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Tài liệu Exercises w 3,4


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PART 2 CNC MACHINE OPERATION OBJECTIVES: 1. To become familiar with common CNC Machine Operation Panel functions. 2. To become familiar with common Machine Control Panel functions. 3. To learn common operations performed at the Machine Control. 4. Learn how to use the Controls to input setup data including Tool and Work Offsets. 5. Learn how to use the Control to edit programs. 6. Examine some common cases of problem situations and learn how to solve them. STUDY QUESTIONS 1. The counterclockwise direction of rotation is always a negative axis movement when refering to the handle (pulse generator). T or F 2. Which display incluses the programmed Distance-To-Go readouts? 3. When the machine is ON and the program check screen is displayed, there is a list group of G-Codes displayed. What does this indicate? 4. Describe the difference between the function of the Input and the +Input soft keys. 5. Which button is used to activate automatic operation of a CNC program? a. Emergency Stop a. Cycle Stop b. ycle Start c. Auto 6. Which display screen lists the CNC program? a. Position page b. Offset page c. Program check d. Program page 7. When the machine is turned on for the first time, it must be sent to its home position. T or F 1 8. Which operation selection button allows for the execution of a single CNC command? a. Dry run b. Single block c. Block delete d. Optional stop 9. Which mode switch/button enables the operator to make changes to the program? a. Edit b. MDI c. Auto d. Jog 10. What does the acronym MDI stand for? 11. Which display screen is used to enter tool informaiton? 12. If the Reset button is pressed during automatic operation, spindle rotations, feed and coolant will stop. T or F 13. During setup, the mode swich used to allow for manual movement of the machine axes is: a. Auto b. MDI c. Edit d. Jog 2
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