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Tài liệu 50 bài luận mẫu trong bài thi thpt quốc gia môn tiếng anh


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50 bài luận mẫu trong bài thi thpt quốc gia môn tiếng anh
MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 1 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. It’s a pity I can’t go to the game next Saturday. (wish)  I _________________________________________ 66. Do I have to fill in any forms? (necessary)  Is _________________________________________ 67. I only found out the truth because I heard the two of them talking. (found)  If I _________________________________________ 68. It is necessary that I post this letter tonight. (need)  I _________________________________________ 69. This food is so good that I’m going to have some more. (such)  This _________________________________________ II. Topic: Do we really need to have a good boss? Even though job situations can be very different, there are several qualities that all good supervisors have in common. A good boss treats all her employees fairly. She doesn't single out one employee for better (or worse) treatment than the others. A poor supervisor has favorites. Sometimes she'll even use her favorites to spy on other employees. She expects them to tell her what the others are saying about her. This can cause a lot of bad feelings among employees. A good supervisor gives clear and understandable directions, She doesn't constantly change her mind about what she wants employees to do. She also doesn't get angry with an employee who is confused and needs her to explain the directions again or more fully. Delegating authority well is another quality of a good supervisor. She knows how to use the skills of her employees to best advantage. A poor supervisor insists on doing everything herself. She is unwilling to give any authority to others. A good boss evaluates her employees on a reasonable set of criteria, not on how she feels about them personally. And she lets the employees know what those criteria are, so they have a fair chance of meeting them. She gives both praise and criticism in a straightforward manner. She also offers guidance when needed. A poor supervisor will criticize without giving any suggestions on how to improve. Most importantly, a good supervisor sets the standards for her employees by her own behavior. She works hard and treats employees like valuable assets to the company. This promotes good morale among her workers, and this is of great benefit to her business. 2 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. Could you give me some advice? (like)  I _________________________________________ 66. “Please don’t smoke in the house.” she said to us. (to)  She _________________________________________ 67. “Why didn’t you mention the problem before?” I asked them. (had)  I asked them _________________________________________ 68. You are unfit because you don’t do enough exercise. (would)  If _________________________________________ 69. I bought myself some good new clothes. I need them for my new job. ( which)  I bought _________________________________________ II. Topic: Is a child better brought up in the countryside or in the city? PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 1/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 There are advantages and disadvantages to a childhood in either the country or a city. It's hard to say which is better. Growing up in the country means a certain amount of isolation. You're in a small town or on a farm and not with a lot of people. Even more important, the people you meet every day tend to be just like you. Most will be the same race as you, have the same background as you, and will have gone to the same schools as you. In the city, the people you meet are all different. There are different races and different cultures. You get a more interesting mix. City people tend to come from a lot of different places and move around a lot. So, there isn't the sense of community in the city that you have in the country. People in the city can live in the same apartment building for twenty years and never get to know their neighbors. In the country, everybody knows everybody. For a child, this means the country is more secure. A child can get lost or hurt in the city and have no one to turn to. In the country, everyone's a neighbor. People in the country feel connected to each other. A child growing up in the city has the advantage of a lot of interesting and exciting places to visit. He or she can go to the zoo, museums, art galleries and concerts. There are a lot of restaurants with different kinds of food. It's easy to see every new movie that comes out. Children in the country don't have a lot of these activities nearby. All in all, I think a childhood in the city is better because it prepares you more for what real life is like. 3 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. People all over the country have helped the poor people in the flood region.  The poor people_________________________________________________ 66. It’s cold in the morning, so the children go to school in heavy clothes.  Because of_________________________________________________ 67. David has read a lot of books, however, he cannot find a good solution.  Although_________________________________________________ 68. It isn't necessary to finish the work today.  You don't _____________________________________________________ 69. Hai finally managed to get a job  Hai finally succeeded____________________________________________ II. Topic: What are the factors to enable a longer life? With the development of human society, people are living longer now. Many factors interacting together enable the longer life. There are three most important causes: the quality of food has been greatly improved; people could have medical services; more and more people realize that regular sports benefit their health. The improving quality of our food is the most important factor of the longer life. We could have not only enough food as we want, but also the healthier food. When we preparing food, we no longer consider the cost, but pay more attention to the nutritions of the food. With the development of transportation systems, inland people now could also enjoy seafood and tropical fruit. Furthermore, governments are paying more and more money on medical establishments. Citizens could have medical services more easily. Because of the convenient medical service more illnesses could be detected at an earlier stage. Also, many illnesses that had been considered fatal could be cured today. The better detection and cures enable people's longer life. Last but not least important is that people care more for their own health. Every morning you could see people doing sports outside. More and more people have realized the saying "life is locomotion". Regular sports build up a strong body. Naturally, people with stronger body could resist more diseases. To sum up, the development of our society causes the longer life of people. People have better food and better medical services. And people spend more time on sports to build up stronger bodies. As we could predict, people are going to live even longer. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 2/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 4 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.  In spite______________________________________________ 66. I'm sorry that I didn't finish my homework last night.  I wish_________________________________________________ 67. Reading scientific books is one of my interests.  I'm_______________________________________________________ 68. I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as that girl.  That is_________________________________________________ 69. I don’t have any hats as cheap as this hat.  This hat is_________________________________________________ II. Topic: Do we really need to be good at team-working? We all work with many different kinds of people. Different co-workers have different personality. To me, my co-workers should have some important characteristics such as independence, optimism, and teamwork spirit. I think a good co-worker must have his own opinions. A co-worker should dare to propose his own opinions. He should not say the same as others and hide his opinions. Only everyone tries his best to analyze every aspect of a thing, it can be done best. So independence of thinking is important for a co-worker. Another important characteristic is optimism. If we have some difficult problems, he must be brave and should not fear them. He should encourage others to find methods to solve problems. This point is very important because one’s mood can influence others easily. Once a co-worker shows a little fear of difficulties, others may become discouraged soon. So a good co-worker should be optimistic. In addition, teamwork spirit is an important characteristic of a co-worker. Although a co-worker should be independent to analyze a thing, he should be tolerant to the different people and their ways of working. He should be willing to dedicate his energy, time and knowledge to reach the goal of whole team. Independence, optimism and teamwork spirit are important characteristics of a co-worker. If everyone in a work group has these characteristics, the group can overcome difficulties and reach its goals. 5 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. She never seems to succeed, even though she works hard. →However _________________________________________________ 66. A new flu vaccine has been on trial since the beginning of the year. →They have _________________________________________________ 67. Mary knew what the answer was after reading the book. →By the time _________________________________________________ 68. I took little notice of the girl standing at the gate. →I didn’t _________________________________________________ 69. It was easy for us to find the house. →We had _________________________________________________ II. Topic: Media are said to affect us different ways. Discuss the matter in a composition. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 3/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 I think the media pay too much attention to the private lives of famous people. Television, newspapers, magazines and web sites dig up all kinds of past bad actions. They say that these are true reflections of a person's character. This may be true if they occurred only a few years before, but some of these are things people did as teenagers. People in their forties are expected to explain something they did when they were fifteen. If they killed someone, obviously that's more than a youthful mistake. Usually, though, these incidents involve experiments with drugs or being reckless in a car. They're not something that the public needs to know. The media love to say that the public has a right to know. That's not true. We don't need to know if a movie star or politician has had an extramarital affair. That is something of concern only to the people involved. We do need to know if someone we're electing to public office has been involved in shady business deals, but we don't need to know if he or she defaulted on a loan twenty years ago. It seems the media dig up these facts without giving thoughtful consideration to what might happen. It has an effect on the celebrity's family, especially the children. A celebrity's good name and credibility may be ruined before he or she can prove that rumors are false. If a case goes to court, paying a lawyer can use up all their money. Even if it doesn't come to that, they may find their career ruined. When are we, the public, going to make it clear to the media that we're tired of having to watch this kind of thing on the news? Wouldn't it be better if they would concentrate on more important issues? 6 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. These young men became doctors after six years training. →After these young men _________________________________________________ 66. People believe that the Chinese invented paper in 105 A.D. →Paper _________________________________________________ 67. A man I don’t know told me about that. →I was _________________________________________________ 68. It takes six hours to drive from here to London. →It is _________________________________________________ 69. It was the goalkeeper that saved the match for us. →Had _________________________________________________ II. Topic: Man is the main factor to worsen the Earth. People have been living on the Earth for thousands of years. Human activity influences the Earth. Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. In my opinion, the earth is being damaged by human activity. There are many statements supporting my opinion. Human activity has damaged natural environment and almost exhausted natural resources. Modern industry needs more and more resources, including minerals, fuels and water. So we confront of the serious problems such as the lack of fuels and water. Ecological balance is damaged because factories occupy many places where animals and plants live. More and more buildings are constructed and forests become less and less. If we cannot recognize these problems and solve them soon, we would finally lose the environment suitable for our living. Another serious problem is "the green-house effect." Human activity decreases forests and increases the usage of fuels so that the gas of carbon dioxide is output more and more and there are not enough plants to absorb it. The green-house effect is more obvious and more sensible these years. Due to the effect, icebergs in the south polar and north polar melt and the sea level becomes higher than before. I am worried about the cities nearby the sea and hope scientists find an effective method to eliminate the green-house effect. Although we have advanced machines and our life seems more comfortable than before, we have less chances to approach natures and less spaces to act. The cities become bigger and if we want to have a picnic PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 4/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 with our friends, we have to drive a long distance to find a natural place. In fact, the spaces of human activity are being damaged by the skyscrapers and factories. From the above statements, we can conclude that human activity brings the Earth many damages. Fortunately people have recognized the point and I believe that the Earth will become a better place to live with our ceaseless efforts. 7 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. I simply fail to understand some of my friends’ attitudes to work.  I have some friends _________________________________________ 66. He didn't study his lessons very carefully, so he gets bad marks now.  If he _________________________________________ 67. Although Judy was severely disabled, she took part in many sports  Despite _________________________________________ 68. The film was so interesting that I couldn’t go to bed.  It was such _________________________________________ 69. “Why didn’t you go to the club last night?” the girl said to Jim.  The girl asked _________________________________________ II. Topic: Human are said to greatly benefit from destroying their environment. Do you really think so? The quality of human life has improved greatly over the past few centuries, but Earth is being harmed more and more by human activity. As we develop our technology, we demand more from our planet. Eventually, this will harm people as well. Our planet gives us everything we need, but natural resources are not endless. Strip mining devastates whole regions, leaving bare and useless ground. Deforestation removes old growth trees that can't be replaced. Too much fishing may harm fish populations to the point where they can't recover. We are too careless in taking what we want without giving anything back. There are more people than ever, living longer than ever. So is it any surprise that many areas suffer from too much development? Anyone living in or near a city has experienced "urban sprawl." There is a new shopping area on every corner and new houses, townhouses and apartments everywhere. Traffic gets worse and worse because planners can't keep up with growth. Keeping up with human demand is hard enough. Environmental concerns come in last. With growth comes pollution. Companies and communities dump waste into water. Landfills are full of trash. Emissions from factories pollute the air. Barrels of industrial waste and worse, radioactive waste, have no safe place to go. If we're not careful, we can harm our planet beyond repair. People need to respect the Earth and try to preserve it. If we don't, what kind of future will we have? 8 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. He drove so badly that he kept having accidents. (A)  He was _________________________________________ 66. Jim does not intend to give up his hobby.(INTENTION)  Jim has _________________________________________ 67. You didn’t come home early so the house was broken into and things were stolen. (WOULD)  Had you _________________________________________ 68. How much are your shoes? (PRICE)  What is _________________________________________? PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 5/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 69. I’d prefer you not to drink tea at night.(RATHER)  I’d rather _________________________________________ II. Topic: Saving energy is saving our earning. When faced with the decision of saving your money for some time in the future or enjoying your money when you earn it, quite a few would claim to enjoy their money, but others, in contrast, deem to save their money as the premier choice and that is also my point. This quite different view is based on the every possible reason. For most reason for saving the money for future use is when you need a lot of money to deal with some emergent things that happen to you, you should not worry about the fund or lend some money everywhere at that time. For example, two years ago, I spend my summer holiday in a famous scenery pot, after a wonderful trip of the first day, I lost my wallet unconsciously, then I took out some money in the bank to finish the trip. If you did not have some deposit, you can imagine how embarrassed you are. Second, I have finished my college study, and I am going to go abroad to get a master degree to enhance the ability to face the challenge in the society. Plenty of money is very important to me, so I have to save all the money that I economized for future use. Third, the economy condition of my family is not so good that I decide to earn enough money to buy a big house for my deeply loving parents. This is arbitrary to judge saving money for future use according only to the excuse I mentioned in the above paragraph. But I do not deny that enjoying the life is also important to everyone because of brief life. That is to say, I will enjoy my money if I deposit enough. 9 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 65. Mary is so young that she can’t join our club. (TOO)  Mary is _________________________________________ 66. The owners of the restaurants are usually very rich.(WHO)  The people _________________________________________ 67. It was easy for us to get tickets for the concert. (NO)  We had _________________________________________ 68. They think the burglar got in through the bathroom. (THOUGHT)  The burglar _________________________________________ 69. George failed the final exam because he was lazy.(BECAUSE OF)  Because of _________________________________________ II. Topic: Your thing to do in free time. Watching TV. Do you like watching TV? Do you watch it regularly? If a living performance is available what, do you think, will you choose, watching TV or attending the performance? But if I were you I will prefer the latter. Watching TV is boring and exhaustive. Just sitting before the grey box will make you sleepy. You cannot feel the atmosphere in the auditorium which makes the audiences feel refreshed and excited. You can appreciate all the programs through your own eyes not though the square glass screen. There are many other audiences as well as you sitting there and watching the performance which makes you feel accompanied. And you can communicate with others about what you have just seen or thought. This gives you an opportunity to express your opinion. And you know you are not alone then. Going to see the performance out of your house is also good to your body. For you may have a walk after the activity even go to a good bar and find something to drink. You can also see some friends after the show. Though I am not very sure about others I will commonly do such things after a concert. It makes me feel great. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 6/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 So, to take part in a living show is my favorite choice. Instead of watching TV I would like to have some performance publically. It is better than the program in TV I think. 10 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. The keepers feed the lions at 3 pm every day.  The lions _________________________________________ 66. We got lost because we didn't have a map.  If we _________________________________________ 67. I would prefer you to deliver the sofa on Friday.  I would rather_________________________________________ 68. The bridge was so low that the bus couldn't go under it.  It was _________________________________________ 69. That was a silly thing to say.  What _________________________________________ II. Topic: Airlines have changed the ways we travel. Do you think so? An airplane is a form of transportation that has changed people's lives. Thanks to the plane, our lives are now faster, more exciting, and more convenient that before. You cannot deny that a plane is fast. For example, the Concorde flies at supersonic speed. A businessman can leave Paris at 11 a.m. in the morning and arrive in New York at 8 a.m. the same morning in time for a day's work. Many business people in Europe will fly to London for a noon meeting and then return home to Rome or Madrid for dinner. It is always exciting to take a plane trip. When you take a trip by plane, you know that you might cross many time zones, many oceans, and many countries. When you get off the plane, you could be in a place that speaks a different language. A plane is like a magician's trick. You get in a box and you come out somewhere totally different. Nothing can beat the convenience of a plane. In the old days, it might take you days to do what the plane can do it an hour. Boats, for example, only leave on certain days of the week and take a long time to get to their destination. Planes give you the option to leave several times a day and get you to your destination quickly. Although other forms of transportation may be more comfortable, none has changed the way we do business and live our lives more than the plane. Thanks to the speed, excitement, and convenience of the planes, our lives are richer. 11 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. Mr. Holton only operated because he knew the rumour was malignant  Mr. Holton wouldn't_________________________________________ 66. All that stood between John and a gold medal was Jim's greater speed  But for _________________________________________ 67. Immediately after their arrival, things went wrong. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 7/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016  No sooner_________________________________________ 68. He was so tired that he fell asleep before the end of the film  He was too_________________________________________ 69. Hearing that an earthquake had occurred was a great shock to us.  We were _________________________________________ II. Topic: Discuss the role of teachers in one’s life Most of us can learn how to do something simple on our own with just a set of instructions. However, to learn about something more complex, it's always best to have a teacher. Teachers bring with them varied and useful backgrounds. They've been trained to teach individuals in different ways depending on their style. For instance, some students learn better by discussing a topic. Others learn more by writing about it. Teachers can help students learn in the way that's best for each student. A textbook or a manual can only give you one way of learning something. Plus they're only as helpful as your ability to understand them. A good teacher can adapt her teaching to your needs. Teachers help you focus on what you're learning. If you're learning something by yourself, it's easy to become distracted and go on to other activities. Teachers keep your attention on the subject. They also approach a subject logically, taking it one step at a time. On your own, it's tempting to skip parts of the learning process you think you don't need. That can hinder your ability to really understand the subject. Learning a subject on your own is a very narrow way of learning. You can only use the information you get from the textbook. With a teacher, you get the information in the written materials as well as the teacher's own knowledge of the topic. Teachers can also provide extra materials to broaden the scope of what you're learning. There's nothing wrong with studying on your own, and a learner can always benefit from some quiet study. For the best possible learning, though, a good teacher is the biggest help you can have. 12 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. The decorators have finished our first floor.  We have _________________________________________ 66. Her hobby is one thing that she does not intend to give up.  She has _________________________________________ 67. That is the best meal I have ever eaten.  I have never _________________________________________ 68. Home computers used to be much more expensive.  Home computers aren’t_________________________________________ 69. It was a mistake of mine to park outside the police station.  I shouldn’t_________________________________________ II. Topic: Good neighbors are as good as relatives. What do you think about this? Neighbors are the people who live near us, and their behavior influence our daily life. Good neighbors can make us feel comfortable and give us many help, and everyone will benefit from a good relationship among neighbors. In my point of view, these are three conspicuous aspects of the qualities of a good neighbors. One of the most important characteristic of good neighbors is that they have a good living habit and are friendly to others. A person with bad habit will affect your daily life. For example, children are most likely to be influenced by bad neighbors and carry on bad habits. On the other hand, being friendly is also an PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 8/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 important nature of good neighbors. If neighbors are unfriendly, they are hard to approach and difficult to get along with. Another important aspect of good neighbors is that they should be willing to help others. In our daily life, emergency situations may happen, and we may encounter difficulties which cannot be resolved by ourselves. At this time, the quickest help we can get is probably from our neighbors. To some degree, neighbors are as important as relatives to us, because they could provide the immediate help. In the same way, a neighbor who likes to help others will get help in return. Help each others can form a friendly and harmonious relationship among the neighbors. All in all, a good neighbor is someone who have a good living habit, is friendly and is willing to help others. Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that a good relationship among neighbors need the maintenance from us. 13 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. She knows a lot more about it than I do.  I don't know _________________________________________ 66. Let's go abroad for our holiday this year.  Why _________________________________________ 67. During dinner, the phone rang.  While I _________________________________________ 68. Your hair needs cutting.  It's time you _________________________________________ 69. If you run a lot, you'll become healthy.  The _________________________________________ II. Topic: Classes are really good for ones who attend? Discuss your opinion about this matter. Nowadays, it becomes a heatedly debated topic whether a student should be required to attend classes or not. Some people hold the opinion that the university students should be required to go to classes. However, others have a negative attitude. If I were forced to agree with one of the two positions, I would stand behind the latter. My Arguments for this point are listed as follows. I agree with the statement that going to classes should be optional for university students without reservation since I believe a student is supposed to attend those classes he or she is interested in. Naturally, interest is the mother of study. When attracted by a wonderful class, you will attend it unforcedly and immediately. Nevertheless, not all classes are so popular in reality and no one has interest in every class. Consequently, you should select the classes you like to attend for a higher efficiency of studying. It can be given a good example, in current universities, many excellent students almost have the record of skipping some boring and undesirable classes. Another reason that can be seen by everyone is that it contributes to build a university student's ability of learning by himself or herself. Obviously, by choosing good and meaningful classes, giving up those undesirable, or studying these classes you cannot attend somehow by yourself, you will learn how to distribute your study time and acquire the capability of learning by yourself, which is tremendously important to modern university students. Many celebrities, such as Bill Gates, have such powerful ability by not attending some classes when they were in university. Admittedly, being required to attend classes has advantages of disciplining the student, however, considering most university students can discipline themselves on their own, I believe it is sagacious to agree with that going to classes should be optional for college or university students. 14 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 9/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. They regret ever doing business with him.  They wish _________________________________________ 66. We didn’t finish the work because of his carelessness.  If _________________________________________ 67. If you followed my advice, you’d be successful.  Were _________________________________________ 68. He left without saying a single word, which is very impolite.  . It was impolite _________________________________________ 69. Working for this travel agency will not be possible without a good command of English.  Unless _________________________________________ II. Topic: Cooking for yourself is not only good for your health but also your pleasure. Do you agree with this? In the modern life now, more and more people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. They think that will save time so that they can have enough time to do their jobs. But I still prefer to prepare and eat food at home. There several reasons. First of all, you can save money if you eat at home. In general, to get profit, the restaurants ask for more money on the same food you cook at home. That is the waste of money. To save money, you may prefer to prepare you food at home with less money. The second, usually, the food in the restaurants is not what you are expecting. you may dislike the way the restaurant cook the same dishes as you do at home. For example, the other day, I asked for potato in a restaurant. After the first bite, I thought it was so awful. My mom never cooked such potato for me! The bad lunch even destroyed my mood in that day. The third, if you prepare food by yourself, you will have a happy mood when you eat it, regardless of the real savor of the food. It goes a saying well "labor brings happiness". In addition, you can change your method of cooking considering your taste on that day. The reasons above may can answer why I prefer to eat food at home. Cooking even has become my hobby now. Come back and have your delicious food, I'm sure you will like it! 15 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. “Why don’t you put better lock on the door, Barbara”? said John => John suggested_________________________________________ 66. Although his both legs were broken in the crash, he managed to get out of the car before it exploded. => Despite his_________________________________________ 67. I haven’t eaten this kind of food before. => This is the first_________________________________________ 68. The architect has drawn plans for an extension to the house. => Plans_________________________________________ 69. It isn’t necessary for you to finish by Saturday => You_________________________________________ II. Topic: Living in city or countryside makes differences to anyone. What do you think about this? I grew up in a small town and then moved to a big city, so I have experienced the good and bad sides of both. I never thought that I would like living in a big city, but I was wrong. After ten years of living in one, I can't imagine ever living in a small town again. Small towns and big cities both have some problems in terms of transportation. In a small town, you have to own a car to ensure a comfortable living. You can't get around without one because there isn't any PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 10/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 kind of public transportation. Big cities generally have heavy traffic and expensive parking, but there you have a choice of taking public transportation. It's not free, but it's often cheaper than driving when you consider gas and time. Especially if you don't have a car, you're better off in the city. I love the excitement of big cities. Small towns have a slow pace. Large cities mean you have to adapt to a variety of situations, like finding a new route to work or trying a new restaurant. I enjoy that challenge very much. Another pan of the excitement of city living is the variety of cultural activities available. There is a wide assortment of theatre, music and dance performances available in big cities. These things are rare in small ones. The final thing I like about large cities is the diversity of the people. The United States is made up of people of different races, religions, abilities, and interests. However, you seldom find such a variety of people in a smaller town. I think that living in an area where everyone was just like me would quickly become boring. Of course, security is a concern, and that's one area where small towns are superior to big cities. Still, I would rather be a bit more cautious and live in a large city than to feel secure but bored. 16 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. “ How many survivors are there?”, asked the journalist. => The journalist wanted to know_________________________________________ 66. It was such rotten meat that it had to be thrown away. => The meat was_________________________________________ 67. It is essential that Professor Van Helsing is met at the airport => Professor Van Helsing_________________________________________ 68. You can’t visit the USA unless you have a visa. => If you_________________________________________ 69. “ Can I borrow your typewriter, Janet”? asked Peter. => Peter asked if_________________________________________ II. Topic: What would you like to change about your hometown? If I could change one important thing about my hometown, it would be air pollution problem, and I will give the following reasons to explain why I want to solve the problem. The first and most important reason is that I hope that my hometown can become a beautiful city. As an old industrial city, my hometown has made a great deal of contribution for the country’s economic development. At a result, the natural environment of the city has been badly damaged. The forest has disappeared; the mountains have become bald, and the most awful thing is that the air quality becomes worse and worse. People seldom see the blue sky during most time of year. Another reason why I want to change my hometown’s air pollution situation is that the city’s development needs clean and tidy environment to attract investors. Nowadays people have come to know that the city’s environment, which is so called “software facility of the city”, plays an important role in the city’s future. For example, due to the fact that the environment of the city is very poor, many local students who pursue their study out of the city would rather find themselves a job in other cities than coming back to their hometown after they graduated. In addition, nowadays people have paid more and more attention to their health. If air pollution problem cannot be solved as quickly as possible, people’s requirement for a healthy body will never be realized. In my mind, changing air pollution will apparently be my first choice if I can change one important thing about my hometown. Fortunately people in my hometown are gradually aware of the serious problem. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 11/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 17 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. She started working as a secretary five years ago. => She has_________________________________________ 66. She knows a lot more about it than I do. => I don’t know_________________________________________ 67. My French friend finds driving on the left difficult => My French friend isn’t_________________________________________ 68. They think the owner of the house is abroad. => The owner_________________________________________ 69. We didn’t go on holiday because we did not have enough money => If we_________________________________________ II. Topic: What do you think of the changes in life? Everything in the universe is in constant change. And everything needs continual improvement if the ever changing and increasing demands of humankind are to be met. If I am ever given the chance to change one important thing about my home town, it would be internet service. Needless to say that nothing generally revolutionized the way we live as internet in the past decade. Thus, an improvement in this vital service would mean an even more, unheard betterment to the people in my home town. It is said that information is power. True saying indeed! I can envision how everything in my home town could improve dramatically if the internet service in it were made free, fast and staying out there like electricity, telephone or water all the time. One thing, a fast free and reliable internet service could improve in my home town is the way people work. If there is a this said service people in my home town must not necessarily commute to a far place to do their job. This in turn would mean less traffic jams, spacious work place, more time for family and recreation and so on. The way people learn would be another important thing that a fast, free and reliable internet service could better in my home town. People will have the chance to go through tremendous and different information resources in a very small amount of time. They, apparently will also take less time to share it. This assures a more fulfilled life for my home town people. Since its advent, internet touched every part of our life. It in a dazzling way improved the way we do business, learn and communicate. A change in internet service implies good way of living for everyone in my home town. 18 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. The children couldn’t go swimming because the sea was rough. => The sea was too_________________________________________ 66. The mechanic serviced my car last week => I_________________________________________ 67. I’m always nervous when I travel by air. => Travelling_________________________________________ 68. He couldn’t afford to buy the car, => The car_________________________________________ 69. “Why don’t you put your luggage under the seat?” he asked => He suggested_________________________________________ PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 12/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 II. Topic: Factories in residential areas produce both positive and negative effects to people’s lives. Do you agree or disagree? If a large factory is going to be built near your community, is it good or bad? It’s a quite difficult question to answer. Because there are many aspects to take into your consideration - the advantages and the disadvantages. Let’s talk about that. First, a large factory, especially a large chemical factory is quite harmful to our environment when it is built near our community. It will affect our daily life a lot. All the chemical factories will produce a lot of waste and most of the wastes are harmful to the environment, including poisonous gas and liquid. Some of them cannot be entirely broken down. If they are released into the air or the river, it will affect our health. And also the factory may produce a lot of noise. The environment we want to live in is a quiet and peaceful one, so the noise will be quite boring. And yes, noise also affects our health. Still one thing, a factory can be very dangerous. Because a fire or a explosion may break out in the factory. If it’s very near our home, it’s quite dangerous. But in other hand, a factory may be a good news to us. It can provide more jobs for us, especially for the young people in our community. Since the factory is near, it’s so convenient to go to work, and the factory will get more chances to our area. It will help to develop our area. So if the factory can bring us a lot of chances, we will agree to build one. But the most important things are: 1. Build the factory in a safe distance from our community, not too near. 2. Make sure that the factory can deal with the waste properly. Do not release the poisonous gas into the air, and not release the waste water into the river nearby. 3. Make sure the security guard in the factory works very well. 19 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job. In spite of_________________________________________ 66. I’m sorry I missed your birthday party I wish_________________________________________ 67. They haven’t cleaned the streets this week. The streets_________________________________________ 68. Apples are usually cheaper than oranges. Apples are not_________________________________________ 69. I advice you to put your money in the bank. You’d_________________________________________ II. Topic: Parents are said to influence their children many different way. What do you think about this? Parents influence greatly their children for a lifetime. I think people are molded by two factors, family and the society that they are in. From birth, humans are influenced by the surrounding people for their characteristics. Parents take a big role in bringing up children, which affects their lives for a long time. In early infanthood, babies are looking to moms and dads to learn basic manners to be accepted in society. Some of these manners include not running around in restaurants or hitting other kids. As they grow up, they learn more from parents about social etiquette, which makes them more suitable to live in society. Children tend to look to their parents for role models knowingly or unknowingly. Besides, parents can also affect children's study habits. Children of doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, and other professionals see their mothers and fathers work a lot of time, reading books, and punching keyboards, even at home. They are showing their children how to study by their own behavior. However, parents can also be a bad example for their kids. It is difficult for children who have abusive parents to lead a normal childhood and is possible that they may become similar to their abusive parents when they grow up. In this sense, the parents' negative role in shaping the children's personality cannot be emphasized more. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 13/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 In conclusion, parents are the best teachers for their children. They leave big marks on their children's lives and are therefore more influential teachers than any others they may have in their lives. 20 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. That restaurant is so dirty that no one wants to eat there. It is such_________________________________________ 66. I’ll pick the children up if you like. Would you_________________________________________ 67. He objected to the fact that his secretary came to work late He was annoyed_________________________________________ 68. Tom is the most industrious pupil. No other pupil_________________________________________ 69. She isn’t accustomed to life in London She’s not used to_________________________________________ II. Topic: Which is more important, knowledge from books or experiences from life? We gain our knowledge about the world and our life from two sources: from experience and from books. These two resources are both important, but which of them is more important? Knowledge from books forms a very important part of our knowledge structure. In schools and colleges, we learn knowledge which is fundamental to our future career. We learn knowledge from books in order to make our contributions to this society in the future. A student learns mathematic equations and other scientific knowledge and become a scientist or engineer. We will be illiterate and ignorant without learning knowledge from books. Moreover, we acquire knowledge about life and the world by reading books, magazines and newspapers. This is also very important as we cannot experience everything all by ourselves. Therefore books are a very important source of knowledge. On the other hand, we can't learn everything from a book. “Experience is the best teacher” is an old cliché, but I agree with it. The most important, and sometimes the hardest, lessons we learn in life come from our participation in situations. We learn how to get along with others or how to have self-respect from our experience, not from books. We cannot learn emotional feelings, such as love and care, through books; they come from our real life experience. Knowledge from experience is also a very important supplement to knowledge from books. Needless to say both learning sources, books and experience, are very important to us. But in my opinion knowledge from experience is more important, because without knowledge from experience, it is impossible to get a real understanding of knowledge from books, and how to apply this knowledge to real world situations. 21 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. “Don’t forget to phone the office,” she told him. She reminded_________________________________________ 66. I’m afraid I haven’t got time to listen to you. I wish_________________________________________ 67. The police has just released John. John_________________________________________ 68. I couldn’t hear them because they were speaking too softly They were speaking_________________________________________ 69. We spent 5 hours getting to London. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 14/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 It took_________________________________________ II. Topic: why do people want to go on university education? People study in college or university for many different reasons. I think the most important reason is to gain more knowledge and learn more skills. Of course, there are also many other reasons that people study in college such as to get more friends, and increase one's self-confidence. These days, most jobs require people who are educated and have good job skills. Therefore, the people who want a good job have to study hard and at least graduate with a high education. Furthermore, as technology advances all over the world, more and more education is required of people. Some people who study in college or university want to make more friends and increase their interpersonal skills. They enjoy their lives in university or college and tend to socialize a lot. They can meet more people who have the similar interests with themselves. They can go to university after school and make more friends who they trust. The people who graduate from college seem more confident in our community. These people are more respected by society. Many people want to be respected and to be important by family, friends, their bosses, and others in their lives. They find that most of them can confidently talk and do their jobs as they are more educated. Therefore, most people want to get the confidence through the university or college study. In today's society, people need more knowledge and skills to be adapted. The university and college study is a good way to achieve this. 22 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. I get to work in 20 minutes. It _________________________________________ 66. It is necessary that this work be finished by Monday. This work_________________________________________ 67. It’s a pity I didn’t take my doctor’s advice. I wish_________________________________________ 68. The bread is so tale we can’t eat it. The bread isn’t_________________________________________ 69. Who does this bag belong to? Whose_________________________________________ II. Topic: Is university education the best choice for all of us? In China, more and more people try their best to attend college or university. What are the reasons that make people long for it? First of all, in my opinion, the most important reason is to gain competence to live a better life in the future. Competition of our days has become more and more drastic, and even a very simple job or low position will attract hundreds of candidates to apply for it. Only those who have a good education and general knowledge can gain better work. So, we should attend college or university for better competence. Second, attending college or university can change our life. For example, to myself, I am a student from countryside. I am one of the few people who can attend college or university. Most of those who have not studied in college or university go to work early in a small factory in a small town or on a farm in their hometown. Just because I have taken higher education, I can get better chances to study or work in the capital of our country where a lot of people want to go to. Why? Good education gives me chances to change my life. The third reason for attending a college is to increase knowledge. Study is a so interesting thing that it makes our life rich and colorful. It expands our eyesight by informing us with lots of new things what we cannot gain from our common life or experience. On the other hand, by attending college or university, you can learn the knowledge or skill necessary for your future work. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 15/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 People attend college or university for various reasons. Some may attend for new experiences, and others may think about other things. What I have mentioned is just very few of them. 23 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. My boyfriend is very short-tempered. My boyfriend loses_________________________________________ 66. You can use it as long as you like, and it won’t wear out. No matter_________________________________________ 67. If the work is finished by lunchtime you can go home. Get_________________________________________ 68. How have you been getting on with your enquiries? How much_________________________________________? 69. I gave Ted the massage, but he already knew about it I needn’t_________________________________________ II. Topic: In Vietnam, a university diploma seems to guarantee one’s social status. What are your points of view about this? Why do people need to attend colleges or universities? Different people have different answers to this question. I believe that the three most common reasons are to prepare for a career, to have new experiences, and to increase their knowledge of themselves and the world around them. Career preparation is becoming more and more important to young people. For many, this is the primary reason to go to college. They know that the job market is competitive. At college, they can learn new skill for careers with a lot of opportunities. This means careers, such as information technology, that are expected to need a large workforce in the coming years. Also, students go to colleges and universities to have new experiences. This often means having the opportunity to meet people different from those in their hometowns. For most students, going to college is the first time they've been away from home by themselves. In addition, this is the first time they've bad to make decisions on their own. Making these decisions increases their knowledge of themselves. Besides looking for self-knowledge, people also attend a university or college to expand their knowledge in subjects they find interesting. For many, this will he their last chance for a long time to learn about something that doesn't relate to their career. I would recommend that people not be so focused on a career. They should go to college to have new experiences and learn about themselves and the world they live in. 24 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. The trains couldn’t run because of the snow. The snow_________________________________________ 66. I didn’t arrive in time to see him. I wasn’t early_________________________________________ 67. I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday. I apologize_________________________________________ 68. She didn’t hurry, so she missed the train. If_________________________________________ 69. Barbara is the best tennis-player in the club. No one_________________________________________ PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 16/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 II. TOPIC: Write a letter to a pen-pal to talk about a person who has great influence on you. ……………………., March 26th, 2015 Dear Linda, I am sorry for not writing to you for so long, but you know we are all busy with preparing for the coming GCSE. I am writing today to tell you about my greatest ever idol who has great influence on me. Everyone has his variety of acquaintances, friends, relatives, teachers, or partners among whom one may have the one that creates greatest ever impression on him. For me, I must say that my life would not have been as good as it is today if I did not meet Mr. Jimmy. It happened to me when I was a lower secondary student. I remember well that I was a very bad boy at that time. I always got bad marks for school subjects as well as I got fined daily. My teachers got very disappointed, my parents felt ashamed as I was very often mentioned as a bad example at school. My classmates found ways to keep away from me. I felt so lonely and hopeless. Then Mr. Jimmy, my new Maths teacher appeared. After having had a talk with me and my parents, he agreed to be my private tutor. It was so strange that he did not teach me lessons right away, he made ways to be my friend instead. He spared time to get to know my difficulties, helped me to gain me confidence, let me believe in what I could do. Gradually, I realized what to do, how to do. He encouraged me when I felt tired, lonely or daunted. He gave me belief and strength to stand right on my own feet. Finally, I got to know the meaning of life. To tell the truth, I feel so happy to have a great teacher like Mr. Jimmy. I really hope that you will spare time to let me know about your idols in life. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Love, Tom. 25 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. I haven’t seen that man here before. It’s_________________________________________ 66. The furniture was so expensive that I didn’t buy it. The furniture was too_________________________________________ 67. The robbers made the bank manager hand over on the money. The bank manager_________________________________________ 68. Tom learned to drive when he was nineteen. Tom has_________________________________________ 69. She had never been so unhappy before. She was unhappier_________________________________________ II. TOPIC: Write about a sporting event you saw recently. Last Sunday at our school football field, a friendly football match was held. Our school Female Students’ Football Team played against the neighboring school’s one. It was a really nice Sunday morning then. The football field where the match took place was previously well-decorated. Red flags could be seen along the roads from our school gate passing the school play-ground to the gym then to the football ground, together with numerous slogans, posters, and of course pictures of the two teams and individual players. Then came the most important moment of the day when the two teams entered the field from the changing rooms, following the two headmasters of the two schools, and the referees. Spectators all burst into applauses to welcome the players. As soon as the game began, spectators started cheering and shouting for one side or the other. Others sang and danced, some even called out the players’ names with love and pride. The crowd kept discussing and commentating happily. On the first half, our team played much better to score two goal to lead the guest. The football field seemed to be filled with applauses and bravos when the first and then the second goal were scored by the two different home strikers. The players of the two teams played so well that it made spectators forget the time as the referee blew his whistle to finish the first half. When the second half came the guest players played much better and PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 17/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 scored a goal. The players still played enthusiastically but no more goal was scored. The match ended with the winning score of 2-1 for the home team. It was a very happy weekend day for us all and it was, in my opinion, the best game I have ever watched. We all agreed that such sporting event brought us closer together, made us feel relaxed and we very much felt confident and proud of our school. 26 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. It was so late that nothing could be done. It was too_________________________________________ 66. He left school and then joined the army. After _________________________________________ 67. The leak was repaired by the plumber this morning. The plumber _________________________________________ 68. This flower is very beautiful! How _________________________________________! 69. Somebody stole his watch yesterday. His watch _________________________________________ II. TOPIC: Write an essay to discuss the benefits of doing exercise. Health is considered to be the most valuable thing one possesses. Improving health is always a prior task in one’s daily routine. And the simplest, cheapest, but the most effective way to better one’s health is doing regular exercise. One advantage of doing exercise is to reduce stress. People who exercise are likely to feel more relaxed, healthier, and of course happier. Doing regular exercise helps the body produce happy chemicals that make the exercisers reduce the worries about life and work as well as forget the boredom and unhappiness. Another benefit exercising brings us is that we will feel more energetic to face and overcome our daily difficulties. Doing exercise helps us reduce the possibilities of being ill, protects us from some fatal diseases as heart disease, cancers and diabetes. Regular exercisers are believed to have healthier, happier and longer lives. The other good thing is that doing exercise helps us feel more self-confident. We know exactly what we can do or what abilities, talents we have. We will think positively, do confidently, and lead an optimistic life if we practice exercising regularly. Controlling our weight effectively is another value. Perspiration occurs when we exercise, which helps our bodies get rid of bad things inside. Fats are burnt during our practicing exercise, which helps us to keep fit. To sum up, doing exercise enables people to have good body-buildings, keep fit and brings exercisers many benefits. Sparing time doing exercise will ensure us a longer, healthier and happier life. 27 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. The last time she had a swim was five years ago. She hasn't _________________________________________ 66. I asked the hotel porter to wake me at 8 o’clock the following morning. “Please_________________________________________ PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 18/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 67. They’ll have to change the date of the meeting again. The date_________________________________________ 68. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week. We are going _________________________________________ 69. The bus take s longer than the train. The train_________________________________________ II. TOPIC: Write an essay to discuss the opinion that arts should or shouldn’t be taught in high schools. There have existed debates whether arts be taught in high schools. People who support the ideals find it necessary that high school students know as much about arts as possible. In contrast, the protestors think teaching arts to high school students is really a waste of time and money. It is generally said by the supporters that studying arts benefits high school students several ways. The first good thing is that arts help students have background knowledge of not only the nation but the world cultures and history. Another benefit is that arts equip students with many necessary skills such as; creative thinking, observing, problem solving, and critical thinking. People who want arts to be taught to high school students also agree that arts are very fun and interesting to learn. We can say in other words arts are attractive to any learners. The other advantage of arts is that learning arts help students to build team spirit and community as art activities can be done in groups. Moreover, arts enable students to socialize and students become more and more civilized and responsible. In contrast, protestors believe that there is not enough time for teachers to cover all kinds of subjects at school. So they should focus on core subjects like Maths, foreign languages and physics, etc. to save time and money arts should only be elective, not compulsory subjects. Furthermore, students can learn more about arts via media and arts are then their leisure activities. Additionally, arts, in the protestors’ opinion, should be taught by parents as they may understand their children’s ability and talents better. To conclude, there are different opinions that arts should or shouldn’t be taught in high schools. Each side has reasonable explanations to convince and prove the points of view. For me, we can hardly be civilized without knowledge of arts. Sooner or later, in my opinion, arts should be taught to students to help them enrich their knowledge, to discover their talents to better their own lives. 28 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. John has not had his hair cut for over six months. It is_________________________________________ 66. Maria says she’d like to have been put in a higher class. Maria wishes_________________________________________ 67. Would you like me to finish the work tonight? I’ll_________________________________________ 68. You may get hungry on the train, so take some sandwiches. In_________________________________________ 69. My husband didn’t leave the car keys, so I couldn’t pick him up at the station. If my husband_________________________________________ II. TOPIC: Write about the causes of the fact that families now are not as close-knit as they were in the past. It is widely believed that home is where love dwells and that east or west home is the best. That means family is so important to any of us that we hardly grow up without the care from family members. It is also true that the social, economic changes make the traditional family formulas vary. Although different people have different points of view on the matters, we all agree that families now are not as close-knit as they used to be. The causes are various, but we can count for the three main points below. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 19/15 MATERIALS FOR THE GCSE PREPARATION – WRITING SKILLS - 2016 The first cause is that in our modern life we all seem to have so busy lives and dynamic lifestyles. People now are so busy with working, earning, getting promotions, taking part in social activities, etc. People are likely to have longer working hours because of their demand of earning more and more. People seem to be never satisfied with what they have. In families, under the economic pressure, both parents work so they have less time for themselves as well as for other family members. Another cause is that due to the explosion of modern technologies people are more interested in their online lives than interacting with other family members. It is sometimes thought that people seem to isolate themselves with their mobile-phones, tablets, personal computers, and other information technological devices. Having different viewpoints is the other cause of course. The generation gaps sometimes cause misunderstandings or even debates. Information technology also brings opportunities to diverse viewpoints within family members. Having different opinions pulls people far from one another. Above all, though changes of traditional families are unavoidable, we are to shorten the gaps among family members to be as close-knit as possible. Because family life is very important to any individual, each member must be responsible for bringing all family members closer together. 29 PHẦN TỰ LUẬN: (2 điểm) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 65. “I don’t think John will come”, said Bill Bill doubted_________________________________________ 66. The postman was bitten by our dog. Our dog_________________________________________ 67. We couldn’t drive because of the fog. The fog prevented_________________________________________ 68. Although his leg was broken he managed to get out of the car. In spite_________________________________________ 69. The cake was so hard so I couldn’t cat it. It was_________________________________________ II. TOPIC: Write to suggest measures governments and individuals can take to reduce the global warming. It was reported recently by the U.S scientists that the volume of ice on the North Pole is now the smallest within 36 last years. That is caused by the global warming process. Various other bad things human beings are now facing are also related to the warming of the Earth climate. The fact is that we are the main agents who are responsible for the worsening of the nature. So, individuals and governments throughout the world should co-operate to stop the natural environment worsening process. Each individual first must be more aware of the need to protect our environment for not only our own lives but also the next generations. The first easy thing one can do is to save the energy by using less heat and air-conditioning, using energy-efficient products, or even driving less. Another way is to recycle paper, plastic, newspaper, glass, etc. When the recycling is practiced, it helps to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The other thing is to plant more trees because as we know, trees can absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The fact is that the mission is not done by one or a group of persons so we should educate the community and encourage everyone to join hands to recycle and conserve energy. Countries all over the world, rich or poor, developed, developing or underdeveloped should cooperate to better the situation. First of all, governments are better to inform their citizens about the global warming facts and the mishaps that people may face if the process goes on. Then, in order to reduce the emissions, governments should impose heavier taxes on the produce of greenhouse gas emissions. Factories and companies that over-emit may not be allowed to operate or even be closed. Moreover, bigger sums of money must be spent on researches discovering the alternative sources of energy. Additionally, stricter laws on environmental problems should be passed and enforced to better the surroundings for people to live. PREPARED BY ĐỖ BÌNH – THPT LIỄN SƠN, HUYỆN LẬP THẠCH, TỈNH VĨNH PHÚC TRANG 20/15
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