Tài liệu Key, scripts big step toeic 3 - actual test 3

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Key, scripts Big step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 3
A c tu a l T est 3 Script & Answer Key ¡ jp g (A) g (D) a co 10. (b ) (A) They are greeting each other. (B) They are leaving the office. (C) Both men are rolling up their sleeves. (D) They are both holding something. 5. (A) The' man is looking down. (8) The man is calling from a pay phone. (C) The man is putting on a tie. (D) The man is smiling at another person. (A) People are standing near the street. (B) The road has recently been paved. (C) People are walking across the street. (D) Cars are parked along the curb. 6. (A) She is peering through the microscope. (B) She is wearing the eyewear. (C) She is taking off her gloves. (D) She is labeling a sample. (A) The ship is docked at the harbor. (B) The cargo is being loaded onto the ship. 3. (C) The ship is taking goods overseas. (D) The water is very calm. (A) They are sitting next to each other. (B) The documents are spread over the table. (C) They are looking out the window. (D) The floor is partially shaded. (A) The woman is examining the menu. (B) The man is serving food. (C) They are holding forks. (D) They are finishing their meals. 345 12. When will you be making the presentation? 8. (A) In the conference hall, upstairs. (B) As soon as the clients are seated. (C) Around two weeks, apparently. 13. Who is going to the party tonight? (A) He is laying pipes on the ground. (B) He is working with a hand tool. (C) He is checking his hard hat. (D) He is cutting the pipe into pieces. (A) At ten o’clock, I was told. (B) It’s at the new restaurant. (C) Well, we ail are. 14. Is there a post office nearby? (A) Yes, in the next building. 9. (B) No, not for another month. (C) Sure, I’ll wait at the office. 15. Can I have a look at the sales report? (A) Yes, at the sale last week. (B) I’ll look in the directory. (A) They are watering plants. (C) Of course. Here it is. (B) The ground is covered with fallen leaves. (C) Some of them are wearing shorts. (D) The trees have thick leaves. 16. Do you think the cafeteria will be open so early? (A) Maybe not. Let’s try the coffee shop downstairs. (B) I think we’re just in time. 10. (C) Until 9 p.m. on weekdays, I believe. 17. What did you think of the show? (A) Quite wonderful, I must say. (B) I showed it to you last week. (C) Not for a while, I suppose. (A) The tire has been replaced. (B) The car is damaged. (C) The car is being towed away. (D) The car has been raised for repair. Part 2 18. Where can I get a good pair of gloves? (A) I’ll search for them. (B) At the store down the street. (C) The white ones, please. 19. Should I inform the manager about the new order? (A) Not much, I agree. ■ Ü 11 (B) 12. (B) 13, (C) 14,; (A) 15. (C> 16 (A) 17 (A) 18. ® ) (B) Yes, as soon as possible. (C) This way, if you don’t mind. 1 ; (B) 20, (C) 21. (C) 22. H 2a (B) 24. (C) 25. (A) 26. (B) 27, (B) 28. (A) 29. (C) 30. cardboard. The orange recycling box will be used for heavier objects made of metal and glass. Items that should now be placed in the orange box are the following: glass bottles, pop cans, beer cans, beer bottles, tin foil, plastic bags, and tin cans. Both boxes will be picked up every Wednesday, the same day as your regular garbage is picked up. We hope this recycling program will ensure 153. (C) 154.(C) 155. (D) 156. (C) 157. (B) 158. (D) 159. ¡ j Skibble remains a beautiful, scenic town. 160. (A) 161. (B) 162. (C) 163. (B) 164 (B) 165- (B) 166. (C) 167 (A) 168. (C) 169. (C) 170 (D) 171. (D) 172. (C) 173. (C) [98-100] 174. (C) 175.. (B) 176. (B) 177 (0) 178. (A) 179. (B) 180. (D) 181. (D) 182. (C) 183 (B) 184. (A) 185 (D) 186. (D) 187. (B) Good morning. My name is Jocelyn Romwell, and I will be presenting this lecture as part of the Steinway Historical 188. (B) 189. (A) 190, - Xem thêm -