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Trang chủ Ngoại ngữ Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh Đáp án tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 (full 3 phần + giải thích chi tiết)...

Tài liệu Đáp án tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 (full 3 phần + giải thích chi tiết)


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Đáp án tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 (full 3 phần + giải thích chi tiết)
[email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 ĐỀ THI + ĐÁP ÁN THI CÔNG CHỨC TIẾNG ANH TỈNH QUẢNG NGÃI 2017 (FULL + GIẢI THÍCH CHI TIẾT) Mua tài liệu qua gmail liên hệ: [email protected] Mua tài liệu qua xemtailieu.com: vui lòng xem tại http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 P/s: tuyệt đối không mua ở trang khác, xin cảm ơn. MULTIPLE CHOICES (200) 1. They would_____consider him their son. A. not rather B. doesn’t rather C. rather not D. not  [would rather (not) + Vo: (không) muốn] 2. If you don't understand what ______, please ask him after class. A. your teacher explain B. does your teacher explain C. your teacher explains D. your teacher will explain  (N số ít + Vs/es) 3. The clowns in the circus made us______a lot. A. laughed B. laugh (cười) C. to laugh D. laughing (Cấu trúc: make + Object+ Vo: khiến cho ai trở nên…) 4. Under no circumstances _________ animals. 1 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 A. the restaurant can accept B. can’t accept the restaurant C. the restaurant can accept B. can the restaurant accept (Câu đảo ngữ vơi under no circumstances: trong bất kì hoàn cảnh nào đi nữa, động vật không được bước vào nhà hàng) 5. We don’t take the umbrella. We wish that we would _____it. A. took B. take C. can take D. be taken (Câu ao ước với wish: S+ wish + S’ + V2/were.. Câu này would + Vo) 6. ________ doesn’t surprise me at all. A. What B. That C. Why D. Who. (Điều đó không làm cho tôi bất ngờ chút nào) 7. The Pyramids ______ by the ancient Egyptians. A. were built B. was being built C. had built D. will be built (Kim tự tháp được xây dựng bởi những người Ai Cập cổ đại  quá khứ  chia bị động quá khứ  were built) 8. ________ me so disappointed. A. You looked B. You asked C. You made C. You took (Tương tự câu 3) 9. You______not read those magazines. A. like B. would rather C. prefer D. had better 2 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017  had better not + Vo: không nên 10. You think that he will help you doing your homework, _____? A. won’t he B. will he C. do you D. don’t you. (Câu hỏi đuôi với từ think + Chủ từ là “I”  chia theo chủ từ thứ 2 + Chủ từ không phải I  chia theo chủ từ thứ 1) 11. She is afraid of______. (Sau giới từ + V-ing/ Noun) A. watching horror films C. climbing up trees (xem phim kinh dị) B. to ride in busy streets D. A&C correct (leo cây) 12. They like Mathematics better ______. A. to English B. for English C. than English D. in English (So sánh hơn đi với “than”) 13. The match brought excitement to thousands of TV_____too. A. watchers C. viewers B. travelers (khán giả) D. crowds 14. Measles _____ sometimes a serious disease. (Bệnh sởi…..) A. was B. were C. are D. is  (Tên các căn bệnh/ đo lường/….+ Vsố ít) 15. A film is __________. 3 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 A. more shorter than a play B. more interesting than a play C. most funnier than a play D. weller than a play  So sánh hơn với “than” 16. I'm tired ______ such repeating work. A. to do B. by doing C. with doing D. of doing  be tired of + V-ing: mệt mỏi với 17. ________ help us see and hear things happening on the other side of the earth. A. Satellites (vệ tinh) B. Stars (Ngôi sao) C. Flights (chuyến bay) D. Events (Sự kiện) 18. You don’t want another cake, ______ ? A. do you B. isn’t it C. will you D. don’t you  Câu hỏi đuôi: you don’t  do you. 19. I did __________________. A. me best to win for our class B. my best to winning for our class C. his best to win for our class D. my best to win for our class  Tôi nỗ lực hết sức để mang lại thắng lợi cho lớp tôi. 20. You don't need to start _______. A. neither B. yet (chưa) C. too D. so 4 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 21. She has seen____________. A. many tables made of wood B. many knives made from steel C. many cakes made of flour, eggs, butter, sugar D. many cars made from Japan - Make from: thay đổi chất liệu khi chế biến. - Make of: giữ nguyên chất liệu khi chế biến. 22. Paul spends much time _____games every day. (spend + V-ing) A. to play B. playing C. plays D. play 23. Peter is not old enough ________ there. (adj + enough + to Vo) A. working B. work C. to work D. to be work 24. Don't drink so much beer. It’s harmful_____your stomach. A. on B. to C. for D. of Be harmful to: có hại tới 25. My sister has complained about her teeth ________. A. for last week B. for several days C. since next week D. in several days Thì hiện tại hoàn thành với: - since+ mốc thời gian - for + khoảng thời gian. 5 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 26. She's not sure where she may go for summer holidays. _____the end, she decides to stay at home. A. at B. in (in the end: rốt cuộc) C. on D. into 27. Must the decaying tooth come out? _________. A. Yes, it must B. No, it mustn't C. No, it needn't D. A and C are correct 28. My uncle will go to Ho Chi Minh city_____ the end of this month. A. onto B. in C. on D. at (at the end of …: cuối của..) 29. Do you enjoy ______ a computer? A. use B. to use C. using D. being use  Enjoy + V-ing. 30. Let's go to the beach for summer holiday,________ ? A. shall we B. don’t we C. will we D. do we. (Câu hỏi đuôi: có “Let’s”  shall we) 31. The young man _____a phone call. (make a phone call: gọi điện thoại) A. made B. did C. brought C. held 32. He met his wife_____ a party. A. on B. by 6 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] C. at Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 C. in At the party: tại buổi tiệc. 33.He often goes ______ every morning. A. swimmer B. swim C. go swimming D. swimming (go +V-ing: chỉ hoạt động: go swimming, go shopping, go hiking…) 34. Jack and his friends are talking to_______. A. everybody B. both C. one another D. everyday Jack và bạn anh ta đang nói chuyện với nhau. 35. Because they don't have enough money to buy a bigger house, they must make up their _____here. A. minds to staying B. minds to stay C. mind staying D. mind to stay  their +Nsô nhiều  minds to stay 36. She has a_____bill. A. fifty-cents B. fifty-cent C. fifty cent D. fifties cent  Fifty-cent là adj, khi có dấu gạch nối không được thêm s  a fifty-cent bill 37. Daisy has been a teacher______three years. A. for B. since C. in D. about Thì hiện tại hoàn thành với: - since (từ) + mốc thời gian 7 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 - for (khoảng, được) + khoảng thời gian. 38. Everybody was surprised____the news. A. with B. at C. by D. B&C are correct Be surprised at/with sth: ngạc nhiên. 39. Shall we ring ____ a taxi? Ring for: gọi taxi A. for B. after C. to D. up 40. This dress is too small_____me. (too + adj + to + Vo) A. for B. with C. to D. by 41. He lives _____ Hoang Dieu street. ( on the street: trên đường) A. on B. at C. by D. in 42. If Daisy gets up early, she_____time for breakfast. A. has B. will have C. having D. have Câu điều kiện loại 1: If +S +Hiện tại đơn, S’ + will + Vo) 43. Peter is 37 years old, but he still lives _____his parents. A. at C. with B. by (với) D. on 8 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 44. This girl is clever ____ to make fine things from paper. A. rather B. enough: đủ (adj +enough +to Vo) C. more D. too 45. Mr. Young is not only healthy_____also cheerful. A. and B. both C. but D. with Not only  but also. 46. He was delighted______the show. (Be delighted with: vui mừng với) A. of B. to C. with D. on 47. Peter is not proud____what he did. (Proud of: tự hào.) A. of B. with C. on D. from 48. Her show was quite different_____what I expected. A. from B. to C. with D. A&B are correct  Different from: khác với. 49. Don't eat sweets, they're bad______your teeth. A. to B. of C. with D. for (be bad for: có hại cho) 50. Jane ____ to Hanoi three times this year. A. has been B. have been 9 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] C. went Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 D. has gone Phân biệt has been và has gone - Has been: đi và đã trở về - Has gone: đi mà chưa về. 51. Would you like a piece of cake _____ your coffee? A. with (với) B. to C. for D. of 52. I'm afraid there isn't enough _____ in the car for everyone. A. space B. room (chỗ ngồi) C. places D. vacancy 53. _____ beautiful collection of coins you have! A. What B. How C. What a D. How is Cấu trúc câu cảm thán. - What (a/an) + adj + N + S + V! - How adj + V + S! 54. My father_____three years ago. A. gave up smoking (bỏ hút thuốc) B. gave to smoking C. gave with smoking D. gave to smoking 55. Do you mind if I turn on the radio? _________. A. Yes, of course B. No, of course not (Không phiền tí nào) C. No, thank you D. No, I can manage 56. The train_____to Rome before I arrived. 10 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 A. had left B. left C. will leave D. has left  Thì quá khứ hoàn thành: + Hành động xảy ra trước: quá khứ hoàn thành. + Hành động xảy ra sau: quá khứ đơn. 57. He has got a very good_____with that company. A. work B. profession C. job (N đếm được: nghề) 58. D. career A football match is divided into two______. A. times B. match C. sections D. halves (hiệp) 59. The_____from Nha Trang to Da Lat was very interesting. It was almost unforgettable for me. A. travel B. crossing C. journey (chuyến đi) 60. D. tour I am_____my wife to drive. A. learning B. teaching C. showing D. explaining 61. Parents often make sacrifices____their children may receive a good education. A. so that B. because C. for D. with SO that (Để mà) .+ S +V 62. They ____us some new magazines and books if they _________ 11 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 A. bring / come B. bring / will come C. would bring / had come D. will bring / come Câu điều kiện loại 1: If +S +Hiện tại đơn, S’ + will + Vo) 63. The class discussion was short; _____, we gained some new knowledge from it. A. however (tuy nhiên) B. moreover C. although D. therefore 64. They _____ on a camping trip next week. A. will be going C. were going B. would be going D. are going Next week  tương lai đơn. 65. The more paper we save, ______ preserved. A. more is wood pulp B. the more wood pulp is C. wood pulp is D. the much wood pulp is So sánh càng … càng Cấu trúc: the more + Noun + S + V, the more + Noun + S + V. 66. The circus shows are______exciting that the whole family enjoy them. A. so B. very C. too D. such  Cấu trúc so + adj…that: quá..đến nỗi mà. 67. His girlfriend stayed_____ A. in B. on C. at D. for the farm alone for two weeks. On the farm: nông trại. 12 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] 68. Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 He_____the door, gets into the room and sits down. A. locks B. unlocks (mở khóa) C. locked D. broke  Anh ta mở khóa cửa, đi vào phòng và ngồi xuống. 69. Lan has to look ____her sister tonight because her mother is absent. A. at B. after (look after: chăm sóc) C. for D. up 70. I don't know ___________ A. how much she bought that book? B. what she is name's C. when began the story. D. what he thought about the discussion. What + S + V + O: mệnh đề danh ngữ. 71. My children are looking forward _____ Christmas. A. with B. to (look forward to: mong đợi) C. against D. for 72. I will fix your bicycle if I_____a screwdriver of the proper size. A. shall have B. had C. have D. will have Câu điều kiên loại 1. 73. Mother's Day is the day when children show their_____to their mothers. A. uniforms B. love (tình yêu) C. solidarity D. spirit 13 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017  Ngày của mẹ là ngày những đứa con bày tỏ tình yêu đối với mẹ. 74. Mary asked her mother _____ her more about the fairy story. A. tell B. told C. to be told D. to tell (Câu mệnh lệnh gián tiếp S + tell /ask.. + O + (not) to + Vo...) 75. At seven o'clock last night I_______to the radio. A. was listening B. were listening C. has listened D. listened At seven o'clock last night  Thì quá khứ tiếp diễn  was/ were +V-ing 76. I haven't had______ an enjoyable evening for months. A. such B. so C. much D. very  Such + (a/an) + adj + Noun. 77. I'm really longing _____ the Tet holidays. A. for B. after C. to D. on  Long for: mong chờ. 78. Janet was_____ clever that she could make a dress by hands. A. much B. very C. so D. such  So + adj + that S V O: quá..đến nỗi mà…. 79. The librarian told the students not library. _____ reference books out of the 14 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 A. taking B. to take C. takes D. take (Câu mệnh lệnh gián tiếp S + tell /ask.. + O + (not) to + Vo...) 80. Most of the civil servants are _____to pass the entry examination into the national civil service. A. enough good B. good enough (adj + enough) C. too good D. very good Hầu hết những công chức đủ giỏi để vượt qua kì thi đầu vào thi tuyển công chức nhà nước. 81. Civil servants won’t leave their offices ______ 5 p.m. A. until B. to C. than D. in Phủ định… until: đến khi. 82. These piles of books are ____ cleaner than the others. A. as B. very C. so D. much Much + so sánh hơn: để nhấn mạnh. 83. Do you enjoy______ legal documents? A. to read B. read C. being read D. reading (enjoy + V-ing) 84. She is _____ a cadres nor an architect, she is a public employee. A. nor B. neither (neither…..nor: không….không) C. either D. both 15 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] 85. The man Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 ______ a blue shirt is my brother. A. making B. having C. taking on D. wearing (mặc) 86. Steven gave you the book yesterday,_____? A. did he B. didn’t he C. did Steven D. did’t Steven (Câu hỏi đuôi) 87. The movie “Me before you” was _____for her to see again and again. A. too interesting B. enough interesting C. interesting enough D. more interesting enough (adj + enough) 88. The more we study, the _______ we are. A. more good B. good C. well D. better So sánh càng càng như câu 65. 89. I _____________ a letter from my family yet since I came here. A. haven’t received B. didn’t receive C. won’t receive D. don’t receive Since  hiện tại hoàn thành. 90. When it began to rain, my mother A. cooked B. was cooking C. had cooking D. were cooking ____ in the kitchen. Hành động ngắn: quá khứ đơn Hành động dài: quá khứ tiếp diễn. 16 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] 91. Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 She helped her mother _______ the house clean. A. keeping B. to keep C. keep D. B&C are correct Help + (O) + to V Help + (O)+ Vo 92. She couldn't find his number in the telephone _________. A. department B. director C. directory D. inquiry  Telephone directory: danh bạ điện thoại. 93. I wish I _____ last year. A. went to Dalat B. had gone to Dalat C. go to Dalat D. can go to Dalat Câu ao ước “wish”  S + wish + S’ + V2/were 94. Mary can't speak French. __________. A. Either can Peter B. Neither can't Pete C. Neither can Peter D. Peter can't neither Cấu trúc lối nói phụ họa: - S + trợ động từ(be) + not+ either - Neither + trợ động từ(be) + S Mary không thể nói tiếng Pháp. John cũng không biết nói. 95. They waited for a bus. ____ the end, they gave up and walked. A. At B. In (in the end: rốt cuộc) C. On D. By 17 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] 96. Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 How long will it________ you to get home from work? A. go B. need C. have D. take Take O + to V: chiếm …. 97. The _______ of a football team usually wears a colored armband. A. captain B. forward C. goalkeeper D. defender  Đội trưởng của đội bóng thường đeo băng tay màu. 98. Milk is used for _____ many products A. produce B. to make C. make D. making (giới từ +V-ing) 99. Tom wants to ______the army. A. go B. take C. join (tham gia) D. participate  John muốn nhập ngũ. 100. My uncle's house, ______is beside the lake, is very beautiful. A. who B. that C. which D. B&C are correct  Chọn C vì “that” có thể thay “which”, nhưng “that” không được dùng sau dấu phẩy. 101. The farmers are working _____the farm not______the field-in. A. in/ on C. at/ on B. on/ in D. on/ at 18 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 On đi với farm, in đi với field. 102. It was _____ a difficult question that they couldn't explain even in their mother-tounge language. A. so B. such (such a/ an + adj + Noun..that) C. very D. too 103. There are many ______for new immigrants in Australia. A. offices B. toilets C. uniforms (đồng phục) D. hostels (nhà nghỉ) 104. Thank you! It was very kind ____you to think about me. A. from B. to C. of D. with (It be kind of O..: thật tốt khi …) 105. This magazine is_____ once a month. A. issue B. published (xuất bản) C. sold D. fund 106. As _____, there weren’t many people at the meeting last week due to yearend workload. A. usual B. habitual C. average D. popular As usual: như thường lệ. 107. She is going to_____a reading. A. draw B. write C. listen D. copy (sao chép) 19 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641 [email protected] Tiếng Anh công chức Quảng Ngãi 2017 108. I need some _____before I can let you cash this cheque. A. identification (thẻ căn cước, CMND) B. evidence C. questionnaire D. temperature 109. If I ____you, I wouldn't take him to the exhibition. A. was B. am C. were D. like Câu điều kiện loại 2: If S +V2/ were…., S + would (not) + Vo. 110. The client wants to buy some vegetables. I show him the way to the ____. A. grocer's B. greengrocer's (quầy bán rau) C. sweet shop D. pharmacy (quầy thuốc tây) 111. Miss White would answer the phone if she ______ in the living-room. A. was B. has been C. were D. to be 112. People will laugh _____ you if you wear that silly hat. A. at (laugh at: cười..) C. in B. for D. of 113. His father warned that this pool was_____ to swim in. A. so shallow that B. too shallow to (quá sâu) C. such shallow to D. shallow enough to (too + adj + to Vo: quá…..không thể.) 114. It seemed a long day, but _____ it came to an end. A. last B. first 20 http://xemtailieu.com/user/anhtuannguyen243641
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