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Trang chủ Ngoại ngữ Kiến thức tổng hợp ĐÁP ÁN TRẮC NGHIỆM TIẾNG ANH THI CÔNG CHỨC TỈNH QUẢNG NAM 2016...



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ĐÁP ÁN CÂU HỎI TIẾNG ANH THI CÔNG CHỨC TỈNH QUẢNG NAM (PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM) (P.1) MULTIPLE CHOICES (200) 1. He’s so____ A. reserved that he always expects other people to do the work. B. lazy C. apathetic D. passive 2. If you want to swim in Hawaii in winter, you ____ go to the beach! There are some swimming pools. A. must B. have to C. should D. would 3. Fiona is very angry_____her boss’s decision to sack several members of the staff A. against B. about C. because D. as 4. You are under no obligation to help as assistance is purely_____. A.free B.voluntary C.charitable D.donated 5. I’m afraid you may ______ the truth somewhat unacceptable. A. find B. realize C. looking for D. understand 6. Can you help me___ the window? A. open B. opening C. opened D. to open 7. How many cakes does she _____? A. have B. has C. maked D. had 8. She’s very_____. She can be relied on to do her job properly. A. efficient B. cautious C. serious D. conservative 9. You_____whisper. Nobody can hear us. A. needn’t to B. don’t have to C. mustn’t D. need to 10. You shouldn’t touch the _____ in an art gallery. 11. You don’t have to come ____me if you don’t want to. A. by B. to C. with D. for 12. In my opinion, it’s only common______to wear a seat belt in a car. A. judgment B. sense C. intelligence D. wit 13. How do you_____about the pollution problem in this country? A.feel B.think C.believe D.view 14. Mary and Jack ____at the desk. A. work B. working B. works D. worked 15. I’m sorry that I screamed. Something _____ me. A. afraid B. terrifying C. scared D. depressed 16. Your dinner is at 7pm so you shouldn’t ___ late. A. be B. eat C. drink D. come 17. His building is ___ to my house. A. hind B. on C. before D. next 18. My family’s picture is hanging ___ the wall. A. on B. in C. at D. out 19. Our boss is speaking. We must ___ to him. A. see B. listen C. work D. said 20. Nobody died in the accident last week, but 20 people were______. A. damaged B. injured C. spoiled D. broken 21. My mother is a nurse. Jane’s father is a nurse, too. They are ___ nurses. A. both B. too C. two D. all 22. “Diana, what is the weather like today?” Jane asked. Diana replied “It’s ___ today”. (Cloudy/hot/beautiful…) 23. Let’s __ to school. A. went B. walk C. go D. come 2 24. Scientists_____a carefully controlled experiment on the mystery virus. A. carried over B. measured out C. put up D. carried out 25. Tomorrow is my boss’ birthday. I ___ him a gift. ( will give) 26. People are____to wear reflectors on their clothing when walking along a road in the dark. A. advised B. warned C. told D. informed 27. You’ve been talking about asking her out for weeks, what are you waiting____? A. to B. in C. for D. at 28. A lot of passengers who ___ in the car accident are still suffering from shock. A. is B. are C. was D. were 29. The doctor showed the patient ___ to do some exercises. A. what B. why C. when D. how 30. Where have you been yesterday? I couldn't _____ you. 31. Jack and Jean ____ to know why they should do it for her while she could do it by herself. 32. Soldiers have been sent in to try to restore_____in the area. A. order B. harmony C. organisation D. regulation 33. Because I am very busy at the moment, I can only arrange a ___ time to answer your letters. A. some B. small C. few D. little 34. They were wearing heavy overcoats to ___ themselves against the cold. A.conceal B. protect C. cover D.wrap 35. I’m not surprised he became an author. Even as a child he had a_____imagination A. large B. vivid C. great D. bright 36. ____ the traffic was bad, I arrived on time. 3 A. although B. in spite of C. because D. if 37. His employee doesn’t want to explain the reason ___ his decision. (for) 38. The tabloid newspapers, which are engaged in a_____war, are all trying to print the most sensational stories to improve sales. A. circulation B. paper C. trading D. press 39. Why you are always jealous ____ other friends? A. of B. with C. among D. about 40. Scientists have invented a new method of _____ pollutants from industrial wastes. (removing) A. making over B. making out C. taking away D. taking over 41. We lack ___ staff in our office at the moment. There are not enough people to do the work that has to be done. (some) 42. Nowadays, it ______cost a fortune to own a powerful computer. A. hasn’t to B. haven’t to C. needn’t D. muchn’t 43. ___ a doctor, I must advise you to give up drinking too much wine everyday. A. as B. to C. like D. else 44. I’m becoming increasingly _____. Last week I locked myself out of the house twice. A. oblivious B. mindless C. absent D. forgetful 45. She’s not very____. She’s never quite sure what she wants to do. A. energetic B. lively C. decisive D. active 46. My car is very_____; it’s never broken down. A. edible B. inedible C. unreliable D. reliable 47. Helen’s parents were very pleased when they read her school____. A. report B. paper C. diploma D. account 48. Who_____was coming to see me this morning? 4 A. you said B. did you say C. did you say that D. you did say 49. The castles are ___ to be over a thousand years old. 50. Do you believe ______ghosts? A. in B. on C.of D. have 51. ___ the food so that it won’t be over-cooked 52. The only means of_____to the station is through a dark subway. A. arrival B. admission C. access D. approaching 53. May I borrow your pen, Jane? I seem to have______mine at home. A. missed B. forgotten C. lost D. left 54. It is up to the police to ___ these robberies. A. end B. put an end to C. put an end D. catch 55. Some people like to have the windows open all the time; ___ don’t. A. another B. either C. others D. other 56. The roots of the old tree spread out ____ thirty meters in all directions and damaged nearby buildings. A. too much B. as much as C. So much D. So many as. 57. Last year, the music bad FTPG made a_____of several million crowns. A. win B. gain C. salary D. profit 58. If you like skiing, there’s a ski ____under an hour’s driving from Madrid. A. resort B. station C. place D. port 59. If you are “over the moon” about something, how do you feel? A. stressed B. very sad C. very happy D. bored 60. The content of the book was ___ it was completely incomprehensible. 61. ____of what he said was very sensible. 5 62. Everyone is hoping and praying that_____peace will eventually come to the area. A. Durable B. Ongoing C. Irrevocable D. Lasting 63. Does this jacket ____ my trousers? A. go with B. go through with C. go off D. go ahead 64. Continued high-blood pressure is dangerous ____ it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. 65. They like to keep their old houses rather than building the new ones ____ it is very hard and expensive to maintain them. A. because B. so C. although D. if 66. Before you begin the exam paper, always read the______carefully. A. orders B. instructions C. rules D. answers 67. Unless you take a map with you, you ____ your way. 68. Even though I didn’t want my son to leave home, since he was twenty-one there was nothing I could do to_____it. A. hinder B. resist C. prevent D. cease 69. Which of the following describes a country’s armed force that operates at sea. A. navy B. air force C. army D. civilians 70. Mary lost one running shoe, but won the race despite this_____. A. feat B. disaster C. handicap D. awkwardness 71. She noticed______away from the house. A. him to run B. him running C. his running D. him ran 72. _____ they tried hard, the learners could not complete the project in time as they were lacking in skills and knowledge. A. although B. as C. since 6 D. despite 73. She feels like giving up her job _____ the consequences she will face. A. although B. much as C. as a result D. regardless of 74. _____ you fail, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you tried. A. whereas B. unlike C. provided D. even if 75. You’d better pack those glasses extremely carefully if you want them to arrive_____. A. entire B. intact C. whole D. complete 76. She’s so______, you really have to watch you say or she’ll walk out of the room. A. high and dry tired B. prim and proper C. rough and ready D. sick and 77. He hasn’t written to us _____ he left. A. as long as B. since C. by the time D. as soon as 78. This book is divided into five parts and each of these _____ three sections. A. have B. has C. will have D. had 79. You’ve all ____the point. The film itself is not racist - it simply tries to make us question our own often racist attitudes. A. mistaken B. misunderstood C. missed D. lost 80. The building of the new bridge will _____ as planned. A. go up B. put up C. go out D. go ahead 81. Some of these clothes are yours, and the rest of ____ belong to Zack. (it) 82. Mexico changed from a country with a wheat ____ to one that was a wheat exporter. A. lack B. length C. shortage D. inadequacy 83. The old woman lived alone, with ______ to look after her. 7 A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. no one 84. He wasn’t very______tonight. In fact he hardly said anything. A. active B. desicive C. talkative D. energetic 85. She ____ her father, everyone says how alike they are! A. takes after B. takes off C. falls out D. lets of 86. When you arrive at the airport, the first thing you should do is go to____. A. reception desk B. the check- in desk C. the departure lounge D. the arrival 87. As _____ cuts it as well as he does, I always have my hair cut at Johnson's. 88. They decided to buy the house because its location would allow them to get to work very _____. 89. I'm going to meet my friends, _____ Hoan Kiem lake tonight. 90. Paris is the _____ crowded city in the world. (most) 91. I can’t eat this piece of meat; it’s too______. 92. I am looking for a _____ job. (new/ another) 93. It all happened so quickly, one minute I was making chips and the next the whole kitchen was _____fire. A.on B. at C.by D. in 94. I'm busy. Please visit me _____ time.( next) 95. From my point of view, in this situation, you ‘d better say less and do _____. (nothing) 96. He just turned away when I asked him. ______he meant. (what) 97. He is a man of _____ words. A. less B. little C. fewer D. few 98. We have imported ____ computers this year than last year. 8 A. few B. fewer C. less D. many 99. You should always make sure your luggage has _____ on it when you travel. A. a card B. a carted C. a label D. a traveling- bag 100. Last Christmas, the boss gave all his _____ a bonus. A. employ B. employable C. employee D. employees 101. Are you sure we are going in the right _____? A. direct B.directly C. direction D. directed 102. My new car is more _____ than the one I had before. A. economy B. economical C. economic D. economics 103. I ____ doubt whether he will actually carry out his threats. A. highly B. deeply C. absolutely D. seriously 104. She was very_____and told me quite simply that she didn’t like me. A. genuine B. open C. blunt D. sincere 105. We can win only if we remain united, and so we must support them the moment they ____ on strike. (are) 106. We ____at about seven o’clock this morning and we eventually arrived at half past four. A. set in. B. set to C. set up D. set out 107. We have to complete the film this month. No matter how cold it ____, all the summer scences will have to be shot tomorrow. 108. Everybody ____ here except for Jill two hours ago. A. is B. was C. has been D. had been 109. During an exam, you _____ copy from the other students. 110. I have a secret to tell you, but I'll speak to you about it _____. 111. The room is ten metres ____ width. 9 112. The Boston police went on ____in 1919. 113. Louise was very patient ____me when I was ill and crabby. 114. My lover and my closest friend have just ______ engaged. 115. Sachin felt drowsy ____ he had fever. 116. It may be raining, but I’m thoroughly enjoying_____. A. Highly B. Thoroughly C. Extremely D. Desperately 117. Lizzie should ask Bryan to help her with her studies. He did the ____ course last year. A. same B. like C. of D. some 118. If you act according to the instructions, __________ you should face no problems. 119. You _____ always knock on the door before entering. This is a private office. 120. Is there anything _____you’d like me to do? 121. Elenar usually _____ clothes that don’t appeal to my taste. 122. When we saw the professor off at the station this afternoon, he _____ forward to coming back on the first occasion. 123. Since she is not a very abitious person by nature, the competition at work _____ her much. 124. I’m sorry about all the_____things I said to you. 125. George has been in the publishing business since he ______ college. 126. That model on the TV is too skinny. She should eat _____, I think! 127. Deforestation ______ an alarming decrease in the amount of farming land. 128. The author ______ that it is necessary for every adolescent to establish his own place in society. 10 129. He is ____by many people for the money he has helped raise for charity. 130. Drive fast ________ we will miss the train. 131. I will go home ________ he has not come. 132. I____hope there won’t be a repetition of these unfortunate events. 133. You always take things ___ granted. 134. I have known her _____ last year. 135. He returned to his home town ___ he spent the rest of his life. 136. If we behave badly in class, our teacher____stay late and do extra work. 137. After working in the hot sun, I wanted to drink ___. 138. Pregnant women shouldn’t ____ as it can damage the baby. 139. He doesn't have many dogs, but he has ___. 140. When does the meeting start? ___ an hour. 141. He wants to become ___ a doctor or a dentist. 142. I don't know ___. 143. Can you read this letter ___ in English? 144. Which of the following is used to start a very formal letter? 145. He’s very _____about his work, so try not to say anything that he might take as a criticism. 146. Before going to Madrid for your holidays, you should try and _____ something of the language. You will enjoy things a lot more. 147. Listen to that music! Our neighbors _____ play music that loud at this hour. 148. After thirty-five years in the French department, Professor Lane finally_____ last month. 149. My brother wants ___ go swimming with him. 11 150. The local council is really strict about protecting that piece of lawn! You _____ walk around it! 151. I have a lot of friends ___ live in this city. 152. My father liked to play baseball ___ he was a child. 153. During the war, the police_____arrest you for criticising the king 154. This is the place ___ I used to camp when I was younger. 155. He finally got the reward he so richly_____. 156. I am taking out a bank loan this month. I _____ pay a lot of taxes all together. 157. It's time for lunch. You ___ not go outside and play now. 158. What shape is a football? 159. Jane, thanks for everything. It was a great party. I _____ go now. I am really tired. 160. One day I’m going to find a(n)____ and build a house on it. of land somewhere in the country 161. My cousin was very pleased ___ the news. 162. We ___ to leave by seven o'clock. 163. My company said that if I want this promotion, I____ go to the doctor's for a thorough medical check-up first. 164. ___ rich, I'd travel around the world. 165. What happens next______entirely on you. 166. My back has been hurting for weeks. I ____ go to the doctor's. 167. Professor Watkins told me today that I ____ give in that assignment by Friday at the latest. 168. John! This is a one way street. You ____ turn back. 12 169. It is ___ cold to go outside without wearing gloves. 170. ___ he is over seventy years old, he still looks young. 171. The sandwiches ___ by your mother were very delicious. 172. I’m sure he enjoyed the evening. He didn’t say much because he’s ____by nature. 173. This is just ___ I have always wanted. 174. Your father drove to work, ___ he? 175. Your colleagues went to a concert last night, ___ they? 176. They don't like football and she ___. 177. I am looking forward ___ you. 178. My car was so old that I could only sell it for_____. 179. I wish I ___ play golf as well as my father. 180. I've had this diamond necklace for a very long _____. 181. You have worked really well since the morning coffee break. Well ____! 182. ___ of them was good enough to use. 183. Those two have been married since 1985. They are the ____couple I know? 184. ___ you please tell me the place of the meeting in this afternoon? 185. The performance will start_______at six. 186. Mr. Gomez has ____ the Prime Minister since Mrs. Gonzalez-Panis resigned in the spring. 187. When America was discovered, it was not an empty land, ___ the taking. 188. Yesterday, at the meeting the committee ___ six questions. 189. How well did you do at your first school according ___ your teachers? 13 190. Would you make any allowance ___ a rude person who had just lost a parent? 191. _____ the dentist took out that tooth of mine, it's been really painful. I should go back to her? 192. I've been coming to this swimming pool _______ over ten years. 193. The price of gas _____ fallen much recently, has it? 194. Are you still unemployed? You've been without a job____ you decided to resign from that accountancy firm. 195. Clifdon was the place we went for that rainy vacation, _______? 196. Has anybody ever accused you ___ something you didn't do? 197. Have you ever argued ___ your best friend about anything? 198. After hours of wandering around in the desert they thought they saw an oasis, but they were wrong. There was nothing there; it was only a _____. 199. I heard that the biggest______ in the world is India. 200. My attention was drawn____the picture on the far wall. 14
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