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tí z O OXFORD Gét read y 00330300 O Helio! page 2 ® I Love animáis page 6 @ At home page12 ® Family and jriends page18 ®Food! page 24 ® I like clothes page 30 Revisión 1 page 36 ® Look at us! page 40 (j) We love school! page 46 ® In the playground page 52 ® My hobbies @Yourday £ Revisión 2 S DELITO (LEY 11723) page 70 @ I n the street @ Seeing your grandparents @ Going to the zoo @ Happy birthday! @ A t t h e beach Revisión 3 page 64 page 74 page 80 page 86 MUESTRA SIN VALOR COMBRClAbaqe 92 FOTOCOPIAR LIBROS E S DELITO paqe 98 (UEY 11723) page104 Wordlist page108 OXFORD U N I V E R S I T Y PRESS Helio! Listen and read. 2 Write. Then ask and answer. What's your ñame? How oLd are you? ^ My name's I'm Listen, point and s a y . ( § H 3 l twelve I 1 JseventeerA ^ / W 20 i r t e e <71 \ 4 , nine / Find and say the numbers with yourfriend. HeLLo! unit INTRODUCTION WORDS see pages108-109 Draw Unes f rom the pictures to the words. apple boat cat 2 j elephant dog j How many are there? Look and write. _ojr±e_ ice cream elephants hats « i trees kites 0060 6 606 OOO appLes dogs Letters Look at the Letters. Listen and say. (§EE Listen and > say the Letters w i t h me. appLe boat X cat dog girajje lorry orange eLephant fish ice cream juice mouse night 9 robot pLane question mark sun vegetables tree ~r—,—. umbreLLa watermelon box Now say The Alphabet Rhyme. Hellol un¡t yellow ".'"'TV . . •, *5/ A 00 1 Look at the colours and draw Lines. black eiiow 2 Look and write the colours. 1 The elephant is and grey. 2 The dog is and 3 Thehatis and and and 6 The ice cream is 3 4 and 4 The apple is 5 The cat is white Put six things on your desk. What coLour are they? Point and say. INTRODUCTION WORDS see pages108-109 Helio! unit Do the speaking activity. 1 Look at the picture on page 6 and read. Write yes or no. 1 The duck is yeUow. 2 The Jish is purpLe. 4 The goat is orange. _____ 3 The mouse is grey. 5 The bird is red and green. 6 The cow is bLackand white. How many are there? Look and write. ^fish one sh-eerj sheep mouse mice ducks sheep Jish duck 1 Listen and read. Then act. fiíl Look and write. Listen and check. ® ñ 1 Where'sSam? He's n e x t t o t h e 2 Where'sthe jrog? It'sonthe 3 Where's the mouse? It's next to the 4 Where'sthe bird? It's on the 5 Where's Lucy? She's ¡n the Unitl dog. 1 What animáis can you see? Circle the words. 2 Read and colour. The dogs are brown. The horses are pink and bLue. The f\sh are orange. The ducks are yeLLow and red. The mice are grey. The sheep are purpLe and green. Reading & Writing, Part 1 Look and read. Put a tick (/) or a cross (X) in the box. There are two examples. Exa mpl.es This is a Jish. This is a cat. Questions 1 This is a chicken. This is a mouse. This is a horse. This is a j r o g . This is a sheep. Starters practice test • Reading & Writing, Part 1 Which is t h e picture? 1 This is the picture. I s this the bookcase? Ask.pointandsay televisión door mat tabLe window bookcase soja Lamp waLL mirror armchair picture Look at the picture. Complete the words and write the numbers. t e J e, v i _s_ i o n u e m a_ w n w m_ . w c a —P a b t_ c Draw and coLour a picture of your Living room.Talk about it. 12 j Unit2 ^SSS^ seepage109 1 Where's Sam's cat? Look and write. c 2 behind between under ¡ nfrontof J 1 It's the door. 3 It's the sofá, 2 It's thebed. 4 It's the dogs. Listen and draw these things in the picture. É3) computer 3 dock box radio Do the speaking activity. cupboard cat It's on the desk. Where's the OK. W h a t coLour is it? see page 109 Un¡t2 Reading & Writing, Part 2 Look and read. Write yes or no. ExampLes There's a bird ¡n the tree. There's a phone on the table. Questions 1 There's a cLock between the cupboards. 2 There's a chair n e x t t o the tabLe. 3 There's a sheep on the mat. 4 There are threejrogs in the box. 5 There's a cow under the tabLe. 1 Look at the pictures and draw Lines. 5am's mother Sam's cat 9 i r l 1 Lucy's mother Lucy's dog Lucy's grandmother Lucy's father Lucy's hrother Lucy's grandfather Ask and answer about Sam's jximiLy and Lucy's family. (^ho'sthatT) ® Unit3 That's Lucy's grandfather. ^HS^ see pages 109 -110 Ask and answer about Lucy. Un¡t3
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