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Tài liệu Tuyển chọn 1000 bài tập chuyên đề viết lại câu tiếng anh (có đáp án)


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TỦ SÁCH LUYỆN THI TUYỂN CHỌN 1000 BÀI TẬP CHUYÊN ĐỀ VIẾT LẠI CÂU CÓ ĐÁP ÁN Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Don’t act fast, you might make a mistake. She could not answer the merchants in their own language. We were asking ourselves if they were really there. Don’t you think we should ask the price? We can’t buy the house because the down payment is so high. She is not a young woman which is not important because her admirers find her ageless. 7. It is really difficult to control the increase of vandalism. 8. Vandals are often youngsters who have done poorly in school and want to take revenge on the administration and the teachers of the schools. 9. The vandals spoil the appearance of the walls and break the windows. 10. I think I should take a coat. 11. Paul won’t try because he’s afraid of failing. 12. They were successful in their affairs for a time. 13. It is not important who you are because you are expected to obey the law. 14. He feels stupid by comparison because his brothers are very bright. 15. When the great leader died and they were left on their own, they began to lose their conquests. 16. The scientists said that Voyager would reach Jupiter in March, and it did. 17. She did it because she was kind. 18. Your brother is young, but he has enough experience for the job. 19. Everything was covered with gold paint except two very small holes. 20. Washington’s example strengthened his soldiers’determination. 21. That noise is making people deaf. 22. People ask questions either because they are curious or bored. 23. My friends are proud of their sons, but they don’t talk about them. 24. Only a mother buffalo finds baby buffalos pretty. 25. It is impossible to please everybody. 26. The offenders are determined to do better. 27. Peter has been arrested twice for careless driving. He has decided to be more careful. 28. Even if you are noticed, your eagerness will be helpful to you. 29. Be certain that your clothes are clean and well pressed. 30. Joan tried to explain her ideas, but she could not convince her father. HASTE ABLE WONDERING HAD BETTER SO … THAT NO MATTER RISING TIDE GET EVEN DEFACE HAD BETTER SO … THAT DID WELL NO MATTER SUCH IN CHARGE OF ACCORDING OUT OF DESPITE WITH THE … STRONGER DEAFENING OUT OF IN SPITE IT TAKES … THERE IS … BENT ON HAVING YOUR FAVOUR MAKE SURE DESPITE 31. The judge listened to their story in silence. He decided to give them a lecture. 32. There’s a teacher’s meeting tomorrow; several classes are cancelled. 33. The boys promised to behave in the future. They were allowed to go home. 34. The director has a good opinion of people who are early. 35. The boys had nothing to do that evening. They thought it would be fun to smash some windows. 36. The meeting will take place in his office. 37. Until now women’s vote has not made much difference. 38. He smoked a cigarette. At the same time he waited for the manager. 39. Employers prefer to hire younger people. That’s the truth. 40. They can make a mistake if they don’t know the people’s origins. 41. Sometimes, manners are related to national customs. 42. He said that his shyness prevented him from behaving well in society. 43. He shaved his beard to please his wife. 44. George always helped his father in the store. 45. Do you ever think that geology is a very interesting field? 46. Perhaps I can persuade you to study. 47. How can I compensate for my mistake? 48. We felt like going out last night. 49. That book deserves to be read. 50. Supposedly, oil can be extracted from a rock called shale. 51. The operation is far from simple. 52. Most people are impressed and afraid of nuclear energy. 53. He only went to the concert because Mary wanted him to. 54. Your contract says that you are to be here by nine every day. 55. He looks exactly like his father. 56. His arrival was completely unexpected. 57. I’ll be unable to keep my appointment with Mr Marshall. 58. If I’d been Jane, I wouldn’t have told Andrew about the car accident. 59. The stories James tells about his war experiences are quite incredible. 60. It’s no use asking Mrs. Carrouthers to sing at the concert, she’s going away. 61. We shouldn’t consider the other theories. 62. I knew he was our man the moment I saw him. 63. My brother speaks French well. 64. The flags were sold to help the blind. 65. Let me know as soon as you have any news. 66. I advise you not to believe what you read in the papers THE JUDGE WHO DUE TO ONCE VERY HIGHLY SINCE IS SO FAR, WHILE THE FACT AWARE A MATTER OF KEPT SHAVING A HAND OCCUR TALK … INTO MAKE UP MOOD WORTH THEORY NOT AT ALL AWE PLEASE UNDER IMAGE TOOK CANCEL PLACE BEYOND THERE’S WORTH SET EYES COMMAND AID THE MINUTE about me. 67. We missed the bus because we had overslept. 68. They continued to suggest that I was lying. 69. Both children and adults will enjoy this game. 70. Tax contributes to the cost of local services. 71. The milkman appears to be running away from your fierce dog. 72. I find his clothes the most irritating thing about him. 73. The discovery of how to light fires gave man a new control over his environment. 74. However friendly he seems, he’s not to be trusted. 75. The suitcase was extremely heavy but he managed to lift it. 76. This must be true so we should inform the President. 77. He will come. It is in his own interest. 78. Although I was told that I would be unhappy I married him. 79. Mr Smith won’t attend the meeting. 80. Although they are poor they can afford beer. 81. She answered the policeman’s questions as accurately as she could. 82. Romantic love must be present, or the marriage will seem insincere. 83. What I like about him is his honesty. 84. We were late because we missed the train. 85. She said I was a liar. 86. To be fair to him, I don’t think he really meant to deceive you. 87. The cook is brilliant but knows nothing about French sauces. 88. A mistake of this kind could cause the wrong person to be arrested. 89. The company may well make a profit next year. 90. I seldom go to pop concerts. 91. This matter is too serious to be dealt with hurriedly. 92. Don’t repeat this to anyone, but Jones has been sacked. 93. How do you feel about capital punishment? 94. I can’t believe the Prime Minister really means to resign. 95. My knowledge of medieval art is very limited. 96. It is impossible to prove that Louis was in the flat on the night of the murder. 97. The value of this Spanish coin is about 200 pounds. 98. The raising of the school-leaving age has resulted in unforeseen difficulties. 99. Do you agree with the Council’s plans to widen the High Street? 100. As these are your conditions, I have no choice but to abide by them. 101. It’s curious that he didn’t mention it to me. 102. We had not expected that we should encounter so much difficulty in finding the place. RELY CONSEQUENCE PERSISTED ALIKE PAID AS IF / THOUGH WHAT ABLE THOUGH DESPITE IF BOUND IN SPITE UNDER THOUGH ACCURATE OTHERWISE MORE THAN THROUGH ACCUSED JUSTICE AS / THOUGH RESULT IN SURPRISING ONLY ON … A MATTER LET WHAT ARE … I FIND … I DON’T … EVIDENCE WORTH ARISING AGREEMENT BEING ENOUGH UNEXPECTEDLY 103. Although Samson was very strong, he perished at the hands of his enemies. 104. That she was a duchess made a great impact on the boy’s family. 105. The problem was tricky enough to challenge the minds of the best scientists. 106. Whatever your opinion on vivisection, you must admit that it helps to save human lives. 107. People who cannot bear with a little inconvenience should never enter the state of matrimony. 108. If anybody broke into the house, the alarm would go off automatically. 109. It’s time for the commission to reach an agreement. 110. There must be few people so ignorant of the past as he is. 111. Hardly anybody failed to attend the meeting. 112. He had never before addressed such a large crowd. 113. I shall consider this matter seriously. 114. Few people would agree with you. 115. He threatened to resign if they did not give him a rise. 116. It was only after I had read the last sentence that I realized how important the letter was. 117. I wrote the announcement in large black letters because I wanted everyone to notice it. 118. Your arguments have had very little influence on him. 119. He did not start speaking until the whole class was attending to him. 120. I followed the doctors’s orders exactly. 121. She had two candles ready on the table as there might be a power cut. 122. His rapid recovery was due to silled medical attention. 123. This door may be used only in an emergency. 124. He has been speaking for three hours. 125. My anxiety was quite unnecessary. 126. He had complete confidence in his ability to deal with the matter. 127. He completed the novel only after five years. 128. The explorers meant to follow the river to its source. 129. My cat and my dog are on very friendly terms. 130. It looked like rain. 131. It’s getting late. We ought to go home. 132. The fortune-teller’s warning impressed the emperor far more than anyone would have expected. 133. Some problems are inevitable if you go to live in another country. 134. Whether he is worshipped or despised is all the same to me. 135. The police have told Bert that they believe it was he who FOR HER SO HOWEVER SUCH ANYBODY WHO… REACHED WHO THE MEETING … THE CROWD … I SHALL GIVE … THERE AREN’T … HE WARNED … NOT UNTIL … SO HE IS FAR FROM … HE WAITED … I DID LEST AS A RESULT … ONLY … IT IS … UNNECESSARILY SURE IT TOOK … AIM GET AS Giaoan dethitie nganh. HIGH TIME IMPRESSION BOUND DIFFERENCE 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. stole the car. At last I slipped a five-pound note into his hand and it was only then that he gave me the information. He has had to give up his legal practice because he is so often ill. Speaking personally, I could stay here for ever. For a moment she thought he was her long-lost husband. I don’t see why we must start so early. Washing in cold water is nothing unusual for him. He asked me if I thought it would be a good thing to buy the second hand car. The bell in the corridor should be rung if there is a fire. CASE He next said that there were, of course, exceptions. That’s not your business. He told me he was sorry he had lost his temper. Returning the same day would be senseless. He wasn’t at all annoyed by my criticism, which, he said, he found very helpful. This has nothing to do with the case we are considering. There is a danger that you will get a serious illness if you drink this water. How loudly he always speaks. Everybody must wear a seat belt. I have a strong feeling that he was involved in last month’s bank robbery. It was assumed that local residents had permission to use the path as a short cut. They haven’t enough time to cover the basic syllabus, least of all do background reading. In spite of his illness, he attended the memorial service. He was operated on many times. The performance was not so good as I had anticipated. I think it’s a great pity you didn’t tell me before. He has not only written the words of the songs but he has also set some of them to music. Please, change this pound note for me. I felt so full of self-pity that I could take little interest in life. Although there may be a bad storm later in the day, the fishing boats are all leaving the harbour. They will have completed the redecorating by next week and then we can use the room again immediately. She provided them with all they probably needed. If wages are increased too much, there will be further inflation. He behaved in such an extraordinary way that I wondered whether he was quite sane. CHARGED NOT UNTIL … REASON AS FAR AS … MISTOOK POINT USED WORTH WENT ON NOTHING APOLOGISED NO SENSE FAR FROM … DIFFERENT RUNNING WHAT COMPULSORY SUSPECT GRANTED LET ALONE ILL THOUGH … UNDERWENT CONTRARY I WISH … BESIDES I WONDER … SORRY IN SPITE … AS SOON PROVIDED FOR… TOO BIG SO … 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. … 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. I intend to take the day off tomorrow, whatever my boss’s opinion. Coffee prices are not likely to go up next month. The dog caught sight of the stranger sitting at a table and immediately started barking furiously. That child is always asking questions. Conditions in factories gradually got better. His inability to control his temper has made him many enemies. I don’t like that colour. All but three or four of these sentences have been easy to deal with. He plays the guitar, and he also writes songs. The town was too small to be marked on the map. My advice is: take the train. What a pity he didn’t spend more time revising. He started work as soon as the term had finished. I should have learnt French at school. They didn’t follow the map so they got lost. They ought to mend the roof. The coat was so expensive that I didn’t buy it. Your car wants cleaning. People are doing research into ways of curing cancer. The doctor asked me politely to wait outside. I expect that he will get there by lunchtime. His second attempt on the world record was successful. Helen can play the piano better than Elizabeth. What particularly impressed me was her excellent command of English. Giaoandet hitien ganh.info The result of the match was never in doubt. I’d rather we started at 7:00. There’ll be trouble if you do that again. The accident was not his fault. Most people know that Britain’s economy is heavily dependent on North Sea oil. I’d be grateful if you would check these accounts for me. It’s unlikely that the constructor will complete the work before February. The jumper you knitted for my daughter no longer fits her. Immediately after his arrival things went wrong. I applied for the job but I was turned down. The refugees continued to feel unsafe until they crossed the border. The students’s rioutous behaviour should have been severely punished. WHETHER LIKELIHOOD NO SOONER REST IMPROVEMENT FACT APPEAL EXCEPTION AS WELL AS … ENOUGH IF I … IF ONLY … NO SOONER I WISH … IF THEY … THE ROOF … TOO IT’S TIME … RESEARCH … “WOULD … I EXPECT HIM … HE BROKE … ELIZABETH … I AT NO TIME … PREFERENCE YOU’D BETTER … TO BLAME KNOWLEDGE WOULD YOU … THE WORK IS … OUTGROWN NO SOONER MY APPLICATION NOT UNTIL DESERVED 204. 205. 206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. There are more people out of work in this country than ever before. The chances are that the whole thing will have been forgotten by next term. He said he was anxious about the plight of the homeless. He owed his rescue to a passer-by. There was not a singly copy of the new book left in the shops. You must be on time for your interview. She’s proud of being such a good cook. My protests were ignored. We only despatch goods after receiving the money. You pay 50 pounds a month for a period of one year. He will not be put off by their comments. Some people accept that nuclear war is inevitable. The fridge is completely empty. Money is of little value on a desert island. Can you tell me where the Midland Hotel is? The Prime Minister felt it appropriate to make a statement. Immediately after his arrival things went wrong. The truth only came out on the publication of the general’s personal diaries. In spite of the forecast it stayed fine. We’d prefer you not to smoke. You really should be able to dress yourself by now! Providing your handwriting is legible, the examiner will accept your answer. He will have to accept your offer. Not many people attended the meeting. He has definitely agreed to accept the job. The old lady’s handbag has been stolen. Without his help, we would all have died. He forgot about the gun until he got home. You can use it as long as you like, and it won’t wear out. You have disobeyed; you will therefore be punished. You scarcely ever hand in your work on time. It’s a pity I couldn’t go to your party. They say Mr Scott is a very good administrator. Proving that I had not been guilty of such an offence was my responsibility. They were concentrated on their reading when I saw them. It soon began to snow very hard. We finally managed to persuade him to take the job. Find more about working conditions before you contact the manager. We saw to it that our shoes didn’t make marks on the lino. How does pay relate to job satisfaction? NEVER HAVE … IN ALL HE SHOWED … HE WAS INDEBTED SELL-OUT ESSENTIAL SHE PRIDES … NOBODY … ONLY AFTER … YOU PAY IN 12 … DETER RESIGNED LEFT COUNTS DIRECT FIT NO SOONER … ONLY WHEN … ALTHOUGH RAIN WE’D RATHER … IT’S HIGH TIME … SO LONG … OPTION TURNOUT COMMITTED ROBBED IF IT … NOT UNTIL … NO MATTER … AS A RESULT OF … SCARCELY EVER … I WISH …. Mr SCOTT IS … IT WAS UP … ENGROSSED EARNEST SUCCEEDED UNTIL … KEPT RELATIONSHIP 244. 245. 246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. She tries hard, but she cannot master German. NO MATTER … The cost of living has gone up considerably. THERE … The telephone rang the moment I stepped into the bath. NO SOONER … Although the team played well they lost. DESPITE We never suspected that he was already married. AT NO TIME … The manager confessed to being astounded when they told him about the robbery. ON … She was extremely tired after the party but she still washed the glasses and tidied the room. TIRED … Are you sure he isn’t making that up? TRUTH The proposal for a new Town Hall was dropped because so few local people supported it. LACK If the weather is fine we’ll have a picnic tomorrow. PERMITTING She doesn’t know the difference between margarine and butter. TELL I almost finished today’s correspondece. VIRTUALLY I’m sure he was having a bath when I called. HE MUST … I know he will be confused by the direction. MISLEAD This has nothing to do with the case we are considering. THIS IS FAR … They assumed that someone would pick up their signals and come to their aid. GRANTED He advised me to rest for a month. ADVICE There was a water restriction because the weather was dry. OWING TO … The strikers will probably go back to work next week. PROBABILITY The last time it rained was a fortnight ago. IT’S A … Even though the weather wasn’t very promisiong, we still went to the beach. IN SPITE … The first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness. ONSET He hated politicians. AVERSION I didn’t know that you wanted to come, so I didn’t call you up. HAD … When I got to the station, I found that the train had left. ON … “How about painting the house green?”, he suggested. HE SUGGESTED… He determined that nothing should prevent him from going. HE MADE UP … She did not want to get married. UNWILLING He broke his promise to help me. KEEP I wish you a long and happy life! MAY YOU … What must I do next? WHAT AM I … He preferred that nothing should be said about his generous gifts. HE’D RATHER … As he was poor, he could not afford to buy books. BEING … I took my car to the garage last Saturday and they repaired it. I HAD … They didn’t prosecute any of the protesters. NONE OF … He seemed to me a highly efficient manager. STRUCK 280. 281. 282. 283. 284. 285. 286. 287. 288. 289. 290. 291. 292. 293. 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302. 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. At first the new computer made me feel a bit afraid. I only called the police when I tried everything else. You can try as hard as you like but you won’t succeed. I felt that it had been a mistake to write the letter. Although it rained torrentially all day, we all enjoyed the excursion I went down with flu as soon as I had recovered from bronchitis. The manager is not to be disturbed. She said she thought I was a liar. If you didn’t distribute generously, we couldn’t continue our work. Look after yourself! Be careful of thieves if you go to that part of town. I put a lot of care and attention into this letter. I’ve installed an alarm to stop thieves stealing my car. I bought it without thinking about it first. SPUR You’re making a judgement before you’ve heard the facts. I choose very carefully who I discuss my private life with. I’ll look for you at the concert although I expect it will be very crowded. She chooses the kind of hotels she stays in very carefully. Be careful not to hit your head. Be careful to notice a red door when you arrive –that’s my flat. He’s never afraid to say what he thinks. Because I believed his lies, I paid far too much. They cheated me. When I checked my change, I realised I’d been deliberately charged 5 pounds more. You didn’t believe his story, did you? He got angry because we all disagreed with him. I don’t want to be treated as an inferior any more! He got extremely angry when he saw the damage. Waiting for buses irritates me. Having to get up so early is upsetting. I don’t think his reaons for being nice to me are sincere. Think about the good things! You’re young and healthy and will have plenty more opportunities. I wasn’t sure about him at first, but now he seems very good at his job. I find the whole subject very confusing. What I don’t understand is why he did such a strange thing. They look so alike that it’s very easy to confuse her with her sister. I was so worried that my mind couldn’t function normally. AWE LAST RESORT HOWEVER HARD … I REGRETTED … DESPITE NO SOONER … ON NO ACCOUNT … SHE ACCUSED … BUT FOR … CARE WATCH OUT … I TOOK … PROTECT CONCLUSIONS PARTICULAR EYES FUSSY MIND LOOK OUT … MIND HE CONNED … THEY RIPPED … DONE OUT TAKEN IN TEMPER SICK AND TIRED FIT NERVES NECK SCEPTICAL BRIGHT SIDE RESERVATIONS BEWILDERS PUZZLES TO MIX STRAIGHT 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. I don’t understand how to fill in this form. CLEAR The news of his death was such a shock that it hasn’t been fully understood yet. SUNK He’s got such a strong accent that half the time I can’t understand a word he’s saying. MAKE OUT He feels bad about cheating them. CONSCIENCE I didn’t have the courage to tell him what I really thought. DARE I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m pessimistic. WORST I don’t want to imagine how much it’s going to cost. DREAD I wouldn’t dare say a thing like that. NERVE I don’t mind discussing it with you. WILLING I’m very excited about seeing you next week. FORWARD I don’t want to criticise him because he’s a good friend. RELUCTANT Her job is making her miserable. DOWN She gets bored with things very quickly. BORE I find grammar exercises extremely boring. STIFF She’s angry that she is treated like the office slave. RESENTS He feels bitter and inferior because he didn’t go to university. CHIP He got revenge on her. OWN BACK I don’t feel resentful towards her –she deserves her success. BEGRUDGE The offer to work in Brazil was a complete surprise. BLUE I’m not surprised that he’s got money problems. SURPRISE I was surprised by his rudeness. TAKEN ABACK I wasn’t expecting you, so I haven’t tidied the house yet. UNAWARES I didn’t want a serious conversation. MOOD They buy nice furniture. TASTE I don’t really like this kind of music. KEEN They’ve been saying how wonderful the hotel was. RAVING I don’t think that violence is right in any circumstance. APPROVE I don’t believe that the film is as good as people say. OVERRATED People are persuaded by adverts to spend more than they can afford. ADS TEMPT … I find their lifestyle quite attractive, although I probably wouldn’t enjoy it. APPEALS The dress was so tempting that I bought it. RESIST I don’t know why people are attracted to spending all day on the beach. ATTRACTION When she left home, she had to do everything on her own. FEND If you leave this job, don’t assume that you’ll get another. COUNT I’m expecting to be promoted soon. BANKING Our car is extremely reliable; it hasn’t disappointed us once in the last ten years. LET The original painting and the copy look the same to me. TELL I don’t want to point out a trivial difference, but your facts aren’t quite right. SPLIT HAIRS Being mean and being careful with money are not quite 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 378. 379. 380. 381. 382. 383. 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. 390. 391. 392. the same. Some people say there’s hardly any difference between love and hate. I have a friendly relationship with everyone at work. Have you become anyone’s friend since you arrived? He’s stopped being friends with Clare. Have you heard the news? Roger has divorced. I used to be a friend of his. You know I told you I was a millionaire? Well, I was teasing you. Her comments used words in a very clever and amusing way. It’s a brilliant film –I laughed uncontrollably all the way through. Everybody made fun of him because he’d had his hair cut so short. What did his silence mean? He pretended that his latest business failure was not important. Football is the most important thing in his life. You must see a doctor as soon as possible. It’s time you realised what’s important and what isn’t. He said that the crisis wasn’t important. I met some old friends by chance in the pub. By chance I was there when she revealed the truth. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a job as soon as I get there. Guess who I met by chance on my way here. Fortunately, the boat hadn’t left. If nothing unfortunate happens, I’ll see you next week. Because of good advice, I was able to make the right decision. I’ve tried, but I simply can’t cook at all. He finds it impossible to make decisions. I’ll have to wait before I know whether he’ll keep his promise. I’m afraid I’ll be a bit late because something unexpected has happened. There was never any doubt what the result would be. It’s impossible to predict how long it will take to do this. I shouldn’t think that anything will go wrong. He’ll probably get here late; he usually does. The profit that might be made is enormous. It’s not certain whether I’ll be able to pay the bills. A lot of things keep stopping me from working. You’ll have to stard doing some serious work soon. I’m trying to concentrate but all that noise you’re making is distracting me. I don’t like disturbing her when she’s busy. SUBTLE LINE TERMS MADE FALLEN SPLIT WITH PULLING WITTY HEAD MICKEY SIGNIFICANCE LAUGHED LIVES VITAL PRIORITIES LIGHT BUMPED HAPPENED LUCK RAN BY A STROKE … ALL BEING … ENABLED GOOD HOPELESS IT REMAINS … CROPPED CONCLUSION TELLING ODDS LIABLE POTENTIAL TOUCH AND GO WAY GET DOWN PUTTING INTRUDING 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 416. 417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422. 423. 424. 425. 426. 427. 428. 429. 430. You should think about the price before you decide whether to buy it or not. He’s not sure whether to go or not. I’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages and I’ve decided not to go. Considering that she’s only just started, she’s doing very well. She’s not sure whether she wants to marry him or not. They will consider age and experience when they decide the salary. I was going to argue with him, but I decided that it was a bad idea. I’m not considering that suggestion. When I agreed to do this. I didn’t think that it would be so expensive. Let me give you a clue to help you remember. I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say. I can very nearly remember the word. I remember this song from somewhere. I can’t remember when or where I’ve met him. Although I don’t speak Italian very well, I understood the general meeting of what she said. I’m fully aware of the fact that it’s not your fault. He doesn’t realise what other people are saying about him. From what I read in the paper, the economic situation is getting worse. The way I see it, there’s only one thing you can do. He didn’t realise the cost involved in buying a house. After a while, I realised that I’d made a terrible mistake. I don’t mind changing my plans. The neighbours were arguing. Do we agree? I don’t like having to pay so much for so little. I don’t want to argue with you. In the end we found a solution that suited us both. I’ll compromise with you. We’ve agreed to share the cost. I expressed my disagreement with his plan. He thinks that capital punishment is a good idea. If you do what I ask, everything will be all right. I never have arguments with my parents. I was going to leave, but because of what she said, I didn’t. I didn’t want to buy it, but because he insisted, I bought it. You must think about it carefully before you decide, she told me. They have security guards so that people won’t try to steal. They’re telling me that I must make a decision soon. CONSIDERATION TWO MINDS WEIGHED BEARING SECOND ACCOUNT BETTER RULED BARGAIN JOG BLANK TONGUE BELL PLACE DRIFT APPRECIATE OBLIVIOUS GATHER STRIKES AWARE DAWNED OBJECTION ROW AGREEMENT OBJECT ARGUMENT COMPROMISE HALF-WAY COME OPPOSITION FAVOUR CO-OPERATE ROW SHE PERSUADED … HE PUSHED … SHE URGED … DISCOURAGE PRESSURE 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. 440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. When I make my complaint, I hope that you’ll say you agree with me. She’s always trying to force other people to accept her opinions. He has always done things to help her in her career. He offered them more money to encourage them to do the job quickly. The judge gave a harsh sentence so that other people wouldn’t commit the same crime. She was nervous about going to the doctor’s, so I went with her so that she wouldn’t be alone. Many people believe that the death penalty deters criminals. I was forced to apologise. Don’t listen to him –he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The recent increases in air fares haven’t changed the number of people wanting to fly. I don’t influence the way that the business is managed. Everyone contributed to the team’s success. I wish he wouldn’t keep asking me about my sex life. This is none of your business. I didn’t get involved in their conversation. She said it was none of my business. I prefer not to get involved with him. I didn’t participate in the argument. The decision had nothing to do with me. Although I set off late, I succeeded in getting there on time. Nothing had happened on my first day at work. The whole day happened as planned. I gave up trying to make friends with the other students because I was making no progress. It seems that whatever I try to do, something bad always happens. She always gets what she wants. He’s becoming very successful. The evening was unsuccessful and ended in an argument. The house was so badly damaged in the fire that it couldn’t be repaired. He told me my request was unreasonable. I was exasperated when the appointment was cancelled once again. CABINET DIVIDED ON ARMS SPENDING. RABIES CONCERN WITH THE OPENING OF THE CHANNEL TUNNEL. THREAT TO BRITISH ATHLETICS FROM SOUTH AFRICAN RUNNER. AIDS DANGER TO BABIES. BACK IMPOSE SUPPORTED INCENTIVE DETER MORAL SUPPORT DETERRENT CHOICE NOTICE EFFECT SAY PART PRYING CONCERN KEPT NOTHING DISTANCE TAKE PART INVOLVED MANAGED SMOOTHLY ACCORDING NOWHERE WRONG WAY PLACES BADLY THE HOUSE WAS TOO HARDLY EXASPERATION DISAGREEMENT CAUSE BRITISH ATHLETICS DISCOVERED 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. FAMILY KILLED IN MOTORWAY PILE-UP. BOMB ATTACK ON ARMY BARRACKS IN NORTHERN IRELAND. He found the pressures of the job intolerable. The workers did not arrive home until midnight. The ships in the harbour took the full force of the storm. Most of the orders will have been processed by Friday. They renovated and redecorated the old house. Not much heat came from the radiators. In this job you have to work long hours. He was so skilful that he could complete a portrait in two days. A day rarely went by without a phone call from mother. He had no idea that armed police were waiting for him. We had only just reached the summit when the storm began. It was the first time the cave had been entered by human beings. It was so cold that we stuffed our boots with dried grass. Although he found the car difficult to steer, Andrew was able to negotiate the long course. The authorities failed to accept responsibility for the accident, and that’s difficult for the drivers to come to terms with. Repeated attempts to revive the injured driver were made, but he did not recover consciousness. My job allows us to live where we want to and to pay the mortgage. The organiser’s action almost amounted to negligence. The driver had been travelling at over 180 m.p.h. Up to half a million people may have perished in the earthquake. The team is unlikely to reach the summit. The boxer agreed to take part in the match only on the conditions he himself laid down. Mrs Brown is not involved in the management of this company. Although he liked strawberries very much, John couldn’t face eating any more that day. Although some of his shares had gone down in price, he had made an overall profit. She was interested in nothing except making money. Peter’s workload is more than he can handle. If you don’t pay by the end of the month, interest is charged. The company does not intend to replace this model. There is not much difference between these two vehicles. HAS BEEN THE BARRACKS PUT UP WITH IT WAS NOT … BRUNT BULK DID UP BARELY INVOLVES SUCH RARELY LITTLE HARDLY NEVER SO COLD WAS IT … NOTWITHSTANDING WHAT THE DRIVERS IN SPITE ALONG WITH SHORT IN EXCESS OF CLAIMED THE ODDS … TERMS NOTHING MUCH AS IN SPITE MAKING MONEY… COPE INCUR PLANS CHOOSE 497. 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518. 519. 520. 521. 522. 523. 524. 525. 526. 527. 528. 529. It gave him great pleasure to contemplate the misfortune that had befallen his rival. Children often over-react when they learn that animals are killed to provide meat. It is probable that there will be strong resistance to the ban on shooting. Some people respond to the issue of battery farming by avoiding it. The panther took the girl thinking she was a dog. A child may react initially in a variety of ways but will usually come round to accepting the parents’point of view. The tiger was stalking the hunter, who was quite unaware. The young girl died when she was attacked by the panther. The authorities estimate that there are only six tigers now left in the nature reserve. Don’t tell anyone about our plans. Any goods in excess of what is necessary can be returned to the manufacturers. I know those nursery rhymes because I was taught them as a child. Very few people are willing to do this job. She likes presenting seminars on self-promotion more than anything else. Sally was never at a loss for Word. He did not hesitate to write a letter of complaint. Unless we use a special crane we cannot move these containers. I don’t think that Mary is able to accept criticism. Work done before 9 a.m. isn’t overtime. He was forced to accept a transfer to another office. His conviction for theft was not known to us. Are we likely to get this contract? He would do anything to get revenge. John said he disapproved of capital punishment. The crime rate has risen sharply in the last ten years. Whatever your personal opinions, you must carry out your duty. The police officers never mistreated the prisoner. A high standard of customer service is the reason for the company’s success. He decided to make Edinburgh his permanent home. She felt unable to accept the court’s decision. He became an extremely popular singer. Christopher was determined to get revenge. Most stage-struck teenagers think twice before embarking on a career on the stage, even if they are very keen. GLOATED OVER ON … LIKELY ONE RESPONSE MISTOOK WHATEVER STALKED LOST PUT BREATHE SURPLUS BROUGHT UP HARDLY WHAT AT NO TIME … HESITATION ONLY BY … LACKS COUNT CHOICE AWARE CHANCES NOTHING DISAPPROVAL THERE HAS … NO MATTER AT NO TIME FOUNDED SETTLE RECONCILE ACHIEVED GET BACK HOWEVER KEEN 530. 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. 539. 540. 541. 542. 543. 544. 545. 546. 547. 548. 549. 550. 551. 552. 553. 554. 555. 556. 557. Anna’s mother is worried about her health, as well as being concerned about her career. This jockey continued to break the rules, although he was officially warned about his behaviour. Mr Taylor was sacked from his job as Minister of Defence when details of his private life were revealed. This letter guarantees that the boots are authentic. Mary plans to finish her novel and then go abroad. These events did not benefit Tom. She’s very proud of the way she keeps her house clean and tidy. He always took the best jobs for himself without thinking of the bad effect on his colleagues. The commentator decided to criticise particularly the council’s housing policy. This TV programme will not make any difference to the difficult situation that exists between these two organisations. The raft seems to be in good condition despite a leak in the observation port. I was soon lost, as I couldn’t see anything from the vehicle in which I was being transported. There was hardly ever enough work to keep me occupied for the whole morning. The team of experts finally managed to get the right solution to the problem. There was sufficient time for us to feel we had no need to hurry. I spend all my energy trying to support my family. You have to be very clever to be able to wash under a push button tap. Although it was a small thing, I felt I should make myself as presentable as possible. I think everyone got a lot of the training course. With this machine you can do all the calculations you need. This company stands a very good chance of winning an Export Award. The speaker was soon surrounded by a large crowd. Martin suddenly started to sing. These happenings may be bizarre, but the fact that they are well documented means they should be investigated. I may forget about the meeting, so remind me about it. Many people were conned into giving donations and very few realised even later that they had been duped. The conjuror obtained alarming effects and many of them frightened the younger members of the audience. The evidence on this point is not totally convincing. QUITE APART DESPITE REVELATIONS THE AUTHENTICITY WHEN DETRIMENT PRIDE EXPENSE SINGLED OUT RELATIONS ALTHOUGH BEING RARELY … CAME UP WORLD GOES ON SKILL LEAST WORTHWHILE ENABLE HIGHLY LIKELY GATHERED BURST HOWEVER … IN CASE WHOM WHICH FALLS SHORT 558. 559. 560. 561. 562. 563. 564. 565. 566. 567. 568. 569. 570. 571. 572. 573. 574. 575. 576. 577. 578. 579. 580. 581. 582. 583. 584. Let’s not waste any time but get down to the business in hand. People are now claiming that Jones is the murderer. Tom arrived at 11:30 when the party was really and truly under way. Francis discovered the evidence to prove his theory quite by chance. The work he has done is not up to the standard that we expect. Terry is allergic to pears and that is one way in which he takes after his mother. Stephen just couldn’t manage to explain how he made so many spelling errors. At the age of eight, Helen first encountered classical Greek and she’s been fascinated ever since. Tom comes from Yorkshire, but you couldn’t tell his from his accent. Technical manuals are quite suitable for this purpose. The skier injured his back, so that was the end of his championship hopes. Not many people completed the questionnaire. It is disappointing. She was prepared to accept the job. This surprised everyone. He found the treasure. We don’t know where. We will never know. He lived in Spain for ten years. He didn’t learn Spanish. This is surprising. The car is very old. It continues to run well. This is amazing. He may be rich. He may be poor. It will make no difference to his application to build a house in the village. People can invest 1000 pounds now.They will receive 1700 in five years’time. He wrote in his diary. The diary contains nothing but false information. The gansters threatened Peter with violence. The driver behaved in such a way as to place the passengers in danger. Sheila has every chance of getting the job. It wasn’t Jill’s fault that we got lost. The full story of the disaster was not told until 2010. One is very much inclined to dismiss the whole thing as a joke. After a short prison sentence, he decided to go straight. The right attitude to the job is as important as the right qualifications. FURTHER ADO ALLEGED SWING STUMBLED FALLS WITH RESPECT LOSS HOOKED TRACE BILL PUT PAID THAT … WHAT … WHERE … TO … HOW SUCH WHETHER … WHOEVER … WHATEVER … THREATS THE PASSENGERS … LIKELY TO BLAME NOT UNTIL … TEMPTING SPELL NO LESS 585. 586. 587. 588. 589. 590. 591. 592. 593. 594. 595. 596. 597. 598. 599. 600. 601. 602. 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608. 609. 610. 611. 612. 613. 614. 615. He paid no regard to his own comfort. Compared to what we had to put up with before, the meals we are getting now are delicious. We have long since ceased to keep information in printed form. You shouldn’t wander away from the path under any circumstances. I didn’t leave the office at any time. She could rely on nobody but him. They would not confess to the murder until the police came. We not only ran into fog but it began to rain. You can try phoning but it’s possible that the car has been sold by now. If you’ve been out of the country, you obviously haven’t heard about the robbery. I just don’t believe that the line has been engaged all this time. Maybe there’s a fault on it. Don’t start worrying. It’s possible that he took a later plane. I’m sorry to trouble you but I was wondering if there was any possibility of my using your phone for a moment. I’ve forgotten to return the key to the safe. I’m sure people have been looking everywhere for it. It’s possible that you won’t even to show a pass to get in. She’s unlikely to have left without warning anyone. You’d like me to come with you to the hospital, wouldn’t you? Don’t treat him as a criminal! When are you going to listen to me? This is confidential, don’t mention it to anyone. Any correspondence from the London office must be dealt with before other matters. I advise you not to believe what you read in the papers about me. We’d better leave. You’ve got a nerve, implying that it was all my fault. You lent me a tent. It was damaged in a storm. You heard about the storm on the news. He arrived rather late because he had been held up in the rush hour traffic. The weather was unsettled so we decided not to venture very far from the hotel. I wasn’t given the flight number so it was rather difficult to find out when the plane would arrive. Contracts exchanged, you will be free to move into the house. I would prefer you to wear something more formal to work. This is the worst coffee I have ever drunk. INDIFFERENT COMPARISON AGES UNDER … AT NO TIME … NOBODY NOT UNTIL … NOT ONLY … THE CAR … CAN’T HAVE MUST HAVE MIGHT HAVE MIGHT MUST HAVE MAY CAN’T HAVE YOU’D RATHER AS IF … I WISH … I’D RATHER PRIORITY RELIANCE IT’S HIGH TIME… HOW DARE … WHICH HAVING… BEING NOT UNTIL … ONCE … I’D RATHER … NEVER …
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