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Tài liệu Câu hỏi part 3,4


Mô tả:

TEST 1 41. Where most likely does the woman work? (A) At a hotel (B) At a clothing store (C) At a bank (D) At a taxi company 44. Where most likely are the speakers? (A) At a restaurant (B) At a university (C) At a library (D) At a convention center 42. What item was misplaced? (A) A briefcase (B) A wallet (C) A shopping bag (D) A pair of eyeglasses 45. What does the man say he has done? 43. Why is the man in a hurry? 46. What will the speakers discuss next? (A) An author's visit (B) A contest (C) A celebration (D) A special assignment (A) (B) (C) (D) The business is closing soon. He is leaving for a trip. He is late for work. He has to ship a package. (A) Made an appointment (B) Posted signs (C) Fixed a window (D) Arranged some books 47. What are the speakers planning? (A) A retirement dinner (B) A birthday party (C) A conference (D) An annual banquet 48. What is the woman concerned about? (A) The price of a meal (B) The size of a seating area (C) The quality of food (D) The location of a restaurant 49. What does the woman say about the Japanese restaurant? 53. What problem are the speakers discussing? (A) Sales have decreased. (B) A document is incomplete. (C) Some costs are too high. (D) A printer is broken. 54. When is the finance meeting scheduled to take place? (A) On Monday (B) On Tuesday (C) On Thursday (D) On Friday 55. Why does the man offer to work late? (A) It has recently closed. (B) It is nearby. (A) He is responsible for an error. (B) He enjoys working on the project. (C) It has good service. (D) It delivers food. (C) There is a shortage of staff. (D) There is a bonus offered. 50. Why did the woman have trouble finding a parking spot? (A) The parking area is under construction. (B) The business is hosting a festival. (C) Building inspectors were visiting. (D) Some buses were blocking her way. 51. What does the man say he has been doing? (A) Sharing a ride (B) Taking a train (C) Working at home (D) Arriving early 52. What will the woman probably do next? (A) Look at a map (B) Buy a parking pass (C) Talk to a coworker (D) Finish a task 56. Where does the man most likely work? (A) (B) (C) (D) At a print shop At a cosmetics store At a camera shop At an art gallery 57. What is the problem? (A) A proposal has not been received. (B) An Item is out of stock. (C) A schedule contains an error. (D) A picture has to be replaced. 58. What doesthe man ask the woman to do? (A) Explain a new requirement (B) Send an e mail (C) Extend a deadline (D) Submit a payment 59. Where are the speakers? 65. Why does the man want to set up a meeting? (A) At a hair salon (B) At a doctor's office (A) To go over a construction project (C) At a pharmacy (C) To plan a presentation (D) At a university (D) To discuss a policy change. 60. What is the problem? (A) The woman is late- for a meeting (B) A calendar has been misplaced. (C) A computer is not working. (D) The woman mixed up her appointment date. 61. What will the man try to do? (A) Make an appointment for next week. (B) Provide some paperwork (C) Find an available employee (D) Order some supplies 62. What does the woman want to do? (A) Book a flight (B) Reserve hotel rooms (B) To review a contract 66. What does the woman request? (A) To change the time (B) To hold a video conference (C) To bring her colleague (D) To record the conversation 67. Why does the man suggest meeting in his office? (A) He is expecting a phone call. (B) There are no meeting rooms available (C) The office is conveniently located. (D) It will be easy to access some files. 68. What are the speakers mainly discussing? (A) Their gardens. (C) Order a catered meal (B) Their health. (D) Learn about tourist attractions (C) Cooking tips. 63. What is the problem? (A) A staff member is busy. (D) Exercise programs 69. What does the man say he has done? (B) An event has been canceled. (A) Talked to a neighbor (C) Some dates have not been decided. (D) A discount is unavailable. (B) Listen to a radio interview (C) (D) Watched a television show Read a magazine article 64. What does the man recommend the woman do? (A) Arrive early to an event (B) Call back later (C) Ask for a free upgrade (D) Purchase a refundable ticket 70. What does the woman offer to do? (A) Give directions to a shopping center (B) List ingredients in a recipe (C) Find out the name of a product (D) Provide a referral 71. According to the speaker, wny are delays expected? (A) Some roads are being repaired. (B) A tree is blocking part of a road. (C) Many people are going to the same event. (D) The weather is bad. 72. What does the speaker say about Highway 165? (A) Trucks are not allowed on it. (B) It is currently closed. (C) It has a newtollbooth. (D) Traffic is moving well 73. What are listeners reminded to do? (A) Drive carefully in the evenings (B) Listen to updates on the radio (C) Follow detour signs (D) Check the tires on their cars 74. Where most likely does the man work? (A) At an apartment complex (B) At an appliance store (C) At an auto repair shop (D) At an electric company 75. Why does the speaker ask the listener to return the phone call? (A) To talk about payment options (B) To explain a problem in more detail (C) To schedule an installation (D) To apply for a refund 76. Why does the speaker think the listener will be pleased? (A) Her contract will be extended. (B) She will receive a-one-year warranty. (C) The repair will be completed today. (D) She will save money on her electric bill. 77. Who is Edgar Rollins? (A) An actor (B) A journalist (C) A director (D) A photographer 78. Why is Edgar Rollins' new project receiving a lot of attention? (A) It Is based on events from his life. (B) It is different from his other work. (C) It is the winner of many awards. (D) It is difficult to understand. 79. What will listeners be able todo after the interview? (A) (B) (C) (D) Ask questions Take photographs Attend a film screening Get an autograph 80. What Is the purpose of the message? (A) To offer a position (B) To request a recommendation (C) To arrange an Interview (D) To discuss an orientation 81. What should the listener do? (A) Bring a resume (B) Review a schedule (C) Visit an art gallery (D) Complete some paperwork 82. What will the speaker do in the afternoon? (A) (B) (C) (D) Check some references Give some tours Meet associates for lunch Plan a fundraiser 83. What Is the purpose of the talk? (A) To report on market research (B) To thank the board of directors (C) To Introduce a new business strategy (D) To announce an award winner 84. What did Mr. Friedman do in Shanghai? (A) Lecture at a university (B) Set up a new office (C) Launch a product (D) Publish a book 85. What is Mr. Friedman's current position? (A) Vice president of marketing (B) Chief executive officer (C) Director of human resources (D) Business professor 86. Who is the message intended for? (A) (B) (C) (D) A pharmacy clerk A post office worker A doctor A teacher 87. What is the problem? (A) (B) (C) (D) Some handwriting is hard to read. An invoice is missing. A machine is broken. An address is incorrect. 88. What time does Denton's close today? (A) At 5:00 P.M. (B) At 6:00 P.M. (C) At 7:00 P.M. (D) At 8:00 P.M. 89. What kind of business is Q&P? (A) A sporting goods store (B) An advertising agency (C) An event planning service (D) A travel agency 90. What is being advertised? (A) A volunteer opportunity (B) A restaurant opening (C) An anniversary celebration (D) A training seminar 91. What does the speaker recommend listeners do? (A) Go on a Web site (B) Submit some ideas (C) Buy a new product (D) Obtain tickets 95. What is being announced? (A) (B) (C) (D) The expansion of a government building The closing of a popular business The results of an election The retirement of a local politician 96. What does Richard Suarez plan to do in the future? (A) (B) (C) (D) Write a memoir Teach some classes Open a community center Participate in a debate 97. What is said about Janice Feldman? (A) (B) (C) (D) She is a schoolteacher. She is moving to another city. She may run for mayor. She will be interviewed. 98. What is the department trying to do? 92. Who most likely are the listeners? (A) (B) (C) (D) Safety inspectors Job applicants Newly hired employees Prospective customers 93. What must listeners do when entering the building? (A) Check their bags (B) Show an identification badge (C) Turn off mobile phones (D) Sign in at the reception desk 94. What will listeners most likely do next? (A) Have their pictures taken (B) Visit the cafeteria (C) Listen to a speech (D) Fill out some forms (A) Conserve paper (B) Increase production (C) Save electricity (D) Reward returning customers 99. What solution does the speaker provide? (A) Creating financial incentives (B) Replacing some equipment (C) E- mailing receipts and memos (D) Calling customers directly 100. What will happen in a month? (A) A shipment will arrive. (B) A newsletter will be published. (C) A progress update will be given. (D) A company meeting will be held. TEST 2 41. Where does the man want to go? (A) To a stadium (B) To a hotel (C) To a restaurant (D) To an office building 42. What information does the woman ask for? (A) Theman's location (B) The man's phone number (C) The man’s first and last name (D) The man's credit card information 43. What additional request does the man make? (A) Help lifting heavy packages 44. What did the woman recently do? (A) Enroll in a class (B) Start work at a hospital (C) Graduate from university (D) Send a package 45. Why is the woman concerned? (A) She is relocating. (B) She starts training soon. (C) She has to take final exams. (D) She might need a certificate. 46. What does the man suggest the woman do? (A) Send a written request (B) Arrangements for a return trip (B) Talk to a manager (C) Two copies of a receipt (C) Pick up a document (D) A taxi that can fit five people (D) Update a resume 47. Where does the woman most likely work? (A) (B) (C) (D) At a charitable organization At a sports club At an electronics manufacturer At a television station 48. What does the man suggest? (A) (B) (C) (D) Talking to his assistant Consulting a Web site Testing a product Conducting some research 49. What does the woman say participants should be comfortable doing? (A) (B) (C) (D) Using a foreign language Speaking in front of a camera Traveling a long distance Meeting new people 53. What are the speakers discussing? (A) Schedule changes (B) New policies for cashiers (C) Reactions to a training session (D) Careers in retail 54. What does the man say about the store's cash registers? (A) They are complicated. (B) They are outdated. (C) They are inaccurate. (D) They are expensive. 55. Why does the man inquire about the manual? (A) He wants to show it to a colleague. (B) He is looking for ways to reduce costs. (C) He wants to order more copies. (D) He recently updated the content. 50. What problem does the man mention? (A) Orders are arriving late. (B) Employees need more training. (C) A factory needs new machinery. (D) Production costs are rising 51. What does the man suggest the company do? (A) Rent a new building (B) Hire a financial consultant (C) Find an alternative supplier (D) Renew a production contract 52. What does the woman say she will do? (A) Write a report (B) Send out a memo (C) Talk to a supervisor (D) Photocopy an article 56. What does the woman ask for help with? (A) Registering for a seminar (B) Updating some business cards (C) Announcing an employee's promotion (D) Organizing a car pool 57. What does the man ask the woman to send him? (A) (B) (C) (D) A list of employees A budget proposal A contact number A conference schedule 58. According to the woman, what will take place in April? (A) A job fair (B) A training workshop (C) A company banquet (D) A trade show 59. Why is the man calling? (A) To cancel a work order (B) To revise a monthly calendar (C) To set up a computer account (D) To request some time off 60. According to the woman, why is there a delay? (A) A delivery has not been made. (B) An Internet connection has been lost. (C) A computer program is being installed. (D) An error was made in a computer database. 61. When will the problem be fixed? (A) This morning (B) This afternoon (C) Tomorrow morning (D) Tomorrow afternoon 62. What does the man want to do? (A) Sign up for a race (B) Get a parking pass (C) Reserve a hotel room (D) Join a fitness center 63. What does the woman say about discounts? (A) They are offered in the wintertime. (B) They will soon be discontinued. (C) They must be used within thirty days. (D) They are not available at all locations. 64. According to the woman, what is a benefit of the automated system? (A) It is very reliable. (B) It is inexpensive to use. (C) Records are easy to find. (D) Applications are processed quickly. 65. Where does the woman most likely work? (A) (B) (C) (D) At a department store At a bus station At an advertising firm At a warehouse 66. Why does the man offer to help the woman? (A) (B) (C) (D) He owes her a favor. His assistant is on vacation. He is new to the company. He is in charge of ordering equipment. 67. According to the woman, what is a requirement of the job? (A) Communicating with clients (B) Operating some machinery (C) Designing Web sites (D) Completing inventory forms 68. What is the problem? (A) An appliance is broken. (B) A colleague is retiring. (C) A product is selling out quickly. (D) A customer has made a complaint. 69. What does the woman suggest? (A) Buying an oven (B) Working additional hours (C) Opening a second location (D) Hanging up a sign 70. What does the man say he will do? (A) Research some prices (B) Order equipment online (C) Organize an event (D) Talk to an accountant 71. Where does the speaker work? (A) At an accounting firm (B) At a dentist's office 74. Why will Main Street be closed tomorrow? (C) At a department store (A) Some roadwork will begin. (B) A festival will take place. (C) A movie will be filmed. (D) At a pharmacy (D) A building will be torn down. 72. When does the business close? (A) At five o'clock (B) At six o'clock (C) At seven o'clock (D) At eight o'clock 73. What is the listener asked to bring? (A) A receipt (B) A doctor's note (C) A change of address form (D) Photo identification 75. Why should drivers look for signs? (A) To get to a radio station (B) To find a place to park (C) To follow alternate routes (D) To visit historic sites 76. What do listeners have a chance to win? (A) Gift cards (B) Concert tickets (C) A music CD (D) A new car 77. What does Monterrey's sell? 83. What is special about the containers? (A) Bicycles (A) They are collapsible. (B) Running shoes (C) Camping equipment (D) Boating gear (C) They are lightweight. (D) They are easy to see through. 78. How can customers receive a discount? (A) By signing up for a membership (B) By purchasing more than one Item (C) By bringing In a coupon (D) By buying an item in the next seven days 79. What is included with purchases for children? (A) (B) (C) (D) A T- shirt A map A helmet A video 80. What kind of business does the speaker work for? (A) (B) (C) (D) A graphic design agency An architectural firm An art gallery An Interior decorating company 81. Why is the business currently closed? (A) It is undergoing renovations. (B) It is observing a national holiday. (C) It is hosting a private event. (D) It is changing ownership. 82. According to the speaker, why should listeners visit the Web site? (A) To view the company's hours (B) To make purchases (C) To sign up for a newsletter (D) To arrange for a tour (B) They are handmade. 84. What does the speakers say about purchasing the containers? (A) They will be on sale next month. (B) They can be bought individually or in sets. (C) They are only available online. (D) They come with a limited warranty. 85. What is available with the purchase of large orders? (A) (B) (C) (D) An extended payment plan Professional installation Free shipping and handling A special gift 86. According to the speaker, what have company employees complained about? (A) They frequently lose Internet connections. (B) They are required to change passwords too often. (C) They are asked to work long hours. (D) They have to wait too long for assistance. 87. How does the speaker plan to address the problem? (A) By purchasing more computers (B) By changing a work schedule (C) By upgrading old software (D) By hiring more employees 88. What does the speaker ask interested listeners to do? (A) (B) (C) (D) Fill out a form Submit a resume Meet with a supervisor Send an email 89. Who most likely is the speaker? 95. What did Zyco recently do? (A) A factory representative (A) Negotiate a merger with another company (B) A store clerk (B) Choose a new company president (C) An auto mechanic (D) A landscape designer (C) Relocate its corporate offices 90. What recent achievement does the speaker mention? (A) Renovating several parks in the area (B) Acquiring a new factory (D) Offer a scholarship 96. Why are residents praising Zyco? (A) For protecting the environment (B) For creating jobs (C) Receiving an award (C) For producing affordable products (D) Operating for over ten years (D) For sponsoringcommunity events 91. Why will questions be answered in the distribution center? 97. Who will the speaker talk with next? (A) It is close to the lobby. (A) A local politician (B) It is quiet there. (C) It is air-conditioned. (D) It has a place for people to sit down. (B) A business owner (C) A famous musician (D) An environmental scientist 98. Why were e-mails sent to customers? 92. Where does the speaker most likely work? (A) At a bookstore (B) At a photography studio (C) At an advertising firm (D) At a publishing company (A) To thank them for their support (B) To confirm their online purchases (C) To provide them with product information (D) To inform them of a refund policy 93. What will the speaker send in an e-mail? (A) An interview schedule (B) Titles of books (C) A work sample (D) Contact information 99. What was the problem with some-of the emails? 94. According to the speaker, what will happen on November first? 100. What does the speaker ask listeners to do by the end of the day? (A) They were incorrectly addressed. (B) They were e-mailed on the wrong date. (C) They were sent multiple times. (D) They were missing information. (A) A catalog will be printed. (A) Make a phone call to a distributor (B) A final project will be due. (B) Set up a meeting with trainees (C) A new product will be launched. (C) Download some software from a Web site (D) Review a list of affected customers (D) A job opening will be advertised. TEST 3 41. Where does the conversation most likely take place? (A) At a hotel (B) At a travel agency (C) At a restaurant (D) At a bookstore 42. Why is the man at the business? (A) To research an article (B) To interview for a job (C) (D) To eat a meal To plan an event 43. What does the man say about Oscar Diego? (A) (B) (C) (D) He is in a meeting He has changed jobs He is waiting in the lobby He is not feeling well 44. What problem does the man mention? (A) (B) (C) (D) He cannot find a seat. A ticket machine is broken. He does not have enough money. A train has been canceled. 45. What does the woman say about the next train to Dover? (A) It will be late. (B) It makes local stops. (C) It leaves from platform 10. (D) It is sold out. 46. How much does a ticket cost? (A) 5 pounds (B) 25 pounds (C) 50 pounds (D) 75 pounds 47. What does the man ask about? 53. Why is the woman calling? (A) Using a group discount (A) To update medical records (B) Extending his stay (B) To register a new patient (C) To switch the date of an appointment (D) To order some supplies (C) Buying a map (D) Reserving a vehicle 48. Why does the woman apologize? (A) Some luggage was lost. (B) A membership has expired. (C) A room change is required. (D) A tour has been canceled. 49. What most likely will the man do next? (A) Drive to the airport (B) Prepare for a presentation (C) Register for a conference (D) Meet a friend 50. Where most likely does the conversation take place? 54. What problem does the man mention? (A) His car is being repaired. (B) He will be away on a business trip. (C) His mobile phone is not working. (D) He lives far from the office. 55. What does the man say he has to do? (A) (B) (C) (D) Check his calendar Speak with his manager Contact a client Find a document 56. Why does the man request assistance? (A) At an auditorium (B) At a furniture factory (A) He is unable to locate a store. (B) He is late for an appointment. (C) At a coffee shop (C) He is searching for a specific brand. (D) At an equipment rental store (D) He is unfamiliar with a product. 51. What does the woman say she expects to happen tomorrow? (A) Some items will be available. (B) A new employee will start. (C) Some posters will be delivered. (D) A ceremony will take place. 52. What does the man provide? (A) Some floor plans (B) A meeting agenda (C) A business card (D) An itemized receipt 57. What does the man say he plans to do? (A) Join a hiking group (B) Participate in a competition (C) Shop at a different store (D) Write a review 58. What will the woman most likely do next? (A) Adjust a helmet (B) Call a supplier (C) Show the man some bicycles (D) Process the man's payment 59. Where most likely do the speakers work? 65. Where are the speakers? (A) At a factory. (A) At a book signing. (B) At a construction site. (C) In a hardware store (B) At a career fair. (C) At a training seminar. (D) In a shipping company. (D) At a product launch. 60. What will happen next Tuesday? (A) A new product will be launched (B) Some equipment will arrive. (C) A building will be repaired. (D) Several new positions will be advertised. 61. What does the woman ask the man to do? (A) Perform a safety inspection (B) Hire additional workers (C) Reschedule some training sessions (D) Submit some invoices 62. According to the woman, what did Hixon Fuel Company call about? (A) An improved service (B) A price increase (C) A late delivery (D) A special offer 63. What does the man say about a previous supplier? (A) It changed owners. (B) It no longer delivers to the area. (C) It had a limited selection. (D) It was unreliable. 64. What does the woman say she will do later today? 66. What does the man suggest that the woman do? (A) Leave a resume (B) Call a company headquarters (C) Take a lunch break (D) Return later 67. What does the woman request? (A) An application form (B) An event program (C) A copy of a manual (D) A job description 68. What is the purpose of the exhibit? (A) To display the work of local artists (B) To promote an art school (C) To demonstrate new techniques (D) To celebrate a recent donation to the gallery 69. Why does the woman ask about the exhibit? (A) She would like to open an art gallery. (B) She is writing a book about the community. (C) She would like to buy a painting. (D) She is interested in showing her work. 70. What does the man request? (A) Review financial records. (A) (B) Talk with a supervisor. (B) A biography (C) Return some products. (C) (D) (D) Revise a contract. A list of participants Work samples Contact information 71. What are the listeners about to watch? (A) A sports match (B) A concert (C) A film (D) A play 72. What does the speaker request that the listeners do? (A) Save their tickets (B) Refrain from taking pictures (C) Turn off electronic equipment (D) Take their seats 73. What will happen during the break? (A) Tickets will be sold. (B) Photographs will be taken. 74. What type of business has the caller reached? (A) A recruiting agency (B) A restaurant (C) A decorating firm (D) A hotel 75. What event does the speaker mention? (A) A company luncheon (B) An opening ceremony (C) A holiday celebration (D) A career fair 76. Why would a listener press 1 ? (C) A raffle winner will be announced. (A) To make a reservation (B) To leave a message (D) Refreshments will be served. (C) To get driving directions (D) To hear business hours 77. Where most likely is the announcement being made? 83. What are the instructions for? (A) In a conference center (A) Editing a video (B) In a department store (B) Playing a computer game (C) In a library (C) (D) Installing software Using a security camera (D) In a bookshop 78. Who is Midori Nagai? (A) A fashion model (B) A newspaper reporter (C) An interior designer (D) A cooking instructor 84. How long will the process take? 79. What will happen at the end of the event? 85. What is the final step in the process? (A) Books will be signed. (B) Samples will be distributed. (C) New products will be demonstrated. (D) An award will be presented. 80. Where is the announcement taking place? (A) In a train station (B) In a coffee shop (C) On an airplane (D) On a bus 81. What is the main purpose of the announcement? (A) To apologize for a delay (B) To provide a traffic update (C) To give safety instructions (D) To introduce a new service 82. What restriction does the speaker mention? (A) Internet use is prohibited at certain times. (B) Mobile phones must be turned off. (C) (D) Credit cards are not accepted. Headphones cannot be exchanged. (A) (B) (C) (D) One minute Ten minutes Thirty minutes One hour (A) Filling out a questionnaire (B) Restarting a computer (C) Making an online payment (D) Receiving an e-mail confirmation 86. What is scheduled for this weekend? (A) (B) (C) (D) An art festival A race A parade A fireworks display 87. What does the speaker encourage listeners to do? (A) Arrive early (B) Wear light clothes (C) Drink a lot of water (D) Use sunscreen 88. According to the speaker, what can listeners find on a Web site? (A) A list of local events (B) An extended weather forecast (C) Parking information (D) Volunteer opportunities 89. What is the survey about? (A) Customer satisfaction (B) Reading preferences (C) Television viewing habits (D) Brand recognition 90. What can listeners do at the end of the survey? (A) Subscribe to a newsletter (B) Talk to a representative (C) Select a gift (D) Sample a new product 91. What will listeners receive? (A) A catalog (B) Some software (C) Free shipping (D) A discount coupon 92. What is the talk mainly about? (A) A store expansion (B) An upcoming - - move - (C) A business merger (D) A project deadline 93. What does the speaker say about the Westerville Building? (A) It is next to a parking garage. (B) It has a lot of retail space. (C) It is close to public transportation. (D) It has state-of-the-art technology. 94. What will employees be asked to do? (A) (B) (C) (D) Postpone their vacations Pay for parking permits Pack their files Share offices 95. What does the speaker say Raymond Harper is known for? (A) His outgoing personality (B) His athletic success (C) His imaginative writing (D) His business ability 96. What is the purpose of Raymond Harper's organization? (A) To provide teaching resources. (B) To encourage healthy eating. (C) To design playground equipment. (D) To promote children's fitness activities . 97. According to the speaker, why should listeners visit a Web site? (A) (B) (C) (D) To sign up for a class To see a video clip To make a donation To purchase tickets 98. What project was completed? (A) A seaport was established. (B) A tour company was expanded. (C) A highway was constructed. (D) A bus system was developed. 99. According to the speaker, why was the project needed? (A) To increase tourism (B) To improve the transport of goods (C) To address safety issues (D) To beautify a town center 100. What does the speaker hope the listeners will do? (A) (B) (C) (D) Attend town meetings Provide publicity Take a boat ride Relocate businesses TEST 4 41. Why does the woman want to see Mr. Miller? (A) To show him a contract (B) To arrange a training session (C) To discuss plans for a new building (D) To give him a sample 42. Why is Mr. Miller late? (A) He was delayed in traffic. (B) (C) He is inspecting some machines. He is visiting a supplier. (D) He is at a doctor’s office. 43. What does the man say he will do? (A) File a document (B) Hire an assistant (C) Make a telephone call (D) Sign a form 44. What is the woman calling about? (A) (B) (C) (D) A sales promotion An appointment A donation A rental agreement 45. What does the man say his organization is unable to do? (A) Pick up some mattresses (B) Recommend a contractor (C) Change a shipment date (D) Exchange a product 46. What does the man suggest the woman do? (A) Consult an online catalog (B) Open an account (C) Visit the office (D) Call a different agency 47. What is the topic of the conversation? (A) A journal article 53. What is the woman looking for? (B) A job opening (A) A laptop (B) microphone (C) A television broadcast (C) A photocopier (D) A medical convention (D) A power cord 48. What did the hospital director discuss? (A) Nurse training programs (B) An application process (C) Hospital safety measures (D) A new health care facility 49. What does the woman suggest? (A) Touring a building (B) Watching a television program (C) Examining a proposal (D) Providing feedback 50. What is the man having trouble doing? (A) Reserving a meeting room (B) Printing a document 54. Why is the equipment unavailable? (A) It has not been delivered yet. (B) It is locked in a storage closet. (C) It is missing. (D) It needs to be repaired. 55. What does the woman suggest doing? (A) Printing some materials (B) Talking to her supervisor (C) Meeting in a different location (D) Obtaining an office key 56. What did the man do last week? (A) He received a promotion. (C) Locating a schedule (B) (C) He used public transportation He began carpooling. (D) Changing a password (D) He moved to another home. 51.W hen will the man's meeting take place? 57. What does the man say about his commute? (A) At 1:00 P.M (A) (B) At 1:30 P.M (C) At 2:00 P.M (B) (C) It does not take much time. It is relaxing. It is a long a scenic route. (D) At 2:30 P.M (D) There is a lot of traffic. 52. What does the man ask the woman to do? 58. What does the woman offer to do? (A) Install a software program (A) Provide a colleague with information (B) Review some instructions (B) Write an advertisement (C) Look for a phone number (D) Read a resume (C) Make copies of an agenda (D) Contact technical support
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