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BO GIAO DUC VA DAO TAO Hodng Van Vdn (Tdng Chti bi6n), Phon Hd'(Ch0 bien) D6 Th; Ngec Hidn, Doo Nggc LQc, Truong Thi Ngq. Minh, Nguy6n Qudc Tudn V6i su cOng t6c,c0o Ken Wilson TAP MOT (Sdch c6 kcm CO) I Tom .,,,.,,,,..,,..,,,,,..",,.,y Tidng Anh 5 - Tqp 1 Loi n6i ddu tidng Anh Mgt do Nhi xudt bin Giiio duc Vi6t Nam td chrlc bi6n soan theo Chtrong tr)nh thf Cfidm Ti6ng Anh tidu hoc do Bo GiSo duc vi Dio tqo ban hinh, vdi sr.I hop tdc chat ch6 vd chuyen m6n vir ki thuat c0a Nha xudt b6n Macmillan (MPC). SSch drroc bi6n soan theo cfudng huong giao ti6p, girip hoc sinh buoc ddu hinh thirnh vir phdt tridn ning luc aiao ti6p bing ti6ng Anh, th6ng qua b6n kT nang nghe, n6i, doc v) vi6t, trong do rlu ti6n phdt tridn hai kI 5, Tgp ning nghe vir n6i. Tidng Anh 5, Tqp Mgt xoay quanh hai chi cfidm giao ti6p gdn g0i voi hoc sinh: Me ond My Friends, Me and My School. M6i ch0 cfi6m dugc chia thlnh ndm don vi bii hoc (Unit) tuong fng voi n5m ch0 dd c0a chr.long trlnh. Sau nim cfon vi bdi hoc li mot bii 6n (Review) tQp trung vdo 6n tQp vd c0ng c6 c5c kT ndng giao ti6p (nghe, n6i, doc, vi6t) vi ki6n thrlc ng6n ngr.t co b6n (ngrr 6m, til v{ng, ngLI phdp). Tidng Anh 5,T6p MQt CfrIo. c bi6n soan dua trdn nhrrng co sd lf lu6n v) thr"rc ti€n c0a viQc dqy vi hoc ti6ng Anh ti6u hoc dVi6t Nam, co tinh ddn t6m li ltla tudi vi giao lrru qu6c t5. Cac tac Ai6 rdt mong nhAn cfrroc nhrlng 1i kidn d6ng g6p cOa c6c nha gi5o, phu huynh hoc sinh vd Cf6ng d5o ban doc quan tdm Cfd sdch dtloc holn thi6n hon. Ciic tiic ai6 Ldi noi ddu 4 Competences , Sentence Patterns " Vocabulary address? o What's your address? It's... address, lane, tower, like, quiet, o What's the ... like? It's... crowded, pretty Asking and answering questions about what : o questions about someone's address Pronunciation Word stress 'city 'village 'mountains 'tower a village/town/city is like prg ,1.2., : H it'dri['a'r#u o Asking and answering . questions about sorneone's daily routine r What do you do...? I always/usua llyloften How often ...? I ... every daylonce/twice Asking and answering questions about a brush teeth, do morning exercise, always, usually, ... Word stress 'always 'usually 'often 'sometimes often, sometimes, once, twice, partner, project ... week/a month. Page 18 Asking and answering questions about past holidays Where did you go on holiday? Asking and answering questions about means of I I went to ... How did you get there? went by... island, ancient Word stress town, imperial city, underground, motorbike, coach, get 'motorbike 'underground 'holiday 'family ;t":. Asking and answerinS . whether questions about someone did something o Asking and answering ii.i,ii:ilj'ii., tit,: r.tl:"ri,, ;'.'l:, : Did you...? enjoy, join, funfair, Word stress did./No, I didn't. What did you do at the party? chat, cartoon, post simple of irregular 'party t... verbs: did, had, ate, went, sang Yes, I questions about what lrr;.,ti',r i.n.:,;.i;ririi,.,,ii.i..., o Asking and answering questions about where someone will be Where willyou be ...? Ithink l'll be... o What willyou do...? think l'll ... I don't know. I may... Asking and answering questions about what someone will do F.aEE24 I will, think, may, 'sunday enJoyed in'vite Pagiso build sandcastles, Word stress 'seaside 'islands on, in, at, by 'countryside explore, cave, boat, Page 36 TiSng Anh 5 - TQp 1 ' ti Competences Ufiit6'.,How a l,l . o o How do you practise ...? Asking and answering questions about how someone learns English I . Asking and answering questions about the importance of learning ... Why do you learn English? Because I want to ... speak, listen, 'How do you 'practise write, read, email, short 'speaking? story, practise, I'speak'English'every'day. foreign 'Why do you 'learn 'English? Be'cause I 'want to'sing 'English 'songs. English "Ufilt r I illl?il afeiyou'readi'ngpii '' , ': ii o What are you reading? l'm reading... o What's... like? Asking and answering questions about what story/book someone is reading o -r':r.:r.itir He's/She's ... Asking and answering questions about what the character in a story is like names of book/ r r animals . Asking and answering questions about what animals did in the zoo 'What are you 'reading? l'm 'reading The'Fox and the'Crow. 'What's 'Snow 'White 'like? hard-working, clever, gentle, generous, funny, fairy tale aidiy.a,u 'ati.tfiffid Asking and answering questions about rn a zoo Sentence stress sroriet kind, She's'kind. i What did you see at the :python, Sentence stress zoo? peacock, gorilla, roar, ' 'When did you 'go to the 'zoo? | 'went there 'yesterday. I saw... o What did the... do when you were there? They... move, panda, quietly, loudly, slowly, 'What did the'tigers'do when you were'there? They'roared 'loudly. beautifully uni-t-t tffheh will,sports Day,,bc,?.i..iili Asking and answering questions about school events Asking and answering questions about what someone is going to do/ play on Sports Day l When will... be? It',ll be on ... What are you going to do on Sports Day? l'm going to... singing contest, lndepe.ndence Day, table tennrs 'When will'Sports'Day'be? lt,ll be on 'Saturday. ' 'What are you 'going to 'do on 'Sports''Day-? ,going to'play'football. l,m Book Mop mffi 'Wl S -'t'iflllt'i"iffi Unit t.i i.l.ii'l 1 ftffi*Ew# O t Look, listen and repeat. Hi, Nom! Nice to see gou ogoin. @@W Hello, Trung. Nice to meet gou. Hi, Mqi. Nice to see gou, too. Moi, this is Trung. He's o new pupil in our closs. It's Tron Hung Doo Street. Where do gou live? iw qffi I'm from Do Nong. But now I live . yt!1t! _grondpqrents @ Point and say in Ho Noi. W !'w t,# 81, ffi ffi I live in Flot 18 on the second floor of Ho Noi Tower. g ^t Whot's gour oddress? \ ,/,,2 T+r^ It's I 105, Hoa Lane i Binh 97, Village Road Street *6 'fu, Ti6ng Anh 5 75, Hai BaTrung - TQp I Flat 8, second floor, City Tower -,:t:l O Ler s r?rK. rg Ask and answer questions about addresses. Where or€ Uou from? I'm from Whot's gour oddress? It's Where do gou live? @ Listen and complete. @ -W Linda: 2.Tony: __ *_ , High Street 1. "-*"*-_-___*, Green Lane 3. Peter: 765, of City Tower 4. Tom: O Read and complete. ffi -W street address lives from @ Let's sing. -r# W% W o Trung is a new pupil in Class 58. He is (1) Da Nang. Now he (2) with his grandparents in Ha Noi. His (3) - _ **,-:_ is 81, Tran Hung Dao (4) Hoan Kiem District. $* h d' ---*:, The wheals on the bus *The whaels go on the bus round and round, Round and round. round and round. The wheels on ths bus go round and round all day long. .A r Tha bails on the bus go ding, ding, ding, Drng, ding, ding, ding, ding,ding. The bells on tha bus go ding, ding,ding all day long. The vtheels on the bus go round and round, Round and round, round and round. Thre wheels on the bus go round and round All day long, all day long, all day long. # i,), Unit I oU, Whot's your oddress? *7 .A a - *ffi#wffi& O Look, listen and repeat. @@W Whot's gour hometown,frung? Oh,I lihe Do Nong. Did gou live in the citg? No, I didn't. I lived in o villoge in the mountoins. O Point and say. W Whot's the Yes, g like? I thinh so. - - village/far and quiet city'big and busy town/large island/small and Pretty and crowded o Let's talk. % Ask and answer questions about where you live. Where do gou live? Whqt's it lihe? Who do gou live with? Wa, Ti6ng Anh 5 - Tqp 1 I live It',s @ Listen and circle a or b. @g a. pretty and quiet village 1. Tom lives in a b. pretty and busy town 2. Tony's city a. crowded and busy is b. large and busy 3. Peter's town a. big and crowded is b. small and busy a. big and busy city 4. Linda lives in a b. small and busy ciry () write ffi. rffi ffi: {rffi sffi about you. W 1. What's your address? 2. What's your hometown like? rye 3. Who do you live with? ,E*" t @(* *+* tr, 4. Do you like living there? Why?lWhy not? # i O Let's play.Xk Spot WW ww ',ww the differenee {t,it ,il-cnr , leni tttir -., ,i i# Unit l Whot's your oddress? ffi& O Listen and repeat. I i.--------r-----clty I i. i---lyiths-"-rl i rl I @ W Linda lives in a'city. My best friend lives in a 'village. - I live in the 'mountains. mountarns He lives in a tall and quiet 'tower. tower @ Listen and circle a or b. Then say the sentences aloud. @ g @ '''* 1. Linda lives in a big 'lr; a. countF/ l-ffi ;'ffi a. countryside 2. They live in the b. city b. mountains 3. We live in Binh Minh b. Town O Let's chant. h\ to"a Vhere do you live? \r/hera do you live? I liva in Quang Trung Straet. Where do you live? I live in Green Avenua. Vhsra do you live? I liva in Grean Tower. \ry'hat's Green Towar like? It's tall and quiat. Vhat's your flat like? It's big and pretty. i, ti& 410 Tidng Anh 5 - Tsp 1 @ Read and tick Yes (Y) or No (N) ffi Trung lives with his grandparents in Ha Noi. His Y 1. Trung lives with his parents in Ha Noi. 2. He lives in a tower. 3. His flat is far from the city centre. 4. His new school is near his home. 5. Trung likes his new home. address is 81, Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi. The family lives on the fourth floor of Ha Noi Tower. Their flat is big and modern. lt has a fine view. Trung likes the new place because Y N ii tl t: rl i""^t tl, t",^,",,.,,",1 il l"-.1 t" liri !,, ; ti l1 it is in the city centre and near his new school. G) write 1. about your friend. W What's his/her 3. What's his/her name? 2. Where is he/she from? address? 4. Who does he/she live with? 5. What's his/her home A rrofect like? 6. Does he/she like his/her hometown? Why?/Why not? lF-+ h*)\ Draw a house and write its address. O c"lour the stars. # r** Now I can ... . ask and answer questions about addresses . . . and hometowns. listen to and understand texts about addresses and hometowns. read and understand texts about addresses and hometowns. write about my friend's address and hometown. Unit 'l Who/s *** *** *** your oddress? W, ""1 -,,.,, , 1 ffif o Look, listen and repeat. Hi, Quonl You're up eorlg! @O @ W Me too. ffi I get up eorlg ond I olwogs hove o big breolefost before I go to school. Hi, TomlYes, I olwogs get up eorlg. How j obout gou? Whot do gou do in I I the ofternoon? l After school? I usuollg do mg homeworh, @ Polnt ano sodoLAndI I JVUVr,r\ttu! - often tollt with friends online. I con say . .* ,*' see thot. Ho ho! oo, b -L"i--r r " L*; ,^J" ,'- morning/usually. do mornrnS exercrse o{-r t %1 ," afternoon/often cool< dinner yi,^''w Wli 12 Ti6ns Anh 5 - TQp 1 ! N. .NSNN evening/sometimes watch TV lt. 'i O ..rr, i :i r-,,i'r, iiri 1,,i. ii ir,,,il.ifl Lef, s r?rK. ,i,.ii..i.i,rr.ifl Hirri rer Ask and answer questions about your daily routines. Whot do gou do in the morninglofternoon/evening? I olwogs/usuol g/often/sometimes I @ Listen and tick. @ {fl lr*,tr&.trA i=Mbtrfu ,.m"'' :tr*;# .E## iffibnffi.rm O Read and complete. ffi -W lt-[9 9q rv . p-l"e),. y.:y{lr ;'.;;,;,"o*,,-;;,.;;;;*;'","'..n,(1)-l .:.'-,..nl.l-lynamelSl\am.trveD/mornlnt,lte[uPearly.l\l)-i mornrng exercise, have breakfast and then go to school. After school, '""=:i |(2)-dohomeworkwithmyclassmates.Thenloften8otoi football. In the evening, I sometimes fii the sports centre and (3) | (5) watching films after dinner. i;..**- watch (4) "--. .i () \N $ ,IT @J Let's sing. r"This is tha \n/ay \^/6 do thingu This is the way wz brush our taatlt Brush our taeth, brush our taeth. This is the way wa brush our teetlu So aarly in tha morning. \1 s d tt lhls ls the way wa wash our face, , L- . So early in tha morning. ,/"'ffk"."i lt lf twU , j *ll is tfia way we e*. orr food, Eat our food, zat our food. This is tfie way we eat. our food, . So early in the morning. ,."i.-1.:r'" This Unii 2 I olwoys get up eorly. How obout you? Wilrfl! trffi'**M& O Look, listen and repeat. @ @ ffi Whot or€ Uou looking for? Whot ore Uou doing, Lindo? I'm surfing the Internet. Whot leind of informotion ore gou loohing for? ! It's for mg English project. O Point and say. W 'Let's talk. How often do gou i come to tne tiuroruz.] l. { Once o weeh. Shl I'm busg, g study with a partner/every day go to the library/ once a week go fishing/ once a month ride a bicycle to school/twice a week / aa \ ':6 Ask and answer questions about your daily routines. Whqt do gou do in the morning/ ofternoon/evening? r U How often do gou go to the cinemo/ go swimminglsurf the Interhet? '&; ll Tidns Anh 5 - Tqp I I olwogs/usuolly ,., OncefTwirc q' we€h/month. I ii' @ Listen and number. @ 'ilW WWffiYT"'ryTTT] atr () Write about your daily routiner. ,W 1. What do you do in the morning? 2. What do you do in the afternoon? 3. Do you go to bed early in the evening? 4. How often do you watch TV? @ Let's play.ffi Do the crossword puzzle. ffi=lt ffi."t ,TffiJ, ; ,m'*K ffiffi*r "flffi, I Unit I 2 I olwoys get up eorly. How obout you? w, trN#m O Listen and repeat. @W 'always | 'always get up early. 'usually I 'usually have dinner at home. I 'often go to bed early. I 'sometimes go swimming on Sundays. @ Listen and circle a or b. Then say the sentences aloud. @ g @ 1. to to bed early r b. sometimes a. always plays football after 2.He a. 411 school. s; '1 '{a sometimes b. often goes shopping on Sundays. {|t 3. She .:==:::7:: b. always a. usually go camping at the weekend. /i/ 4. We a. often @ l"t's chant. S \ilhat do you do in the morning? Vhat do you do in the morning? I always brush my taath. What do you do aftar gatttng up? I usually go to school. How often do you go to tha library? I go tfiare once aweeK How often do you play computer gamas? I play them ev"ry weeU ,ti, :ll& W, 16 Tt6ng Anh 5 - Tqp 1 @ Read and ans*"r. ffi @ Hoa's Day ln the morning, Hoa gets up early. She usually goes jogging. After breakfast, she rides her bicycle to school. After school, she usually does her homework. Then she often plays badminton and sometimes cooks dinner. ln the evening, { sometimes watches TV. She watches English for Kids once a week. She usual$rgoes to bed'ear:ly, she She goes shopping twice a week. i.,li:i:.ii:i: i ':r:!r'ij lr:' :i' What does Hoa do in the morning? 2. What does she do after school? 3. What TV programme does she watch once a week? 4. How often does she go shopping? G) write about your day. W My name is ln the morning, I always ln the afternoon, I usually ln the evening, ! a week. I () ProlectS lnterview two of your classmates about their daily routines. O c"rour Ene srars. 'i Now I can ... . ?sk and answer questions about daily routines. . listen to and understand texts about daily routines. . read and understand texts about daily routines. . write about my day. 2. TIENG ANH 5/1 - SHS Unit * * * * * * * * * * * * 2 I olwoys get up eorly. How obout you? Wffi,Yfi ffi**Mt O Look, listen and repeat. @6 @ W Where did gou go? 1 x I b]h #r r{l I went to Ho Long Bog. fi &r I went on o trip 3r with mg fomilg. {" Whot obout gou? Where did gou go? Whot wqs the trip lihe? @ It wos reollg nice. Point apd say. W I went to Ho Chi Minh Citg. @ Where did gou go on holidog? Ha Long Bay Wffi*:: Tidng Anh 5 - Phu Quoc lsland TQp 1 Hoi An AncientTown Hue lmperial City fr ,.r***rr**ril**r* 1.; x. i' .} t. O .+,xi+, Lef, s t?rK. --s Ir,tffi Ask and answer questions about your holidays. ,t" , ,' Where were Uou on holidoy? , f,wgs I went to : f{. g$fig:'.'..r...:'r' !t/,hqt was the trip lihe? @ Listen and match. @ @ 4 3 G) Read and match. 1. m@ Where were you last summer? go? 3. What did you do? 4. What was the trip like? 2. Where did you trip. b. lt's a photo of my trip. a. I took a boat -., .,j , c. I was at the seaside. d. I went 5. What's that? O Let's play.ffi to Phu Quoc Island. Find someone who ... Find someone who went to the seoside lost summ€r. 3 Where did you go on holidoy? ;i 1i: e. lt was great. Unit .l W" , trffi**wtr& O Look, listen and repeat. @@W I aow aia vou get tn1::: ) )_.._: . WM1'ffi* 1-- I went to mg hometown in Hoo Binh Province. Where did gou go on holidog, Phong? I went bg cooch. Whot obout gou, Tong? Where did gou go? O I went boch to Austrolio. Point and say. W @ How did uou qet there? --:J \\ \ I went I went bg plone. uu "@ t underground motorbike @{-er's alk. -q Ask and answer questions about how you get to different places. \n/here w€r€ gou on holidag?/ \dhere did gou go?' lflo* v.& W, 20 TiSng Anh 5 TQp I wos .-- **.lI went to l JiA uou get the - I I went bV -. -.
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