. 2. We (not like)____________roller skating because it's dangerous. 3. I think 20 years from now more people (take up)_________________ outdoor activities. 4. Jane's hobby is (cook) _________________. She enjoys (prepare) ____________food for her family and friends. 5. What your mother (do)____________at weekends? 6. In my opinion, in the future people (not play)____________individual games. 7. We find (arrange)____________flowers interesting because it (help) ____________us relax, 8. My father (start)_____________the hobby ten years ago after a trip to Ha Long Bay. VIII. Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank. Minh's hobby is singing. She (1)________singing very much. When her brother (2)_________a karaoke set last month, Minh was so glad that she (3)______every day after dinner. She likes to sing only English songs. In fact, she has already sung all the songs found (4)_______the karaoke discs. Minh is singing in the karaoke (5)________organized by the RC Center this Saturday. Her family is going there to support her. 16 1. A. wants B, enjoys B, c, thinks c. b, hates D. 2. A. invented discovered B, bought made D. 3. A. sings sang B, about c.sung c. singing D, 4. A, of B. battle under on c company D. institution 5. A. competition 17
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