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NTV C6ng ty TNIIH NhAnTri Vi6t @ xuiT BiN T6Nc fidP ru,{mr pso' s6 csi llnrn MrA Ptnaq;fttiee Ties,t @ftJ The listening section has 42 questions. Follow along as you listen to the directions to the listening section. In this section section of ol the test, you will hear talks and coDversations. Each talk or conversation is followeal by one question. Choose the best answer to each question lnd mark the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. You will hear each talk or conversation onlv one time. H"." i" "o "r.-pl", lp What does the girl rnean? (A) (B) (C) (D) She will meet rhe boy at bafld practice soon. She is not going to be a member olrhe band. thinks that the band is no longer fLrn. She has been a member of the band for a year. She The correct answer is (B), "She is not going to be a member of the band." Here is another example: I What are the speakers talking about? (A) Their classes (B) coing on a fiip (C) Sp ng break (D) An upconing test The correct answer is (C), "Spring break." Go on to the next page, and the test www.nnantflvle{.com will begil with question number Perfect TOEFL lunior one. Procrice Test Book I - 13 IMI 1. What does the boy mean when he says: "I'11 have to take a pass on the game"? 6. What will the girl probably do next? Finish clting her lunch (ts] Soh e $me mnth pfoblems iAl (Al lI. is going ro ple| in dte gamc. (Bl He canuor att(-nd roda!'s gan'tc. (Cl He $,ill ncer the girl bcfore $e gamc. (D) FIe i-r rble to Narch icl Look :rr rhe bov s homework (D) Skit lheir m:rth clnss tl-re gante rodar. What are the speakers mainly talking 2. Why does the teacher talk about the boyt grade about? ? ir\l \{f. Nor|on s .l:r\s (^r To a)ipfess her a,ltaarf ebour his gfJltc iljt It) encour.lq. hinr ro srudl h.rrrl for rhr'ra\t C lo li;lisc hir)l for slrbrnirring a good D To ccnnplimcnr him lor {erlins ar'r A {lJl Ihejf gfaLle\ at s.hool \Cj ,\ t.sr rhe! jusl tod( lDl ,\ qLr.ition the bo\ .rd(cd in .iari 8. Why does the principal mention the winter storm? (Al To gilc the 3. \\carher What is the gid planning to do on the (ts1 weekend? t( ir\l Co.!cling \,rith hel fiiend\ lBl Spen.l $n c aime \'irh fie bo! (() St.,v home and srlrJ! lDl Chcck out thc rvearhet torcca:t 9. 1 hii meetins !,,iih Nlr. Ji1.oLrr B C.nrnLre sp..1line \\'ith JcDr)\ rC, \leic.1 l.l.fhone.rll rr) tifirn rllr TLrrl) ir) hi' sroLrp proj.ri ro the (each..r 5. Co ro Why is the student discussing his with the teacher? \ l",.i hrr essay .,.rr;\ { 1.,. . .J .. -', (C) lo complain lbour the rc.rchcr's enr fhi1!is on hct5 (Dl To crpress his conflsion nbout hii cr.lcla t4 I lo clainr rhar it will sriift To note the droPpcri u ,.,. ol.; What will the boy probably do next? srLtdenrs a lcssor-r rrn rhe iuoullr ro)ron-r)!L, of sro\t: thirt it .... ; 1... What is probably true about Dr. Walt Campbell? lAl He is a ciri/er oi Fr.ln... iBl II('ir rhe hosr ofdte radio pfog|nln. . H< lJ.\ ... r., .ir. . . . L;. lD) He lqor\s.r lot abblrr Napolelrn. ext? I I lki.g 10, rMiat are the speakers mainly discussing? 14. about? (A) The hoy's dcsife ro gct an crtcnsion (B) The iopic ofthe paper the boy i\ \\,riting t ')rr l-nt . i '\l- \ errerrr i_ rhl.ri, {D) The rype of lesearch that thc boy nccds ro conduct iiss the . rn rhe Why does the boy say that he is unable to finish his assignment on time? (Al The girl s soccer team (B) The bo!: artendance at ihe gam€ (C) Thc girl's next game (D) The boy's desire ro play $ccc4 15. When :i.rt it :i{ alasses F H. .n.'n t' nen:t soccer game be? (BJ This Sirturday he needs, \ ror, rrr will the girlt (A) This Frida,v (A) Hc cannot llnd the inlbmration diat 'cJJ. ro \r.. What are the speakers mainly talking (Cl Ne\t . lue\clat- (D) Next Thursdr), I clas\ torligirt. t Hr' D on tne pn)Jecr, Hp I.r. ',.1 ' ,.1 cnnLr;h rin_- lo dJ 5i lr , ef Lr. .' ,rJn(, n,,'relr \\.1. '16. What can be inferred about the girl? \ \'r( i. inr - Xem thêm -