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Mô tả:

1. He English very well. a. Speaks b. went c. speak d. is 2. It’s very kind you to help me. a. in b. to c. of d into 3. Peter saw his old friend while he the street. a. were acrossing/walking b. was acrossting/walking c. acrossing/walking d. across/walk 4. What is television tonight? a. in b. to c. of d. on 5. Mary bought a shirt and shorts in that shop. (nếu có some thì đáp án là some) a. many b. to c. of d. on 6. They are good friends. They each other for a long time. a. has known b. have known c. Known 7. Earth-watch has volunteers for hundreds of expeditions. a. has done b. have done c. do d. done
Part 1: Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. 1. He ................. English very well. a. Speaks b. went c. speak d. is 2. It’s very kind ........... you to help me. a. in b. to d into c. of 3. Peter saw his old friend while he ............. the street. a. were acrossing/walking b. was acrossting/walking c. acrossing/walking d. across/walk 4. What is ..............television tonight? a. in b. to c. of d. on 5. Mary bought a shirt and .............. shorts in that shop. (n u có some thì áp án là some) b. to a. many c. of d. on 6. They are good friends. They ............. each other for a long time. a. has known c. Known b. have known 7. Earth-watch has ...... volunteers for hundreds of expeditions. a. has done b. have done c. do d. done 8. How .............. does he play video games? a. often b. far c. do d. every 9. “ .............to come and have dinner with us?” - “I'd love to but I’m busy.” b. do you like Would you like c. do like 10.Nga spends much time .......... books every day. a. read c. reads b. reading d. readed 11 .London is ............capital city in Europe a. in b. to 12. They a. go 14. He a. go d. the ............. to London on May 17, 2000. b. gone 13. .................................. a. live c. of c. goes Minh d. went in this town since 1987. b. has lives c. have lives d. lives went to school late because he was stuck in the.................. jam b. trafic c. have trafic d has trafic 15. The population of the world ..................... very fast at the current time. a. is increasing b. are increasing c. increased d ……. 16. I’d like some ................................ on the flight. A sit b. c. food d. water 17. They want to meet him ........ they will discuss a very important problem. a. however b. so that c. that d. so (because) 18. People hear with their ........... and smell with their ................... b. ear/noise c. earse/noised a. ears, noises d. eared/noie (ears/noise) 19................time will they spend in Bangkok? a which 20. How b. whose long did it.......... you to drive to work? b.taken a take 21. These b. laugh c laughs d. don’t take the umbrella. We wish that we would ............... it. b. taken /have c takes b were built 25. You ............................ not c.buil read those magazines. b ís A can/have c has match brought excitement to thousands of TV....... A air b. fire c. land d. viewers/audiences/watchers 27. Measles sometimes a serious disease. 28. A are b is c was d. were 28. I'm tired ____ such repeating work. A in b. to d. into c. of 29. You don’t want another cake, ........................ ? a are d. Pyramids ........................ by the ancient Egyptians, A was built 26. The d so clowns in the circus made us ............ a lot. A take 24. The d…….. c. many b. much A laughed 23. We c, takes piles of books are .................... cleaner than the others. A main 22. The d whose c. what b. do you c. does you 30. Peter is not old enough .......................... there. d. 2 a. to go b. to go d. …….. - 31. He is one of the ..................... in the world. b. famous A Famous people c. people d……. 32. We missed the train. It ........... when we arrived. A had left b. feft c. has left d. have left 33.It was ...................a difficult question that we couldn’t answer it. b. very A such c. many d. so 34.She ............ ......a fortune from her husband. b. inherited A was inherrited c. inherit 35.Mr Brown ......................his children to school every day. A was taked c. take b. takes d were taked 36.Mary works at a supermarket. She.... ..5$ an hour. A Is paid b. was paid c. were paid d. Paid earns 37.The police ......... warned the people not to come home. A is strongly c. are strongly b. Strongly d. was strongly (have) 38.The students have got........................ good news about their exams. A is announced c. are nnounced b. announced (a/some) I was……. tired that I went to bed immediately. 39. A because b such This book is different 40. d. so …………the one I had. b. in A from 41. c. that c. of d. better The more we study, the .................... we are. a. as b. into c.in d. better 42. couldn’t find your number in the telephone ............. a. are directory b. directories directory 43. A football match is divided into two ............ b. halve c. halves 3 A are halves c. directory d. is 44. He was operated by a .............. A Surgeon b. is surgeon c. are surgeon 45. She can’t marry your brother............ she loves him. A because b. but d. so c. although 46. He arrived ................ Hanoi at 7.00 this morning. a. In b. on c.into d. of 47. This girl is clever __ to make fine things from paper. A Is enough c. are enough b. enough d. …….. 48. Sony, John is out. Do you want to ...................... a message? a. 49. She works ......................... than her friends. A more hard b. harder c. as harder as d……. 50. Let's go to the beach for summer holiday, ......................... ? b. is we c. were we 4 a. Shall we d are we Part 2: Read the text below and choose the best answers Test 1: The Meaning of Colours Colours mean different things in different cultures. In China, for example, women wear red clothes when they get married. In Europe, however, women wear white. In some countries, red means danger. It is the colour used for stop signs and traffic lights. Red is also the colour of blood and fire. It is also the colour of love. People often send red roses to the person they love. However, if people ‘see red’, it means they are angry. ' ' In-many parts of the world, baby boys wear blue clothes and baby girls wear pink clothes. Because of this, we think of blue as a male colour and pink as a female colour. Many women wear blue clothes, but not many men wear pink clothes. Bài d ch tham kh o: Màu s c có ý nghĩa khác nhau trong các n n văn hoá khác nhau. Ví d Trung Qu c, ph n m c qu n áo màu khi k t hôn. Tuy nhiên châu Âu, ph n m c màu tr ng. m t s qu c gia, màu có nghĩa là nguy hi m. ó là màu s c ư c s d ng cho các d u hi u d ng và èn giao thông. Màu cũng là màu s c c a máu và l a. Nó cũng là màu c a tình yêu. M i ngư i thư ng g i hoa h ng cho ngư i h yêu. Tuy nhiên, n u m i ngư i nhìn th y màu ', nó có nghĩa là h ang t c gi n. '' nhi u nơi trên th gi i, các bé trai m c qu n áo màu xanh và các cô bé m c qu n áo màu h ng. Vì lý do này, chúng tôi nghĩ màu xanh như màu nam và màu h ng là màu c a ph n . Nhi u ph n m c qu n áo màu xanh, nhưng không nhi u àn ông m c qu n áo màu h ng Test 2: Mrs. Brown’s old grandfather lived with her and her husband. 5 Every morning he went for a walk in the park and came home at half past twelve for his lunch. But one morning a police car stopped outside Mrs. Brown’s house at twelve o’clock; two policemen helped the old man to get out. One of them said to Mrs. Brown, “The poor old gentleman lost his way in the park and telephoned to us for help, so we sent a car to bring him home.” Mrs. Brown was very surprised, but she thanked the policemen and they left. “ But Grandfather,” she then said,” you have been to that park nearly everyday for twenty years. How did you lose your way there?” The old man smiled, closed one eye and said, “I didn’t quite lose my way. I just got tired and didn’t want to walk home.” Bài d ch tham kh o: Ông n i c a bà Brown ã s ng v i bà và ch ng bà. M i bu i sáng ông i d o trong công viên và tr v nhà vào lúc mư i hai gi mư i hai ăn trưa. Nhưng m t bu i sáng m t xe c nh sát ã d ng l i bên ngoài nhà bà Brown lúc mư i hai gi ; hai c nh sát ã giúp ngư i già thoát ra ngoài. M t trong s h nói v i bà Brown, "Ngư i àn ông nghèo khó i l c trong công viên và g i cho chúng tôi ư c giúp , vì v y chúng tôi ã ưa m t chi c xe ưa ông v nhà." Bà Brown r t ng c nhiên, nhưng bà c m ơn các c nh sát và h r i i. "Nhưng ông n i," cô y nói, "ông ã n công viên ó g n như hàng ngày trong hai mươi năm. Làm th nào màông b l c ó? " Ông lão m m cư i, nh m m t l i và nói, "ông không l c. ông m t và không mu n i b v nhà. " 6 Test 3 For many years, people believed that the cleverest animals after man were chimpanzees. Now, however, there is proof that dolphins may be even cleverer than these big apes. Although a dolphin lives in the sea, it is not a fish. It is a mammal. It is in many ways, therefore, like a human being. Dolphins have a simple language. They are able to talk to one another. It may be possible for man to learn how to talk to dolphins. But this will not be easy because dolphins cannot hear the kind of sounds man can make. If man wants to talk to dolphins, therefore, he will have to make a third language, which both he and the dolphins can understand. Dolphins are also very friendly towards man. They often follow ships. There are many stories of dolphins guiding ships through difficult and dangerous waters. Bài d ch tham kh o: Trong nhi u năm, ngư i ta tin r ng nh ng con v t thông minh nh t sau con ngư i là tinh tinh. Tuy nhiên, bây gi , tuy nhiên, có b ng ch ng r ng cá heo có th ư c th m chí thông minh hơn nh ng con kh l n. M c dù m t con cá heo s ng bi n, nó không ph i là m t con cá. Nó là m t ng v t có vú. Vì v y, theo nhi u cách, gi ng như con ngư i. Cá heo có m t ngôn ng nhau. ơn gi n. chúng có th nói chuy n v i Có th cho con ngư i h c cách nói chuy n v i cá heo. Nhưng i u này s không d dàng b i vì cá heo không th nghe th y ư c lo i âm thanh mà con ngư i có th th c hi n. N u ngư i àn ông mu n trò chuy n v i cá heo, anh ta s ph i làm m t th ti ng th ba mà anh ta và cá heo có th hi u ư c. Cá heo cũng r t thân thi n v i con ngư i. H thư ng i theo tàu. Có r t nhi u câu chuy n v cá heo hư ng d n tàu thuy n qua nh ng vùng nư c khó khăn và nguy hi m 7 Test 4 Robert Edwards was blinded in an automobile accident nine years ago. He was also partially deaf because of old age. Last week, he was strolling near his home when a thunderstorm approached. He took refuge under the tree and was struck by lightning. He was knocked to the ground and woke up some 20 minutes later lying face down in the water below a tree. He went into the house and lay down in bed. A short time later, he awoke, his legs were numb and he was trembling, but when he opened his eyes, he could see the clock across the room fading in and out in front of him. When his wife entered, he saw her for the first time in nine years. Doctors confirm that he has regained his sight and hearing apparently from the flash of lightning, but they are unable to explain the occurrence. The only possible explanations offered by one doctor was that, since Edwards lost his sight as a result of trauma in a terrible accident, perhaps the only way it could be restored was by another trauma. Bài d ch tham kh o: Robert Edwards ã b mù trong m t tai n n ô tô cách ây chín năm. Anh y cũng b i c m t ph n vì tu i già. Tu n trư c, anh ang i d o g n nhà anh khi có cơn bão x y ra. ông trú n dư i g c cây và b sét ánh. Anh b ngã xu ng m t t và t nh d y kho ng 20 phút sau khi n m xu ng dư i nư c dư i tán cây. Anh ta vào nhà và n m xu ng giư ng. M t th i gian ng n sau ó, ông th c d y, chân ông b tê li t và ông run r y, nhưng khi ông m m t, ông có th nhìn th y ng h qua phòng m d n và ra trư c m t ông. Khi v ông bư c vào, ông nhìn th y bà l n u tiên trong chín năm. Các bác sĩ xác nh n r ng: ông ã l y l i ư c th l c và nghe rõ ràng t ch p nhoáng, nhưng h không th gi i thích s xu t hi n. Nh ng l i gi i thích duy nh t mà bác sĩ ưa ra là vì Edwards b m t th l c do ch n thương trong m t tai n n kh ng khi p, có l cách duy nh t nó có th ph c h i là do m t ch n thương khác. 8 Part 3. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space Test 1 Last Monday William Murphy (71) saw a walet on a lonely street in Montreal. He picked up the wallet and (72 found a ticket inside. He noticed the number on the ticket and immediately (73) realized that (74) it was the winning ticket in a big competition. The price (75) was eight million dollas! Murphy (76) didn’t collect the huge prize, however, he (77) _____ took the ticket back to owner, Laviqeur. Yesterday Leviqeur got the prize and at once (78) gave Murphy a million dollas as a reward.“I have never (79) won a competition before”, he told the reporter. “Now I (80) become rich and I want to reward honesty. 71. A. see 72. A. find B. sees B. found C. saw C. finds D. is seeing D. founded 73. A. realized 74. A. it B. realise B. he C.realize C. she D. was realized D. one 75. A. is B.are C. were 76. A. didn’t collect B. not collect collect 77. A. take B. takes C. taking 78. A. give B. gave C. giving 79. A win 59. A. becomes B. figh B. become D.was C. no collect D. wasn’t D. took D. gives C. won D C. is becoming D. became Test 2 If you see a fire, you should ring the school bell for one minute. When they hear the bell, pupils should quickly leave their classrooms. The monitor should take the register (81) to him on leaving the classroom. The (82) Puplis should line up outside the classroom(83) as soon as everyone has left the room. Then (84) the class should walk quickly along the(85) path to the main entrance. When they (86) Reach the main entrance, the pupils 9 should(87) Stand quietly in the playground. While they are waiting there, one of the pupils (88) Should .look for the 81. A to B. of C.With D. for 82. A. Puplis B Students C.children D. People 83. A. faster B. early c. as soon as D. slow 84. A.an B. a C. the D-this 85. A. path B. street C. field d. town 86. A. Reach B. reached C. has reached D. was reached (see) 87. A. Stand B. C. D. 88. A. Should B C. D. 89. A. on B. into C. the D. 90.A gives B. gave C. give D. … Test 3 Computers For the scientist, it can get information ..... from (91) outer space or from the depths of the ........................................ ocean (92). In business and industry the computer prepares factory inventories (93), keeps track of sales trends and production needs and make company payrolls. If you are planning a trip by plane, the computer will ............................................................................ (94) find. out what route to take and what space is available. At times computers seem almost ........ human (95) They can read hand-printed letters, play chess, .......... listen to (96) music, write plays and even .................................... design (97) other computers. Is it any wonder that they are sometimes called (98) thinking machines? Even though they are ........... taking (99) over some of the tasks that were once accomplished by our own brains, computers are not replacing us - at least not yet. Our brain has more than 10 billion cells. A computer has only a few hundred thousand parts. 01 For some time to come, then, we can safely say that our brains are at least 10,000 times …….more complex (100) than a computer. 91. A. in B. from C. at D. about 92. A. ocean B. valley C. well D. river 93. A. inventors B. inventions C. inventories D. accomplishments 94. A. stand B. call C. speak D. find 95. A. human B. wonderful C. creative D. thoughtful 96. A. note B. write C. compose D. prescribe 97. A. use B. design C. draw D. make 98. A. useful B. thoughtful C. though D. thinking 99. A. falling B.turning C. taking D. looking 100. A. more complex B. larger C. more useful D. simpler 11
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