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 S GD& T V NH PHÚC TR NG THPT LI N S N ( LUY N 201)    Ơ   THI TH THPT QU C GIA N M 2016 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH Th i gian: 90 phút         PH N TR C NGHI M: (8 i m) Question 1: Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the rest. C. contaminate D. appreciate A. succession B. cigarette Question 2: Error identification. It is said that heart attacks are fatally in 75 percent of occurrences. A B C D Question 3: Choose the correct option that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. The use of lasers in surgery has become relatively commonplace in recent years. A. Almost B. relevantly C. comparatively D. absolutely Question 4: Error identification. Two miles beyond the hills were a fire with the flames reaching up to the sky. A B C D Question 5: Choose the best sentence that can be made from the words given. Excite / exam result / she /rush home / tell / family / good news. A. Excited over the exam results, she rushed home to tell the good news with her family. B. Excited over the exam results, she rushed home to tell her family the good news. C. Exciting over the exam results. She rushed home to tell her family the good news. D. Too excite over the exam results, she rushed quickly home to tell her family the good news. Question 6: Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the rest. A. Worm B. worse C. more D. work Question 7: Choose the correct option. I wish you _____ me a new one instead of having it_____ as you did. A. would give/ to repair B. had given/ repaired C. had given/ to be repaired D. gave / to repair Question 8: Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one. “John shouldn’t have behaved so badly.” said Janet. A. Janet was angry with John. B. Janet dislikes John. C. Janet doesn’t like John’s behavior. D. Janet objected to John’s behavior. Question 9: Choose the correct option. One of the areas of multimedia that is growing quickly _____ is sound. A. is easily overlooked B. it is easily overlooked C. that is easily overlooked D. yet is easily overlooked Question 10: Choose the correct option. Richard Braxton, born in Chicago, ___ famous as a writer and a playwright. D. he was A. and he became B. and became C. became Question 11: Error identification. Before the invention of the printing press, books have been all printed by hand. A B C D Question 12: Choose the correct option. Nobody agreed with the new project, _____? A. was he B. were they C. did they D. didn’t they Read the passage carefully, then answer the questions that follow. A rather surprising geographical feature of Antarctica is that a huge freshwater lake, one of the world's largest and deepest, lies hidden there under four kilometers of ice. Now known as Lake Vostok, this huge body of water is located under the ice block that comprises Antarctica. The lake is able to exist in its unfrozen state beneath this block of ice because its waters are warmed by geothermal heat from the earth's core. The thick glacier above Lake Vostok actually insulates it from the frigid temperatures on the surface. The lake was first discovered in the 1970s while a research team was conducting an aerial survey of the area. Radio waves from the survey equipment penetrated the ice and revealed a body of water of indeterminate size. It was not until much more recently that data collected by satellite made scientists aware of the tremendous size of the lake; the satellite-borne radar detected an extremely flat region where the ice remains level because it is floating on the water of the lake. The discovery of such a huge freshwater lake trapped under Antarctica is of interest to the scientific community because of the potential that the lake contains ancient microbes that have survived for thousands upon thousands of years, unaffected by factors such as nuclear fallout and elevated ultraviolet light that have affected organisms in more exposed areas. The downside of the discovery, however, lies in the difficulty of conducting research on the lake in such a harsh climate and in the problems associated with obtaining     CREATED & RELEASED by   Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, V nh Phúc – [email protected]    uncontaminated samples from the lake without actually exposing the lake to contamination. Scientists are looking for possible ways to accomplish this. Question 13: The word "hidden" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ______. A. undrinkable B. undiscovered C. unexploitable D. untouched Question 14: What is true of Lake Vostok? A. It is beneath a thick slab of ice. B. It is completely frozen. C. It is heated by the sun. D. It is a saltwater lake. Question 15: Which of the following is closest in meaning to "frigid" in paragraph 1? B. Lukewarm C. Quite harsh D. Easily A. Extremely cold broken Question 16: All of the following are true about the 1970 survey of Antarctica EXCEPT that it ______. A. was controlled by a satellite B. could not determine the lake's exact size C. was conducted by air D. made use of radio waves Question 17: It can be inferred from the passage that the ice would not be flat if _______. A. Antarctica were not so cold B. radio waves were not used C. the lake were not so big D. there were no lake underneath Question 18: The word "microbes" in paragraph 3 could best be replaced by which of the following? A. Pieces of dust B. Tiny organisms C. Rays of light D. Tiny bubbles Question 19: Lake Vostok is potentially important to scientists because it _______. B. can be studied using radio waves A. may contain uncontaminated microbes C. may have elevated levels of ultraviolet light D. has already been contaminated Question 20: The word "downside" in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______. D. buried section A. bottom level B. underside C. negative aspect Question 21: The last paragraph suggests that scientists should be aware of _______. A. problems with satellite-borne radar equipment B. ways to study Lake Vostok without contaminating it C. further discoveries on the surface of Antarctica D. the harsh climate of Antarctica Question 22: The purpose of the passage is to______. A. provide satellite data concerning Antarctica B. present an unexpected aspect of Antarctica's geography C. discuss future plans for Lake Vostok D. explain how Lake Vostok was discovered Question 23: Choose the correct option that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. They decided to postpone their journey till the end of the month because of the epidemic. A. take up B. put off C. turn round D. carry out Question 24: Choose the correct option. He said that he ______ some flowers in the garden at that moment. A. watered B. would water C. is watering D. was watering Question 25: Choose the correct option. Any student ____ more than 650 points will be awarded the scholarship. A. scored B. scores C. scoring D. when scores Question 26: Choose the correct option that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. The plan is supposed to have been initiated by Davison in 1978. A. treated B. dedicated C. started D. ended Question 27: Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one. "A baby has no knowledge of the difference between good and evil" means ______. A. No knowledge of the difference between good and evil has in a baby. B. A baby doesn't know the difference between good and evil. C. A baby knows no difference between good and evil. D. Good and evil are different from a baby. Question 28: Choose the correct option. It was unfair of you ______ her for something she didn't do. A. to criticize B. that criticizing C. criticized D. criticizing Question 29: Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the rest. A. physical B. treasure C. enter D. compare Question 30: Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one. Lucy always reminds me of my youngest sister. A. I always think of Lucy, when I see my youngest sister. B. It is Lucy who I consider to be my youngest sister. C. My youngest sister's name is Lucy.  CREATED & RELEASED by   Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, V nh Phúc – [email protected]    D. Whenever I see Lucy, I think of my youngest sister. Question 31: Choose the correct option. All of us were ______ that she had won the first prize in the competition. D. amazing A. amazingly B. amazement C. amazed Question 32: Choose the correct option. Henry was really a silly boy when we were at high school. I still remember_____ very stupid questions. A. him to ask B. asking him C. his being asked D. him asking Question 33: Choose the correct option. He devoted a lifetime ______with disabled children. A. to work B. work C. working D. to working Question 34: Choose the correct option. As the managing director can't go to the reception, I'm representing the company ___. A. for his part B. on his behalf C. from his point of view D. on his account Question 35: Choose the correct option that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. I think we have solved this problem once and for all. C. temporarily D. never again A. in the end B. forever Question 36: Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one. At no time did the two sides look likely to reach an agreement. A. The two sides had no time to reach an agreement. B. The two sides never looked like each other. C. The two sides never looked likely to reach an agreement. D. If the two sides had had time, they would have reached an agreement. She is wearing a ______dress. Question 37: Choose the correct option. A. beautiful new blueB. beautiful blue new C. new beautiful blue D. blue beautiful new Question 38: Choose the correct option. Her enthusiasm _____ her lack of experience. A. makes up for B. makes out at C. makes up D. makes off Question 39: Choose the correct option. Scientists are now carrying out experiments on _____ trigger different sorts of health risks. A. how noise pollution can B. can noise pollution C. how noise pollution D. that noise pollution Question 40: Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one. I thought she was the right person for the position, yet it turned out that she was quite useless. A. Because I was expecting her to be competent, I was shocked to see her perform rather badly. B. I was mistaken about her suitability for the position, since she proved rather incompetent. C. Contrary to my initial impression, she was not totally unsuitable for the position. D. I was right in thinking that she was totally useless for the job. Question 41: Choose the best sentence that can be made from the words given. It / until / father / home / children / dinner. A. It was not until the father got home that the children had dinner. B. It is not until the father gets home than the children had dinner. C. It was not until when the father got home that children had had dinner. D. It was until the father got home that the children have dinner. Question 42: Choose the correct option. I don’t think you have been watering the plants near the gate. The soil is _____ A. as dry as a bone B. as dry as wood C. as dry as a tile D. as dry as brick Question 43: Choose the correct option that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. Dr. Jones suggested that final examinations should be discontinued, an innovation I heartily support. B. entrance C. test D. inner part A. change Question 44: Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the rest. A. mathematician B. representative C. tuberculosis D. communication Question 45: Choose the correct option. Our seats were _____ far from the stage that we couldn't see the actors and actresses clearly. A. too B. enough C. very D. so Question 46: Choose the correct option to complete the sentence. That car isn’t beyond my means. A. That car is cheap enough for me to buy. B. I really do not like that car. C. I am really interested in that car. D. That car is too expensive for me to buy. Question 47: Error identification. Ceramic can be harder, light, and more resistant to heat than metals. A B C D Question 48: Choose the correct option. "How about going fishing this Sunday?" - "______ " A. Yes, I am fishing. B. That's my pleasure.C. Never mind. D. That's a good idea. Question 49: Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the rest.  CREATED & RELEASED by   Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, V nh Phúc – [email protected]    A. flour B. humour C. rumour D. honour Question 50: Choose the correct option. There’s someone at the door. _____ it. A. I answered B. I am going answer C. I’ll answer D. I’m answering Question 51: Choose the correct option. Give me a ring before nine tomorrow morning, __ I’ll be too busy to talk to you. B. unless C. therefore D. if not A. otherwise Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase. Famous explorer Captain James Cook is (52) _______ today for being one of Britain’s most famous explorers of the 18th century. Cook was (53) _______ most other explorers of the same period as he did not come from a wealthy family and had to work hard to (54) _______ his position in life. He was lucky to be (55) _______ by his father’s employer, who saw that he was a bright boy and paid for him to attend the village school. At sixteen, he started work in a shop in a fishing village, and this was a turning (56) _______ in his life. He developed an interest in the sea and eventually joined the Royal Navy in order to see more of the world. Cook was (57) _______ by sailing, astronomy and the production of maps, and quickly became an expert in these subjects. He was also one of the first people to realize that scurvy, an illness often suffered by sailors, could be prevented by careful (58) _______ to diet. It was during his (59) _______ to the Pacific Ocean that Cook made his historic landing in Australia and the (60) _______ discovery that New Zealand was two separate islands. He became a national hero and still (61) _______ one today. Question 52: A. reminded B. recommended C. recognized D. remembered Question 53: A. different B. contrary C. distinct D. unlike Question 54: A. succeed B. achieve C. fulfil D. manage Question 55: A. glanced B. viewed C. noticed D. remarked Question 56: A. mark B. moment C. instant D. point Question 57: A. keen B. enthusiastic C. eager D. fascinated Question 58: A. attention B. selection C. observation D. organisation Question 59: A. excursion B. travel C. tour D. voyage Question 60: A. leading B. major C. superior D. serious Question 61: A. remains B. keeps C. maintains D. stands Question 62: Choose the correct option. It is strongly recommended that the machines _____ every year. C. check D. checked A. are checked B. be checked Question 63: Choose the correct option. My father didn't like coffee and ______did my mother. A. so B. neither C. none D. either Question 64: Choose the correct option. I felt that he lacked the _____ to pursue a difficult task to the very end. C. engagement D. obligation A. determinating B. commitment PH N T LU N: (2 i m) I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given so that it means exactly the same as the first sentence. 1. She never seems to succeed, even though she works hard. However _________________________________________________ 2. A new flu vaccine has been on trial since the beginning of the year. They have _________________________________________________ 3. Mary knew what the answer was after reading the book. By the time _________________________________________________ 4. I took little notice of the girl standing at the gate. I didn’t _________________________________________________ 5. It was easy for us to find the house. We had _________________________________________________          II. Topic: Media are said to affect ú different ways. Discuss the matter in a composition. I think the media pay too much attention to the private lives of famous people. Television, newspapers, magazines and web sites dig up all kinds of past bad actions. They say that these are true reflections of a person's character. This may be true if they occurred only a few years before, but some of these are things people did as teenagers. People in their forties are expected to explain something they did when they were fifteen. If they killed someone, obviously that's more than a youthful mistake. Usually, though, these incidents involve experiments with drugs or being reckless in a car. They're not something that the public needs to know.  CREATED & RELEASED by   Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, V nh Phúc – [email protected]    The media love to say that the public has a right to know. That's not true. We don't need to know if a movie star or politician has had an extramarital affair. That is something of concern only to the people involved. We do need to know if someone we're electing to public office has been involved in shady business deals, but we don't need to know if he or she defaulted on a loan twenty years ago. It seems the media dig up these facts without giving thoughtful consideration to what might happen. It has an effect on the celebrity's family, especially the children. A celebrity's good name and credibility may be ruined before he or she can prove that rumors are false. If a case goes to court, paying a lawyer can use up all their money. Even if it doesn't come to that, they may find their career ruined. When are we, the public, going to make it clear to the media that we're tired of having to watch this kind of thing on the news? Wouldn't it be better if they would concentrate on more important issues? ---------------H T---------------  CREATED & RELEASED by   Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, V nh Phúc – [email protected]     S GD& T V NH PHÚC TR NG THPT LI N S N ( LUY N 202)   THI TH THPT QU C GIA N M 2016 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH Th i gian: 90 phút   Ơ          PH N TR C NGHI M: (8 i m) I. Choose the word which has different stress pattern: 1. A. primitive B. particular C. continuous D. connected 2. A. intensify B. summary C. philosophers D. instruction C. immortal D. lightning 3. A. pressure B. medical 4. A. language B. lyrical C. evidence D. disadvantage 5. A. sedentary B. available C. additional D. majority Choose the best option: 6. _____ is a time that is supported to be free from worries. D. Childhood A. Child B. Childlike C. Childish 7. Within a couple of hours, a very important _____ on the new tax policy will be made. A. announce B. announcement C. announcer D. announcing 8. One _____ of public transport is its unreliability. A. benefit B. disadvantage C. harm D. drawback 9. _____ accepting your job offer, I'd like to know a bit more about the company. D. Before A. In advance B. In order C. Until 10. Let's have a _____ of tennis after lunch if you're not tired, shall we? A. match B. play C. game D. party 11. He played a very important ______ in politics until he was well over 80. D. part A. scene B. job C. position 12. The noise from the traffic outside stopped me from _____ to sleep. A. falling B. starting C. beginning D. going 13. She _____ down completely on hearing of her friend's death. [break down: lose control of one’s feelings] A. broke B. turned. C. put D. fell 14. Jack can speak two languages. One is English. _____ is Vietnamese. A. Other B. The other C. Another D. Others 15. The manager did not offer her the job because of her untidy _____. A. sight B. view C. appearance D. presence 16. "Is that a new coat?" "Yes, what _____ it?” B. do you think of C. is your idea about D. did you think about A. are you thinking of 17. A: How do you do? B: ______. A. I'm very fine, thanks B. Thanks to my mother C. How do you do? D. With my brother. 18. The girl _____ is my neighbor. A. talks to the lady over there. B. is talking to the lady over there D. talking to the lady over there C. was talking to the lady over there 19. ______ with her boyfriend yesterday, she doesn't want to answer his phone call. A. Having quarreled B. Because having quarreled C. Because of she quarreled D. Had quarreled 20. My daughter often says that she won't get married until she _____ 25 years old. A. is B. will be C. will have been D. has been 21. My father asked me _____ of the film. A. what did I think B. what I think C. what I thought D. what I did thought 22. Everyone in both cars _____ injured in the accident last night, ______? B. was/weren't they C. was/wasn't he? D. were/were they A were/weren't they 23. The more he tried to explain, ______ we got. A. the much confused B. the many confusing C. the more confusing D. the more confused 24. Not only _____ us light, but it also gives us heat. A. the sun gives B. the sun has given C. has the sun given D. does the sun give 25. If you hadn't stayed up so late last night, you ______ sleepy now. A. wouldn't have felt B. wouldn't feel C. wouldn't fell D. wouldn't have fallen Read the passage and choose the best answer:     Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   Within the last century the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (26)_____ dramatically, largely (27)____ people burn vast amounts of fossil fuels, coal and petroleum and its derivatives. Average global temperature also has increased - by about 0.6 Celsius degree within (28)_____ past century. Atmospheric scientists (29)_____ found that at least half of that temperature increase (30)_____ attributed to human activity. They predict that (31)_____ dramatic action is taken, global temperature will continue (32)_____ by between 1o C and 3.5o C (between 1.8° and 6.3° F) over the next century. Although (33)_____ increase may not seem like a great difference, during The Last Ice Age the global temperature (34)_____ only 2.2 Celsius degrees cooler than it (35)_____ presently. 26. A. has risen B. rose C. has raised D. raised 27. A. because of B. although C. despite D. because 28. A. a B. some C. the D. any 29. A. had B. have C. are D. ought to 30. A. should be B. is being C. had been D. can be 31. A. unless B. if C. provided D. as long as 32. A. be rising B. to rise C. to be risen D. to be rising 33. A. so much B. so C. such an D. such 34. A. had been B. has been C. is D. was 35. A. is B. has been C. was D. will be Read the passage and choose the best answer: Clean freshwater resources are essential for drinking, bathing, cooking, irrigation, industry, and for plant and animal (36)_____. Unfortunately, the global supply of freshwater is (37)_____ unevenly. Chronic water shortages (38)_____ in most of Africa and drought is common over much of the globe. The (39)_____ of most freshwater supplies - groundwater (water located below the soil surface), reservoirs, and rivers - are under severe and (40)_____ environmental stress because of overuse, water pollution, and ecosystem degradation. Over 95 percent of urban sewage in (41)_____ countries is (42)_____ untreated into surface waters such as rivers and harbors. [chronic: lasting for a long time] About 65 percent of the global freshwater supply is used in (43)_____ and 25 percent is used in industry. Freshwater (44)_____ therefore requires a reduction in wasteful practices like (45)_____. irrigation, reforms in agriculture and industry, and strict pollution controls worldwide. D. survival 36. A. survive B. survived C. surviving 37. A. delivered B. distributed C. provided D. given 38. A. exist B. lie C. show D. stay 39. A. resources B. springs C. sources D. starting 40. A. increasing B. growing C. climbing D. ascending 41. A. growing B. miserable C. poverty D. developing 42. A. recharged B. discharged C. charged D. discharging 43. A. farming B. planting C. agriculture D. growing 44. A. reservation B. conservation C. preservation D. retention D. inefficient 45. A. ineffective B. illogical C. irrational Identify one mistake in the following sentences: 46. Mined over 2,000 years ago, copper is one of the earliest know metals. A B C D 47. The average adult has got from two to five colds each year. B C D A 48. Computers have made access to information instantly available just by push a few buttons. A B C D 49. Some gorillas beat their chests as an express of high spirits. A B C D 50. Because vitamins contained in a wide variety of foods, people seldom lack most of them. A B C D Choose the best option to complete the following sentences. 51. Simon physics at all________. A. was hardly not interested in B. was hardly interested in C. was hardly not interesting on D. was not hardly interested in 52. If a student ________ it is very unlikely that he will receive a good education. A. behaves badly and who is lazy, B. who behaves badly and was lazy, D. behaves badly and is lazy, C. who behaves badly and is lazy, 53. The audience, ________enjoyed the performance.  Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   A. most of them were students, B. most of whom were students, C. they were mostly students, D. they themselves were students, 54. The tests in this book are arranged ________. D. in the order of A. in order of difficult B. in order of difficulty C. in orderly difficult difficulty Read the passage and choose the best answer: In the United States, presidential elections are held in years evenly divisible by four (1888, 1900, 1964, etc.). Since 1840, American presidents elected in years ending with zero have died in office, with one exception. William H. Harrison, the man who served the shortest term, died of pneumonia only several weeks after his inauguration. Abraham Lincoln was one of four presidents who were assassinated. He was elected in 1860, and his untimely death came just five years later. James A. Garfield, a former Union army general from Ohio, was shot during his first year in office (1881) by a man to whom he wouldn't give a job. While in his second term of office (1901), William McKinley, another Ohioan, attended the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. During the reception, he was assassinated while shaking hands with some of the guests. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 in Dallas only three years after his election. Three years after his election in 1920, Warren G, Harding died in office. Although it was never proved, many believe he was poisoned. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected four times (1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944), the only man to serve so long a term. He had contracted polio in 1921 and eventually died of the illness in 1945. Ronald Reagan, who was elected in 1980 and reelected four years later, suffered an assassination attempt but did not succumb to the assassin's bullets. He was the first to break the long chain of unfortunate events. Will the candidate in the election of 2020 also be as lucky? 55. All of the following were election years EXCEPT ________. B. 1930 C.1888 D.1824 A. 1960 56. Which president served the shortest term in office? A. Abraham Lincoln B. Warren G. Harding C. William McKinley D. William H. Harrison 57. Which of the following is true? A. All presidents elected in years ending in zero have died in office. B. Only presidents from Ohio have died in office. C. Franklin D. Roosevelt completed four terms as president. D. Four American presidents have been assassinated. 58. How many presidents elected in years ending in zero since 1840 have died in office? A. 7 B. 5 C. 4 D. 3 59. The word "inauguration" in the first paragraph means most nearly the same as ________. A. election B. acceptance speech C. swearing-in ceremony D. campaign 60. All of the following presidents were assassinated EXCEPT ________. A. John F. Kennedy B. Franklin D. Roosevelt C. Abraham Lincoln D. James A. Garfield 61. The word "whom" in the second paragraph refers to ________. B. Garfield's assassin C. a Union army general D. McKinley A. Garfield 62. The word "assassinated" in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to A. murdered B. decorated C. honored D. sickened 63. In the third paragraph, "contracted" is closest in meaning to ________. B. developed C. agree about D. notified A. communicated about 64. How long did Warren G, Harding work as a president? A. 2 years B. 3 years C. 4 years D. 4 years   PH N T LU N: (2 i m) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 1. John has not had his hair cut for over six months. It is_________________________________________ 2. Maria says she’d like to have been put in a higher class. Maria wishes_________________________________________ 3. Would you like me to finish the work tonight? I’ll_________________________________________    Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   4. You may get hungry on the train, so take some sandwiches. In_________________________________________ 5. My husband didn’t leave the car keys, so I couldn’t pick him up at the station. If my husband_________________________________________ II. TOPIC: Write about the causes of the fact that families now are not as close-knit as they were in the past. It is widely believed that home is where love dwells and that east or west home is the best. That means family is so important to any of us that we hardly grow up without the care from family members. It is also true that the social, economic changes make the traditional family formulas vary. Although different people have different points of view on the matters, we all agree that families now are not as close-knit as they used to be. The causes are various, but we can count for the three main points below. The first cause is that in our modern life we all seem to have so busy lives and dynamic lifestyles. People now are so busy with working, earning, getting promotions, taking part in social activities, etc. People are likely to have longer working hours because of their demand of earning more and more. People seem to be never satisfied with what they have. In families, under the economic pressure, both parents work so they have less time for themselves as well as for other family members. Another cause is that due to the explosion of modern technologies people are more interested in their online lives than interacting with other family members. It is sometimes thought that people seem to isolate themselves with their mobile-phones, tablets, personal computers, and other information technological devices. Having different viewpoints is the other cause of course. The generation gaps sometimes cause misunderstandings or even debates. Information technology also brings opportunities to diverse viewpoints within family members. Having different opinions pulls people far from one another. Above all, though changes of traditional families are unavoidable, we are to shorten the gaps among family members to be as close-knit as possible. Because family life is very important to any individual, each member must be responsible for bringing all family members closer together. ----- THE END -----  Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]    S GD& T V NH PHÚC TR NG THPT LI N S N ( LUY N 203)   THI TH THPT QU C GIA N M 2016 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH Th i gian: 90 phút   Ơ          PH N TR C NGHI M: (8 i m) I. Choose the word which has different stress pattern: 1.A. participate B. enthusiast C. enthusiastic D. psychology 2.A. temporary B. opponent C. delegate D. dedicated B. economy C. philosopher D. significant 3. A. economic 4. A. opportunity B. civilization D. intellectual D. psychological 5. A. official B. athletics C. intensive D. synchronized II. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. 6. The new language laboratory will ______the students to learn English much better. C. make D. keep A. let B. enable 7. It is the best to_____ your anger under any circumstances. A. check B. drive C. control D. keep 8. The local authorities are trying to processed with the____ of the slums in the area. A. clearness B. clearly C. clarify D. clearance 9. He soon became ____after the publication of his first novel. C. popularity D. brightening A. celebrated = famous B. fame 10. The old man was found _____on the floor of his bedroom, A. died B. deadly C. death D. dead 11. Wendy: “_______” Brain:” About 400 kilometers” B. How long have you been driving? A. How far have you driven? C. How much did you drive? D. How many kilometers have you been driving? 12. According to the police, several witnesses of the accident have ____with in formation. A. put up B. put away C. come across D. come forward. 13. They decided to _____every month for their retirement. D. take some money A. put some money away B. put some money aside C. take up some money away. 14. After his wife’s death, he let his son_____ the company and retired. A. get over B. get on C. take over D. take on 15. Several people _____the pickpocket, but couldn’t catch him. D. ran over A. went through B. ran into C. went after 16. Dave: “Did Jane pass her driving test?” “Judy:”_____” A. I’m afraid not B. No, she wasn’t C. I hope not D. Not at all 17. I didn’t know the marking would take so long until I____ the first couple of the essays. C. were reading D. would read A. have read B. had read 18. By the time you read this letter, I_____ home for Paris. A. will leave B. have left C. will have left D. am leaving 19. Only later_____ how much damage had been caused. A. I realised B. I had realised C. I would realise D. did I realise 20. if only you_______ how I feel about you! D. would be understood A. understand B. can understand C. understood 21. Brian lost his job____ no fault of his own. A. through B. by C. with D. over 22. I’d like to thank you,_____ my colleagues, for the welcome you have given us. B. on account for C. because of D. instead of A. on behalf of 23. Annie: ”Have a nice weekend” –Riat: ”______” A. You have B. You will C. You too D. You are too. 24. ____there was no electricity, I was able to read because I had a candle. A. Unless B. Even though C. Even D. Only if 25. It cost them _____money to recover the painting. C. a large number D. a great many A. quite a few B. a great deal of III. Read the text and choose the best answer     Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   The relationship of economics to history is rather different from that of the other social sciences. Curious as it may sound , this relationship in many respects comes close to that between history and literature. Economics, after all, is the science (in the broad meaning of the term) of something which men actually do. Even if the science did not exist, men would still make economic decisions, economic predictions, and participate in the various forms of economics organization which , in part, it is the economist’s function to describe. Similarly, the disciplined study of literature is concerned with something which men would also do anyway even if the disciplined study did not exist: compose poems, act out dramas, write novels, and read them. Political science, or the discipline of politics, has, it is true, many similarities to economics, particularly where it is concerned with generalization about political structures. 26. What does the passage mainly discuss? A. The similarity between economics and politics B. History and Literature’s curious relationship C. A definition of economics D. Economics interrelationship with other subjects. 27. History is related to economics___. A. in many different kinds of ways B. in a different way from its relationship to literature D. just as political science is related to economics C. in the same way as it is related to literature 28. The social science mentioned in the passage is:____. A. economics B. history C. literature D. politics 29. The word” broad” in the passage is closest in meaning to A. general B. typical C. popular D. vague 30. Economics looks at:____. A. all kinds of decision making B. people’s real-life behavior C. broad aspects of organization over time D. the description of historical events 31. The word “that” in the first sentence refers to: A. history B. economics C. the relationship D. the other social sciences. 32. Studying literature involves:____. A. much hard work B. putting poems and plays to music D. reading and writing novels C. looking at some normal activities of man 33. The word “Curious” in the second sentence is closest in meaning to A. Strange B. Funny C. Serious D. Important 34. The next paragraph after the passage probably discusses:____. A. the way political science and sociology relate to history B. how literature is systematically studied at university. C. in that way economics may be considered to be a science D. the differences between social sciences and natural sciences 35. The word “ particularly” in the last sentence is closest meaning to___ A. generally B. consequently C. normally D. especially. IV. Choose one mistake in each sentence below. 36. The doctor will be giving you a lot of information; if you have questions about them, let us know. A B C D 37. Some members of the committee were opposed to use the club members’ money to redecorate the meeting hall. A B C D 38. The report that Mark wrote on the mating behavior of the bees in this area was definitely better than Bob. A B C D 39. Our supervisor finally noticed that it was we, Caroline and me, who always turned in our reports on time. A B C D 40. In order for conservation the mineral, we must cut waste and recycle the metal in discarded products. A B C D V. Choose the word or phrase that best fits each space in the following passage. Although women now (41)____almost half of all workers in the US, nearly 80 percent of them are employed in low-paying clerical, sales, service, or factory jobs. Approximately a third of all women workers have clerical jobs, which pay(42)____average $12,000 or less. Partly as a result, women make only seventyfive cents for every dollar (43)___by men. (44)_____, men routinely make more money even when education, experience, and responsibilities are (45)___. The gap in male-female earning had great significance because more than 16 percent of US households are (46)_____by women. Low-paying jobs keep many of these households in poverty. Women’s groups such as National Organization for Women have demanded that equal opportunities and equal pay (47)______to women. According to women’s (48)_____Maggie Mc. Anany, “It is imperative that the government help to  Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   change the situation (of employment for women). We cannot wait for the companies to (49)_____themselves. Change must come (50)______the law.” C. take up D. take in 41. A. made of B. make up B. at C. in D. for 42. A. on 43.A. earns B. earning C. to earn D. earned 44. A. Although B. Whatever C. Moreover D. Contrary 45. A. equally B. equality C. equal D. equalizing 46. A. headed B. hosted C. carried D. licensed 47. A. are giving B. are given C. is giving D. be given 48. A. action B. activity C. activist D. active 49. A. restore B. regain C. regard D. reform 50. A. for B. through C. at D. along VI. Read the passage and choose the best answer. GOLD IN ALASKA (1)Alaska’s first major gold discovery occurred in Juneau in 1880, when two prospectors guided by a native found gold in a creek that, of course, is now called Gold Creek. (2) The city itself is named for Joseph Juneau, one of the miners, while the other miner, Richard Harris, lent his name to the Harris Ming District. Their find led to the discovery of a lode of gold quartz that has supported mining to present times. (3) Prospectors arrived in the 1890s as a result of gold strikes in the Klondike and near Nome. Many took steamship to Skagway in Southeast Alaska, where they began their trek by land to the Klondike. (4)The discovery of gold at Anvil Creek in 1898 brought thousands of fortune seekers to the Nome area; gold was later discovered on Nome’s Bering Sea beaches, where it is still found today. Prospectors can be seen straining gravel in their sluice boxes along the shore, perhaps just hoping to find enough gold to pay for their annual summer trips to Nome. A major commercial gold dredging operation was conducted offshore in the 1990s. The gold rush gave many communities in Alaska their start. Gold was discovered in Fairbanks, for example, in 1902, and it became an important supply post as well as center of mining activity where major operations continue today. 51. What is the topic of the passage? A. the naming of the city of Juneau and the Harris Mining District B. reason why people come to Alaska D. modern gold mining operations in C. gold prospecting in Alaska during the 19th and 20th centuries. Alaska 52. How did people get to the gold strikes in the Klondike? D. by flying into bureau. A. by walking from Nome B. by land from Skagway C. only by steamship 53. The word “trek” in paragraph 2 in closest meaning to ____. A. reach B. plan C. walk D. work 54. Which is the best place for thwe following sentence? “On their initial trip they collected one thousand pounds of gold” A(1) B. (2) C. (3) D. (4) 55. Which of the following can be inferred from the reading? B. Alaska are greedy A. Fairbanks and Juneau were not important places before gold was discovered. people. C. All the gold has been removed from Alaska D. The U.S acquired Alaska for its gold 56. The word ‘it” in paragraph refers to____. A. Nome B. fortune C. beach D. gold 57. In what order is the information in the passage presented? A. in chorological order B. from most important to least important C. from present to past D. none of the above. 58. It can be inferred that “dredging” in paragraph 2 means____. D. selling gold A. making items from gold B. exploring a beach C. exploring the ocean bottom items 59. What is the purpose of the passage? A. to explain who first discovered gold in Alaska B. to give an historical account of gold mining in Alaska C. to outline the importance of gold to the Alaskan economy D. to show that gold is important for Nome’s tourist industry. 60. The word “conducted” in paragraph 2 is closets in meaning to____.  Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   B. brought about C. set up D. put in A. carried out VII. Choose the phrase or clause that best complete each of the following sentences. 61. Having worked for a publishing house for years,_____. A. she finally quit and devoted herself to writing novels B. and then she finally quit to devote herself to writing novels C. but she quit because of her devotion to writing novels D. her devotion to writing novels urged her to quit. 62. _____she would look nicer. A. If she doesn’t wear so much make-up B. Unless she wore so much make-up D. If she wouldn’t wear so much make-up C. Were she not to wear so much make-up 63. Many people are convinced that________ A. it is man’s effect on nature that causes desertification B. man’s effect on nature that causes desertification C. man’s effect on nature it is the cause of desertification D. man’s effect on nature causes desertification 64. It is vital that______ A. land to be well-managed to prevent droughts B. well-managed land to prevent droughts C. to prevent droughts is well-managed land D. land be well-managed to prevent droughts.   PH N T LU N: (2 i m) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 1. “I don’t think John will come”, said Bill Bill doubted_________________________________________ 2. The postman was bitten by our dog. Our dog_________________________________________ 3. We couldn’t drive because of the fog. The fog prevented_________________________________________ 4. Although his leg was broken he managed to get out of the car. In spite_________________________________________ 5. The cake was so hard so I couldn’t cat it. It was_________________________________________   II. TOPIC: Write to suggest measures governments and individuals can take to reduce the global warming. It was reported recently by the U.S scientists that the volume of ice on the North Pole is now the smallest within 36 last years. That is caused by the global warming process. Various other bad things human beings are now facing are also related to the warming of the Earth climate. The fact is that we are the main agents who are responsible for the worsening of the nature. So, individuals and governments throughout the world should co-operate to stop the natural environment worsening process. Each individual first must be more aware of the need to protect our environment for not only our own lives but also the next generations. The first easy thing one can do is to save the energy by using less heat and air-conditioning, using energy-efficient products, or even driving less. Another way is to recycle paper, plastic, newspaper, glass, etc. When the recycling is practiced, it helps to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The other thing is to plant more trees because as we know, trees can absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The fact is that the mission is not done by one or a group of persons so we should educate the community and encourage everyone to join hands to recycle and conserve energy. Countries all over the world, rich or poor, developed, developing or underdeveloped should cooperate to better the situation. First of all, governments are better to inform their citizens about the global warming facts and the mishaps that people may face if the process goes on. Then, in order to reduce the emissions, governments should impose heavier taxes on the produce of greenhouse gas emissions. Factories and companies that over-emit may not be allowed to operate or even be closed. Moreover, bigger sums of money must be spent on researches discovering the alternative sources of energy. Additionally, stricter laws on environmental problems should be passed and enforced to better the surroundings for people to live. After all, the work to recover the environment and to stop the global warming process cannot be done overnight or completed by one person or one nation, we, human beings all over the world, must co-act to share the missions. Though this is the international millennium goals, each individual can do something now to help to realize man’s purpose. -------------THE END------------ Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]    Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]    S GD& T V NH PHÚC TR NG THPT LI N S N ( LUY N 204)   THI TH THPT QU C GIA N M 2016 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH Th i gian: 90 phút   Ơ          PH N TR C NGHI M: (8 i m) Choose the best option 1. We couldn’t fly ______ because all the tickets had been sold out. C. economical D. economic A. economics B. economy 2. “Buy me a newspaper on your way back, ______?” A. will you B. can’t you C. do you D. don’t you 3. My mother told me to ______ for an electrician when her fan was out of order. A. turn B. rent C. send D. write 4. Lora: “Your new blouse looks gorgeous, Helen!” -Helen: “______.” B. Thanks, I bought it at Macy’s C. I’d rather not D. You can say that A. It’s up to you again 5. She had to hand in her notice ______ advance when she decided to leave the job. A. in B. from C. with D. to 6. There was nothing they could do ______ leave the car at the roadside where it had broken down. D. but A. unless B. instead of C. than 7. Through an ______, your letter was left unanswered. A. overcharge B. overtime C. oversight {omission} D. overtone 8. There should be an international law against ______. A. reforestation B. forestry C. afforestation D. deforestation 9. Susan’s doctor insists ______ for a few days. B. that she rest C. her to rest D. that she is resting A. her resting 10. “This library card will give you free access ______ the Internet eight hours a day.” A. to B. in C. on D. from 11. – “How do you like your steak done?” -– “ ______.” B. Well done C. Very little D. I don’t like it A. Very much much 12. John: “Do you think that we should use public transportation to protect our environment?” Laura: “______” A. There’s no doubt about it. B. Well, that’s very surprising. C. Of course not. You bet! D. Yes, it’s an absurd idea. 13. The United States consists of fifty states, ______ has its own government. B. each of which C. hence each D. each of that A. they each 14. The forecast has revealed that the world’s reserves of fossil fuel will have ______ by 2015. A. run out B. taken over C. caught up D. used off 15. “Please, will you just tidy your room, and stop ______ excuses!” A. making B. doing C. having D. taking 16. Only when you grow up ______ the truth. A. do you know B. you will know C. will you know D. you know 17. They didn’t find ______ in a foreign country. A. it easy to live B. it easy live C. easy to live D. it to live easy 18. “I’d rather you______ home now.” A. go B. going C. gone D. went 19. “Don’t worry. I have ______ tire at the back of my car.” A. another B. the other C. other D. others 20. – “Don’t fail to send your parents my regards.” -– “______.” C. Thanks, I will D. Good idea, thanks A. It’s my pleasure B. You’re welcome 21. The kitchen ______ dirty because she has just cleaned it. A. may be B. should be C. mustn’t be D. can’t be 22. Jane ______ law for four years now at Harvard. A. has been studying B. is studying C. studies D. studied 23. ______ he arrived at the bus stop when the bus came. A. Hardly had B. No sooner had C. No longer has D. Not until had 24. He ______ to the doctor after the accident, but he continued to play instead.     Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   A. must have gone B. couldn’t go C. didn’t have to go D. should have gone 25. John paid $2 for his meal, ______ he had thought it would cost. A. not so much as B. not so many as C. not as much D. less as 26. It is very important for a firm or a company to keep ______ the changes in the market. B. up with C. pace of D. track about A. touch with 27. – “Mum, I’ve got 600 on the TOEFL test.” -– “______” A. Good job! B. Good way! C. You are right. D. Oh, hard luck! 28. I won’t change my mind ______ what you say. B. no matter C. because D. although A. whether 29. “How many times have I told you ______ football in the street?” A. not to play B. do not play C. not playing D. not to have played 30. – “Should we bring a lot of money on the trip?” --– “Yes. ______ we decide to stay longer.” A. So that B. Because C. In case D. Though Choose the underlined part that needs correction. 31. Although smokers are aware that smoking is harmful to their health, they can’t get rid it. A B C D 32. Even though the extremely bad weather in the mountains, the climbers decided not to cancel their climb. C A B D 33. Bill was about average in performance in comparison with other students in his class. A B C D 34. The media have produced live covering of Michael Jackson’s fans around the world mourning for him. A B C D 35. Found in the 12th century, Oxford University ranks among the world’s oldest universities. A B C D Read the following passage and choose indicate the correct answer to each of the questions Probably the most famous film commenting on the twentieth-century technology is Modern Times, made in 1936. Charlie Chaplin was motivated to make the film by a reporter who, while interviewing him, happened to describe the working conditions in industrial Detroit. Chaplin was told that healthy young farm boys were lured to the city to work on automotive assembly lines. Within four or five years, these young men’s health was destroyed by the stress of work in the factories. {lure: attract or tempt} The film opens with a shot of a mass of sheep making their way down a crowded ramp. Abruptly, the film shifts to a scene of factory workers jostling one another on their way to a factory. However, the rather bitter note of criticism in the implied comparison is not sustained. It is replaced by a gentle note of satire. Chaplin prefers to entertain rather than lecture. Scenes of factory interiors account for only about one-third of Modern Times, but they contain some of the most pointed social commentary as well as the most comic situations. No one who has seen the film can ever forget Chaplin vainly trying to keep pace with the fast-moving conveyor belt, almost losing his mind in the process. Another popular scene involves an automatic feeding machine brought to the assembly line so that workers need not interrupt their labor to eat. The feeding machine malfunctions, hurling food at Chaplin, who is strapped in his position on the assembly line and cannot escape. This serves to illustrate people’s utter helplessness in the face of machines that are meant to serve their basic needs. Clearly, Modern Times has its faults, but it remains the best film treating technology within a social context. It does not offer a radical social message, but it does accurately reflect the sentiment of many who feel they are victims of an over-mechanised world. 36. According to the passage, Chaplin got the idea for Modern Times from ______. B. a conversation C. a newspaper D. fieldwork A. a movie 37. The young farm boys went to the city because they were ______. A. promised better accommodation B. driven out of their sheep farm C. attracted by the prospect of a better life D. forced to leave their sheep farm 38. The phrase “jostling one another” in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to “______”. A. jogging side by side B. pushing one another C. hurrying up together D. running against each other 39. According to the passage, the opening scene of the film is intended ______. A. to reveal the situation of the factory workers B. to introduce the main characters of the film C. to produce a tacit association D. to give the setting for the entire plot later  Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   40. The word “vainly” in the fourth paragraph is closest in meaning to “______”. A. recklessly B. carelessly C. hopelessly D. effortlessly 41. The word “This” in the fourth paragraph refers to ______. B. the scene of the malfunction of the feeding A. the scene of an assembly line in operation machine C. the malfunction of the twentieth-century technology D. the situation of young workers in a factory 42. According to the author, about two-thirds of Modern Times ______. A. entertains the audience most B. is rather discouraging C. was shot outside a factory D. is more critical than the rest 43. The author refers to all of the following notions to describe Modern Times EXCEPT “______”. A. satire B. entertainment C. criticism D. revolution 44. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? A. The working conditions in the car factories of the 1930s were very stressful. B. In Modern Times, the factory workers’ basic needs are well met. C. The author does not consider Modern Times as a perfect film. D. Modern Times depicts the over-mechanised world from a social viewpoint. 45. The passage was written to ______. A. criticize the factory system of the 1930s B. explain Chaplin’s style of acting C. review one of Chaplin’s popular films D. discuss the disadvantages of technology Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions. 46. “Why don’t you reply to the President’s offer right now?” said Mary to her husband. A. Mary ordered her husband to reply to the President’s offer right now. B. Mary suggested that her husband should reply to the President’s offer without delay. C. Mary told her husband why he didn’t reply to the President’s offer then. D. Mary wondered why her husband didn’t reply to the President’s offer then. 47. She said, “John, I’ll show you round my city when you’re here.” A. She organized a trip round her city for John. B. She planned to show John round her city. D. She promised to show John round her city. C. She made a trip round her city with John. 48. The film didn’t come up to my expectations. A. The film was as good as I expected. B. I expected the film to end more abruptly. C. The film fell short of my expectations. D. I expected the film to be more boring. 49. He talked about nothing except the weather. A. His sole topic of conversation was the weather. B. He had nothing to say about the weather. C. He said that he had no interest in the weather. D. He talked about everything including the weather. 50. It doesn’t matter to them which film they go to. A. Whatever films are shown, they never see. B. They don’t care about the cost of the films they see. C. Which film they go to matters more than the cost. D. They don’t mind which film they go to. 51. He survived the operation thanks to the skilful surgeon. A. He survived because he was a skilful surgeon. B. Though the surgeon was skilful, he couldn’t survive the operation. C. He wouldn’t have survived the operation without the skilful surgeon. D. There was no skilful surgeon, so he died. 52. Peter had very little money but managed to make ends meet. A. Peter could hardly live on little money. B. Having little money, Peter couldn’t make ends meet. D. Peter got by on very little money. C. Peter found it hard to live on very little money. 53. “Please don’t drive so fast, Tom,” said Lisa. A. Lisa insisted on Tom’s driving on. B. Lisa complained about Tom’s driving too fast. C. Lisa pleaded with Tom not to drive too fast. D. Lisa grumbled to Tom about driving slowly. 54. James was the last to know about the change of schedule. A. The last thing James knew was the change of schedule. B. At last James was able to know about the change of schedule. C. Among the last people informed of the change of schedule was James. D. Everyone had heard about the change of schedule before James did.  Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   55. There’s no point in persuading Jane to change her mind. A. It’s possible for us to persuade Jane to change her mind. B. Jane will change her mind though she doesn’t want to. C. It’s useless to persuade Jane to change her mind. D. No one wants Jane to change her mind because it’s pointless. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each of the questions Very few people in the modern world obtain their food supply by hunting and gathering in the natural environment surrounding their homes. This method of harvesting from nature’s provision is the oldest known subsistence strategy and has been practised for at least the last two million years. It was, indeed, the only way to obtain food until rudimentary farming and the domestication of wild animals were introduced about 10,000 years ago. Because hunter-gatherers have fared poorly in comparison with their agricultural cousins, their numbers have dwindled, and they have been forced to live in marginal environments, such as deserts and arctic wastelands. In higher latitudes, the shorter growing seasons have restricted the availability of plant life. Such conditions have caused a greater dependence on hunting, and on fishing along the coasts and waterways. The abundance of vegetation in the lower latitudes of the tropics, on the other hand, has provided a greater opportunity for gathering a variety of plants. In short, the environmental differences have restricted the diet and have limited possibilities for the development of subsistence societies. Contemporary hunter-gatherers may help us understand our prehistoric ancestors. We know from the observation of modern hunter-gatherers in both Africa and Alaska that a society based on hunting and gathering must be very mobile. While the entire community camps in a central location, a smaller party harvests the food within a reasonable distance from the camp. When the food in the area has become exhausted, the community moves on to exploit another site. We also notice seasonal migration patterns evolving for most hunter-gatherers, along with a strict division of labor between the sexes. These patterns of behavior may be similar to those practised by mankind during the Paleolithic Period. 56. The word “domestication” in the first paragraph mostly means ______. A. hatching and raising new species of wild animals in the home B. adapting animals to suit a new working environment C. teaching animals to do a particular job or activity in the home D. making wild animals used to living with and working for humans 57. According to the passage, subsistence societies depend mainly on ______. A. agricultural products B. hunter-gatherers’ tools C. nature’s provision D. farming methods 58. The word “marginal” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to “______”. C. disadvantaged D. abandoned A. forgotten B. suburban 59. In the lower latitudes of the tropics, hunter-gatherers ______. A. have better food gathering from nature B. can free themselves from hunting C. harvest shorter seasonal crops D. live along the coasts and waterways for fishing 60. According to the passage, studies of contemporary subsistence societies can provide a ______. A. further understanding of prehistoric times B. broader vision of prehistoric natural environments C. further understanding of modern subsistence societies D. deeper insight into the dry-land farming 61. The word “conditions” in the second paragraph refers to ______. A. the environments where it is not favorable for vegetation to grow B. the situations in which hunter-gatherers hardly find anything to eat C. the places where plenty of animals and fish can be found D. the situations in which hunter-gatherers can grow some crops 62. A typical feature of both modern and prehistoric hunter-gatherers is that ______. A. they live in the forests for all their life B. they often change their living places C. they don’t have a strong sense of community D. they don’t have a healthy and balanced diet 63. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT mentioned? A. The number of hunter-gatherers decreases where farming is convenient. B. Hunting or fishing develops where there are no or short growing seasons. C. Harvesting from the natural environment had existed long before farming was taken up. D. The environmental differences produce no effect on subsistence societies. 64. According to the author, most contemporary and prehistoric hunter-gatherers share ______.  Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]   A. only the way of duty division C. some methods of production B. some restricted daily rules D. some patterns of behavior   PH N T LU N: (2 i m) I. Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that the original meaning is exactly the same as the provided one. 1. We didn’t go because it rained. If it hadn’t_________________________________________ 2. I can’t cook as well as my mother does. My mother_________________________________________ 3. I don’t suppose you have change for a pound, do you? Do you happen_________________________________________ 4. He failed to win the race. He didn’t_________________________________________ 5. Mary rang hours and hours ago. It’s hours_________________________________________   II. TOPIC: Write to describe your all-time favorite movie. In life, although I have several hobbies, watching movies is the one I am more interested in. I have watched countless films so far, but B N KHÔNG CH NG, a product of VFC (Vietnam Film Corporation) in 2001, is the one that has created the biggest impression on me ever since. The film is set in the time of our war against the American troops in the South to unify the country and the construction to build a communist country in the North. The ground of the story is in a tranquil poor farming village in the North. The main characters are Mr. Van, a veteran, a secretary of the village’s Communist Youth Union named Hanh, the two widows and the villagers. The story happens right inside the village to the bank of a no-name-river having a namely Khong Chong river five-step-wharf. After serving in the army Van came back to his village in which there were only old villagers together with almost widows, girls and very few disabled men. When Van returned, he was appointed head of the village armed group which consisted of around six armed girls including Hanh – Van’s former sweetheart’s daughter. Van lived under the same roof with a land-lord widow and her 16 year-old son. Van was then admired by all the villagers, so he tried his best to meet the residents’ expectations. Though sometimes the mid-forties man felt lonely, he tried not to do wrong thing especially on sex. Time passed, peace was then established with the unification declaration, the village was still under the misery of the war unhappiness. Hanh married to an Army captain, but had no child for long. Debates and conflicts occurred, which made Hanh left her husband. So disappointed, and hopeless, she entered Van’s hut by a showery night. The two thirsty unhappy persons met, and then Hanh was pregnant. Unable to live with the villagers’ prejudice, Van and Hanh left the homeland, and finally Van killed himself by the river wharf Ben Khong Chong. The scenes in the movie are colorful and interesting, typical for a North Vietnam’s rural village. The story is touching and rather mournful. The acting of the main characters is excellent as they are all famous actors and actresses. The film leaves us valuable lessons in life, and helps us know more about the rural life courtesy. I must say that it is one of the best movies I have ever watched in my life. ----------THE END---------   Created & Released by    Bình – THPT Li n S n, L p Th ch, v nh Phúc – [email protected]  
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