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Ourgrcotfriends I 2 3 4 ount,uncle cousin, holidoy, Africo, airport, Englond, Ukroine, Argentino, fronce, flag, Greece shy,Englond, spoghetti, cheese, Areyouon holidoy? Austrolia icecreom, dinner,Turkey, smile mop,shorts, sunglosses, swimsuit, shirt, I'vegoto comero. plone,money. you toxi suitcose, Hove gotyourposspoG? possportticket, fromAfrico. He's Story: Snowy Solly's They olwoys wokeup eorly. Story: months theyeor The of Solly's Review 2 TheFlyHtgh Fun Time I A fonbstic odventure 9 I'mcooking. oren't helping. l0 You to ll Areyougoing town? here. Don't move. 12 Woit Story: beor The fight Solly's 3 Review the Flylllgh fovourite things Our got 13 He's mytoothbrush. is trumpet. 14 This Trumpets got oronges. 15 We've some isn't spoghetti. 16 There much Story: bobies hungry! The ore Solly's 4 TheflyHighReview questions short ond be;negotive; 8 ONSWCTS got: l0 hove offirmofive questions short 12 got:negotive; ond hove onswers got 14 Moths,English, History, dinosaur, days be,hove Art, PE; of theweek t6 Review I ThetlyHtgh yeor Ourwonderful porcel, postcord, postmon morning, letter, comes seven. postmon, of 5 The ofternoon, evening, wotchM photoalbum,weekend, yeal mountoin, ploybosketboll? ski, 6 Dothey winter, summer pando,Chino, leaf like meot excited, 7 She doesn't meot. 8 be; offirmotive wokeup,early, show,bird,lote,want summet outumn, winter Seosons: spring, Jonuory, Februory, Morch, April, Months: May,June, July, AugustSeptember October December November, Weother: roin,snow wind sun, simple: offirmotive Present 18 questions ond Present simple: negotive; short onswers fI/you/we/they) questions simple: negotive; ond Present short onswers lhe/she/itl simple odverbs ond of Present frequency simple Present 20 Phonics: g,j, x : k, 22 24 26 28 30 cook, leorn,tolk,bored,home,doorbell, ring moke,wosh,dish,floof strowberry, toste go shopping, supermorket, librory, cinema, buy,rope woit move,chose, stop,thief,brove frghtgo for o wallcswing,saucepon continuous: offirmotive 32 Present negotive 34 Present continuous: questions short 36 ond Present continuous: onswers Let's, 38 Imperotives: Dont 40 Presentcontinuous 42 toothbrush, postfive concert, holf towel, shompoo, orgue reody, musicol instruments, trumpet, drums, tambourine keyboord, peoch,watermelon, gloss, oronge thirsty, strow,juice, fruit fridge,wotel flour,sugor,butter oQjectives Possessive 44 Whose?ondpossessive's 46 some/ony 48 There is/There Howmuch/How ore, of mony,much/mony/lots plurols; tomoto/tom /efs boby/bobies,mouse/mice, otoes, Irregulor pototo/pototoes, wolf/wolves, sheep/sheep, sondwich/sondwiches 50 52 54 Ouromozing world 17 Trumpet stronger. is l8 The best intheworld. zoo 19 Wewereintheployground. 20 There weren't chocolotes ony Solly's Amozing Story: world The tlylllgh Review 5 Fun Time 2 A lovelysurprise 2l Wedonced theOlympics. in 22 Didyouwosh floor, the Solly? 23 Wehodo wonderfultime. you your 24 Did drink milk? Solly's Story: week London A in TheFlylligh Review 6 Ourfontostic holidoy 25 Con moke sondcostle? we o 26 Youmust brove. be 27 You're withus,Corrie. sofe 28 We'll meet ogoin. Solly's Story: beoutifulworld Our The Flylllgh Review 7 Fun Time 3 Reod Trumpet doyotschool with A teom,heovy, throw,dirty,draw giroffe, thin world,rhino,young, fat cry,nurse, occidentmiddle,finger gropes,ombulonce yesterdoy bondoge, 2t-100 Comporotives Comporotives, superlotives wos/were. offirmotive questions wos/were negotive; ond short onswers Superlotives; wos/were ph, Phonics: ch,stt,th photographer, reporter, work,newspaper cleonup, wet,floor first,second, third,fourth, sixth,lost fifth, (regulorl: Post simple offirmotive questions Post simple ond {regulor): short onswers (irregulor): Post simple offirmotive (irregulor): questions Post simple ond short onswers Post simple sandcostle, ormbands, bucket, spode,sun wonied, stoy, far, neor, scored, stuckmonster sofe,fishermon, sove osk, meet dive littet desertcamel,junglg Wrrot snoryoceon co /can'tforpermission n musVmustn't pronouns Object will/won'tlor fulure musUmusn? proud,prize moyor, phone flippers, cream, sun Phonics: cr,dr,gr, tr br, pupil,school gym,gymnostics,be;hove Britoin, got uniform, conteen, cook Reod Trumpet with Speciol Mother's give,Horvest Day, doys Festiva[ Holloween, Present simple pumpkin, in Britoin spider, lontern, Bonfire Night bonfire. firework,NewYear, FothelsDoy,Christrnos Reod Trumpet British with A towncentreshopping mall,restouront museum, present film, Present simple; continuous; can stotue. shell,morket sell, tibrory Reod Trumoef: in Britoin with Food cereal, fishond chips, teo, soll vinegor, Present simple; some/mony/lots of pudding,custord, poncokes buns, Reod Trumpet with Amozing holidoys Russio,journey, Turkey, hotel, hill, dry, cove Comporotives superlotives ond Reod Trumpet weekin NewYork boot island, with A conioge, building, million, Post one simple onethousond Reod Trumpet with People my in doctol hospitol, medicine, sick, librorion, Present simple community mogozine, firefighter, station, fire lodder, busdriver Reod Trumpet with plant,need,furniture, looking grow,both, ofter waste, musUmustn't ourworld ugly,bin The flyHigh Music Show MyPicture Dictionory 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 oA 98 99 100 t0l t02 r03 104 i06 .*, L{\ . afl-, \/\ r-. - '- \ '/; ,-\ { r\ wr I )\ k. 'v J\ ,,V \rJ \/ / r-cr t{ ./, 'z-4 i\ ,.-\ . .. i ' " /---\ \ \\t l ,w \ l\G/) o ( \ ^1 : , : 1 " t ' l s n c jb o ys, Qt C l , , r; t li l \ r o i ; :r {r"{-l crnirrcis in tire zoc. ii-ri,t i. i'i: VOilr frilr.'i-is llr^'1j1,^7g Ofe hei'C I ' ri. l s 1 1 ; n n q n q i i sh o l i th e ye u r , rlr. r ; i r i S l c l b r-rvs. c ' aii,r vrir; {) I t r' l i i l . l ri r i e t i r - i frcre i r th e i tn s ' ic rirk e: i 0 n g s c n d b o o ks a n d l u i r rr l: ei'3 1..:i..1riClisfi, evet\rone! ' - j ei i l , i ]:t'isitl i l r .ioys, *r e l l c 1':l valii ,e l ct,';1 . \ r / 7i) .tl Writethe nomes. \:,/(rr lv\ .d ffiffiffiffiH@ Africo oirport ount uncle cousin holidoy Het from Africo.9 If's o beautifulday! .Yes,it is! What's that noise? l ziggyl Hello? Howare you? I'm fine, thank you. It's my phone. mobile I'm of the airport. I'm with my aunt,uncleand cousin. We're cominglo lhe zoo. ziggy is here on holiday. 3e O I 2 3 4 5 circte. Whot's noise? the / A rodio Ziggy? In Africo Ntheoirport. ./ Where's ond Who's Ziggy? Hisount, with uncle cousin.Solly Trumpet. ond / going? Tothezoo. Totheoirport. Ziggy Where's / Ziggy zoo./ Africo Where's from? The strong! Leorn with Tog I om = I ' m You/We/They 'You/We/They're ore He/She/It 'He/She/It's is /l J Listen ond stick. Toros Roso Elizobeth Circle ond write. I Toros fromFngiondUkrcline. flogis is / His 2 Roso fromUkrcine,&rger:iine: flogis is / . Her 3 Elizobeth isfromArgentina[nglcnd. flogis / Her I ond Whotoboutyou?Write. I'm from Myflogis sins with t tyHi I h. bqnd! orons the, 11 O ;5..i,f!fle€$ I'mfromEnglond, He's fromFronce, We're fromGreece, Come let's on, donce. Ploy lough, ond boys girls. ond You're children theworld the of Where youfrom? ore Where youfrom? ore Let's donce sing song. oll ond this Where youfrom? ore Where youfrom? ore Lefs donce sing song. oll this ond $-S\\^-r" ond on d ffiw@@@ shy cheese Englond spoghetti ice dinner creom Areyouon hofidoy? s/ No, I'm not. i, Yes,we ore. -- England Turkey! and :r o I Motch. isn't She shy. Are you hungry?Therei u cheese and .. spaghetti, 2 They're holidoy. 3 They're on hungry. 4 She's tired. Leorn withTog No, I'm not. Areyou? I'm not. AmI? Youoren't. Is he/sh e/i0 He/She/It isn't. Arewe/you/they? We/You/They oren't. @ Whotoboutyou?Write. I 2 3 4 5 o Is your mum doncer? o Is your o police dod officer? Areyour friends funny? grondpo Is your toll? your Are ount uncle ond teochers? Ploy gome. the r a ^ 3 Are you frogs? a ttta t.. "..t t' tj. ttt ! tttt-ttt' s PY r. .:1.' iNo, we aren't. o ^ o giont 'o - .l' frog .t . . . . . lion '1 kongoror. .- t' duc l c ..'.'t a,o*n mOnkey #i .....l. Yes,we are. !.ttt". .ttt't.l t* Writewith Korld. lg nqn^ ) i^ t'6 n,n;';,;s^ttonto. is i/ Mgnorne 1,, frorr<1s otd. ln9 flogi"^1"1d". qnd ''uo, bde." white ,' I .'J nine ffi@E@Wm mop shirt swimsuit smile shortssunglosses I've got o cqmerq.-/ You'vegot lots They're for of clothes,Ziggy. my hotiday in Turkey! He'sgot blockond white shorts. I've got sunglasses ond a shirt too. I've got o comero. Smile,Ziggyl Soy 'cheese'l O ond Choose write. swimsuitmop d€+h€sshorts clothes of hos I Ziggy gotlots new got ofTurkey. 2 They've o ond hos 3 Ziggy gotblock white hos 4 Hiscousin goto new ten I've got o comero. She'sgot sunglosses. Leorn with Tog got I/You/We/They got .I/You/We/They've hove He/She/It qot He/She/It's hos oot ."1 1J Write. I/ z s I 2 3 Th ey @ / 12/ il She/ 20/ 4 He/5/@ Reod write. ond Then colour. I've got beoutiful clothes.My T-shirt is the colourof banonos. My skirt is the colourof the seo. My shoesore the colourof chocolote. My sunglosses are lhe colourof o swan. I 2 3 4 got She's o got She's o got She's got She's T-shirt. skirt. shoes. sunglosses. i9h,bo66r &_l :1'ey flRfj :':;c"9 minls, got We've books bogs ond ondpens. got got We've fomily we've friends. ond got We've bikes lots toys. ond of girls Weorevery lucky ondboys. girls Weorevery lucky ondboys. got got We've houses we've wormbeds. ond got We've shoes hots ourheods. ond for got got We've gomes we've toys. ond girls Weorevery lucky ondboys. girls We^ very lucky ondboys. Rrg #'H-' T\l\^^/, n^ e8J ;s-"f,1*.n possport ticket plone money suitcose you I Hove gotyourpossports? Haveyou got the tickets iles, we your V hove. for the plane, moneyond suitcoses? they are. The taxi is here, ziggyl Haveyou got your passports? Thankyou. Bye! No, we haven't! I've got a surprise! ; Whot is it, Satly? It's a slide! af Thonkyou, Solly! This is funl O I 2 3 4 5 circte. got tickets. @r zebros hove theirplone The yes/ money. hos Chotter gottheir yes/ o There's toxiforthezebros. for hos Solly goto surprise theonimols. yes/ yes/ Solly goto boxoftoys. hos twelve no no no no no Have I got my comera? haven't got my c-amero. Leorn with Tog got? Hove I/you/we/they Yes, I/you/we/they hove. No,I/you/we/they hoven't. he/she/it hos. got? Yes, Hoshe/she/it No,he/she/it hosn't. o I 2 3 4 Whot oboutyou?Circle ond writie. : got Hove fQ@yourfriend o dog? Hove Hosyougoto bike? / got Hove Hosyour / teocher o block cor? Hove Hosyougoto bluebog? / Listen motch. rg ond got I Hos Sondy o grey computer? phone? 2 Hosshegoto pink mobile got 3 HosPoul o green bike? 4 Hoshegoto comero? I@ Ploy some. the : Haveyou got ' a green cal? o b c d Yes, hos. he Yes, hos. she No,shehosn't. No,he hosn't. E@ SnoN-f g Whot day is it today?It's Wednesd I've got Maths, ay. English, Historyand Art. l Moths English I've got my Maths book.Twelve ond eight is twenty. That's rightl I I've got my Engtish book. I am, You are, He, She and It is. That's right! I've got my History book.These ore Thot'sright! HESE Reodond onswer. : I 2 3 4 5 got Hos Joonno herMoths, English History ond books? got Hos Joonno o pet? Is it Wednesdoy? got Hos Joonno ArtonTuesdoy? got Hos Joonno English Wednesdoy? on ir-,,- i4ijli 4R E History Art dinosour Twoeors,two uy"., Y/ ture Art. Drow a Prc of your pet! o h, n O! a toil and four feet. Thankyou, Snowy! That'snot me! /\\ N I've got two beautifulgreen eyes, two big edrs,a long toil and four pretty feet. I'm o lovelycat! /-=------\ - * It's Tuesday todoy! We haven'tgot .-- Art. We've got PE. Oh , n o ! I haven'tgot my shorts! Writewith Korlo. I'vegot i::si:::::: a:: i:!,:;:n,?,!li, pqn,e !;::l :x:11 7've g ?,,ourfo|,]'u. QD dqn, buf I r," J uncb, noili?*o, '!t hevon,*-'tufr( --*' :oos,n,At,:" ' ]of o \ The O FlyHfi'9h'R"uiew '.l Motch. \-t I 2 3 4 5 2 \., I 2 3 4 5 6 o b -- c d e onduncle on holidoy. ore Myount is Myount on holidoy. is Myuncle on holidoy. ond Mycousin I oreon holidoy. fomily on holidoy. ore You your ond Reodond qnswer. grey? Arecherries on Is o butterfly insect? big? Arewholes green white? ond Arepenguins Is milk red? Arecorrots oronge? N' in e g 0 . " { r ri' r {,Write. A got I He's 2 3 sixteen got 4 They've 5 6 on He's holidoy. You're holidoy. on They're holidoy. on We're holidoy. on on She's holidoy. 4 I 2 3 4 5 5 '-+# Whot obout you?Write. you phone? Hove goto mobile you Hove goto computer? got Hosyour cousin o bike? grondmo o dog? got Hosyour your got Hove ount onduncle o white cor? Listen circle. 9 ond : : : : : i :-listory / ingiish' Moths English / PE Art / HistoryMoths Pt/ tnglish / Pt / Moths i Art/ l-listory inglish History / Art/ PE &AathsArt / l | .',"i' ,t z 2 9 English Mondoy. 4 on 5 ArtonTuesdoy. Moths Wednesdoy. on PE Thursdoy. on History Fridoy. on Drow ond moke o holidqychort.Thenwrite. Me Mgfniend - gneen shonts - bloe sunglosses swirnsctit - q bloebook - o ponple - o rnoP - o corneno - o posspont - fnointickets In rng holidog bog,I've gneen shonts o bloe ond book. gof J've olsogof o corneno rng Mg ond posspont fniend got hos bloesonglosses o ponple swirnsoit She's gof o rnop ond olso Now go to ondfnointickefs. seventeen --^-'--<-:*"=4 t/n t '* * 1 t r=--=:l |u A ./ f \5/ \ ./\ ,;; lf' --_-_q-\ lil^H \ w _-__y\ =a/ I lX0lirF I t -: j evening wotchTV morn ing letter postcord porcel ofternoon -r. -. . morning postmon the Every comes seven. of t postcordfrom is Ziggy. ,The H e l l o.H o vew e g o t a letter today? \' "un"ul1111n" c,.noonr to s o\o\ thece There'so postcord for you ond a porcelfor Solty. rV .1\'" gtto\ your parcel. for Sotty. Circle. postmon The comes six. of for There'sporcel Solly. o Thepostcord fromChotter is in ZiggV swims theevening. Chotter opens porcel. the ' UonetcornZtg$9' Ooh.A porcel I 2 3 4 5 ' \$$;:::":i"i"::% :"i* \i",ul;::::::::r" '"]*^*. /, \-
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