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Tài liệu 545 câu viết lại ôn thi thpt quốc gia môn tiếng anh năm 2016


Mô tả:

WRITING Rewrite the following sentences that keep the same meaning 1. You should take the train instead of the bus. --> If ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. I’m sure that someone forgot to lock the door. --> Someone must ____________________________________________________________________ 3. They bought this house ten years ago. --> They have ________________________________________________________________________ 4. The course finished with a big party. --> At the end ________________________________________________________________________ 5. We invited a pop star onto the chat show, but he didn’t turn up. --> The pop star ______________________________________________________________________ 6. Although she said that she would come, I don’t think she ever will. --> Despite __________________________________________________________________________ 7. The plane had hardly left the airport when the accident happened. --> No sooner ________________________________________________________________________ 8. You feel tired now because you didn’t sleep very well last night. --> Had _____________________________________________________________________________ 9. When did you start the project? --> How long ________________________________________________________________________ 10. Their wedding will be held in a lovely church. --> The church _______________________________________________________________________ 11. My father used to play football when he was young. --> My father doesn’t __________________________________________________________________ 12. Jane gave me a present on my last birthday. --> I was ____________________________________________________________________________ 13. “Let’s go swimming” --> She suggests ______________________________________________________________________ 14. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” --> He ______________________________________________________________________________ 15. We got lost in the jungle because we didn’t have a map. --> If we had ________________________________________________________________________ 16. I last saw Bob when I was in Ho Chi Minh City. --> I haven’t seen _____________________________________________________________________ 17. It is a three-hour drive from Hanoi to Namdinh. --> It takes __________________________________________________________________________ 18. It’s a pity you didn’t tell us about this. --> I wish ___________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 1 19. They think the owner of the house is abroad. --> The owner _______________________________________________________________________ 20. The children couldn’t go swimming because the sea was very rough. --> The sea was too ___________________________________________________________________ 21. When did you first know him? --> How ____________________________________________________________________________ 22. Their trip lasted three day. --> They had ________________________________________________________________________ 23. It may rain hard this afternoon, so take the rain coat with you. --> In case _________________________________________________________________________ 24. She had to do the washing up but she didn’t. --> She forgot________________________________________________________________________ 25. English is easy to learn. --> It ______________________________________________________________________________ 26. Don’t leave the lights on all night, you will waste electricity. --> If ______________________________________________________________________________ 27. The furniture was too old to keep. --> It was ___________________________________________________________________________ 28. Gary is the best guitarist in her class. --> No one else ______________________________________________________________________ 29. Since the invention of computer, people have saved a lot of time. --> Since the computer was _____________________________________________________________ 30. It’s necessary for everybody to clean up their neighborhood once a week. --> Everybody _______________________________________________________________________ 31. The doctor told him that he work too hard. --> You _____________________________________________________________________________ 32. Those pictures are beautiful. --> How ____________________________________________________________________________ 33. It was an interesting film. --> What ____________________________________________________________________________ 34. What is the weight of your suitcase? --> How ____________________________________________________________________________ 35. How tall is Peter’s father? --> What ___________________________________________________________________________ 36. He can’t afford to buy the car. --> The car __________________________________________________________________________ 37. Shirley didn’t begin to read until she was eight. --> It wasn’t _________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 2 38. Mrs. Taylor regretted buying the second –hand washing-machine. --> Mrs. Taylor wished ________________________________________________________________ 39. Jane is the tallest girl in her class . --> Nobody _________________________________________________________________________ 40. Their teacher is making them study hard . --> They ___________________________________________________________________________ 41. As I get older, I want to travel less. --> The older _______________________________________________________________________ 42. I have never been to Liverpool in my life . --> Never __________________________________________________________________________ 43. This mobile phone is not as cheap as I thought it would be --> This mobile phone is_______________________________________________________________ 44. My brother likes to go swimming better than to play computer games --> My brother would_________________________________________________________________ 45. She speaks English very well --> She is ___________________________________________________________________________ 46. The food in France is famous --> France is ________________________________________________________________________ 47. John could not find the way to the hotel --> John was not _____________________________________________________________________ 48. My motorbike is going to be checked next Sunday --> I’m _____________________________________________________________________________ 49. I intend to come over to pick you up --> I’m _____________________________________________________________________________ 50. Nam has difficulty in studying English --> It is_____________________________________________________________________________ 51. The boy threw the ball through the window --> The ball _________________________________________________________________________ 52. The stamps are so beautiful that all of us want to buy them --> They are such ____________________________________________________________________ 53. I don’t clean up the apartment today. I’m busy. --> I’m too __________________________________________________________________________ 54. Although he is intelligent, he doesn’t do well at school. --> In spite of _______________________________________________________________________ 55. The window was broken by a cricket ball It__________________________________________________________________________________ 56. I will never forget the day I heard I’d got into my chosen university Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 3 The day on___________________________________________________________________________ 57. Glynn became a social worker to help people less fortune than himself The reason___________________________________________________________________________ 58. The driver didn’t see the motorcyclist What happened_______________________________________________________________________ 59. Christopher Columbus discovered America The person___________________________________________________________________________ 60. Seeing Patricia cry like that made me feel guity What_______________________________________________________________________________ 61. What we had to do first was decide where to meet The first thing ________________________________________________________________________ 62. There are lots of facilities where we go camping The place____________________________________________________________________________ 63. I had to clear the spare room before I could start decorating Only when___________________________________________________________________________ 64. The phone rang again as soon as I put it down Hardly _____________________________________________________________________________ 65. The Watsons moved to London and very soon after they decided to get divorced No sooner___________________________________________________________________________ 67. I was told about the website by Charlie It __________________________________________________________________________________ 68. Buying a plane ticket at the last minute isn’t often possible Rarely______________________________________________________________________________ 69. They didn’t ask me anything about my plans for the summer Not_________________________________________________________________________________ 70. There is no situation in which we will allow the management to lower wages Under_______________________________________________________________________________ 71. Mr. Holton only operated because he knew the rumour was malignant Mr. Holton wouldn't ___________________________________________________________________ 72. Immediately after their arrival, things went wrong. No sooner ___________________________________________________________________________ 72. He was so tired that he fell asleep before the end of the film He was too __________________________________________________________________________ 74. Hearing that an earthquake had occurred was a great shock to us. We were ____________________________________________________________________________ 75. The decorators have finished our first floor. We have ____________________________________________________________________________ 76. Her hobby is one thing that she does not intend to give up. She has _____________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 4 77. That is the best meal I have ever eaten. I have never _________________________________________________________________________ 78. Home computers used to be much more expensive. Home computers aren’t ________________________________________________________________ 79. It was a mistake of mine to park outside the police station. I shouldn’t __________________________________________________________________________ 80. She knows a lot more about it than I do. I don't know _________________________________________________________________________ 81. Let's go abroad for our holiday this year. Why _______________________________________________________________________________ 82. During dinner, the phone rang. While I _____________________________________________________________________________ 83. Your hair needs cutting. It's time you _________________________________________________________________________ 84. If you run a lot, you'll become healthy. The ________________________________________________________________________________ 85. They regret ever doing business with him. They wish ___________________________________________________________________________ 86. We didn’t finish the work because of his carelessness. If _________________________________________________________________________________ 87. If you followed my advice, you’d be successful. Were _______________________________________________________________________________ 88. He left without saying a single word, which is very impolite. It was impolite _______________________________________________________________________ 89. Working for this travel agency will not be possible without a good command of English. Unless ______________________________________________________________________________ 90. I simply fail to understand some of my friends’ attitudes to work. I have some friends ___________________________________________________________________ 91. He didn't study his lessons very carefully, so he gets bad marks now. If he _______________________________________________________________________________ 92. Although Judy was severely disabled, she took part in many sports Despite _____________________________________________________________________________ 93. The film was so interesting that I couldn’t go to bed. It was such __________________________________________________________________________ 94. “Why didn’t you go to the club last night?” the girl said to Jim. The girl asked ________________________________________________________________________ 95. The keepers feed the lions at 3 pm every day. The lions ____________________________________________________________________________ 96. I would prefer you to deliver the sofa on Friday. Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 5 I would rather________________________________________________________________________ 97. The bridge was so low that the bus couldn't go under it. It was ______________________________________________________________________________ 98. That was a silly thing to say. What _______________________________________________________________________________ 99. We've run out of tea. There_______________________________________________________________________________ 100. I last saw him when I was a student. I haven't ____________________________________________________________________________ 101. Susan was too excited to sleep. Susan was ___________________________________________________________________________ 102. Robert has not had a job for two years. Robert has been ______________________________________________________________________ 103. She will complete the work only she is paid extra. She will not _________________________________________________________________________ 104. I am sorry I don’t have time to come and help you with your homework. I wish ______________________________________________________________________________ 105. Let’s visit the museum this afternoon.. Why don’t __________________________________________________________________________ 106. The school keeper cleans the classrooms every day. The classrooms ______________________________________________________________________ 107. “Why don’t we go out for a while?” He suggested ________________________________________________________________________ 108. He forgot his umbrella, so he got wet. He got ______________________________________________________________________________ 109. At the weekend I get up later than during the week. During the week I _____________________________________________________________________ 110. Yesterday morning my friend Marco arrived before I finished breakfast. Yesterday morning I was _______________________________________________________________ 111. Marco told me not to forget my tennis racket. Marco said: “_________________________________________________________________________ 112. That girl's mother used to work with mine. That's the girl ________________________________________________________________________ 113. They think the thief got in through the bathroom window. The thief ____________________________________________________________________________ 114. I haven’t got any siblings to play with She wishes __________________________________________________________________________ 115. My brother used to smoke. My brother has _______________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 6 116. Without your help, I shouldn’t have been able to find my way. If you _____________________________________________________________________________ 117. Her step-mother made her do chores all day. She ________________________________________________________________________________ 118. Did anybody see him come down the lane ? Was _______________________________________________________________________________ 119. I haven't enjoyed myself so much for years. It's _________________________________________________________________________________ 120. Turn off all the switches before leaving the workshop. All the switches ______________________________________________________________________ 121. Although the traffic was heavy, I arrived on time. In spite _____________________________________________________________________________ 122. The last time Henry smoked a cigarette was in 2005. Henry hasn’t _________________________________________________________________________ 123. Jack is stopped by the police because he passes the speed limit. If __________________________________________________________________________________ 124. Bill and Peter are too young to ride motor-cycles. Bill and Peter are not __________________________________________________________________ 125. The flood was so high that they had to live on the roofs. It was such __________________________________________________________________________ 126. This winter is colder than the last winter. The last winter _______________________________________________________________________ 127. People all over the country have helped the poor people in the flood region. The poor people ______________________________________________________________________ 128. It’s cold in the morning, so the children go to school in heavy clothes. Because of __________________________________________________________________________ 129. David has read a lot of books, however, he cannot find a good solution. Although ___________________________________________________________________________ 130. I have never read such a romantic story. This is ______________________________________________________________________________ 131. He has never behaved so violently before. He is behaving _______________________________________________________________________ 132. I've warned you not to go near that dog. I've warned you about _________________________________________________________________ 133. She can meet him if he arrives before eleven. So _________________________________________________________________________________ 134. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job. In spite _____________________________________________________________________________ 135. I'm sorry that I didn't finish my homework last night. Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 7 I wish ______________________________________________________________________________ 136. Reading scientific books is one of my interests. I'm ________________________________________________________________________________ 137. I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as that girl. That is ______________________________________________________________________________ 138. I don’t have any hats as cheap as this hat. This hat is ___________________________________________________________________________ 139. They are growing many trees in the school garden. Many trees __________________________________________________________________________ 140. I and Hoa are the same weight. I am _______________________________________________________________________________ 141. She isn’t as intelligent as he. He is _______________________________________________________________________________ 142. I am not to be disturbed under any circumstances. Under no ____________________________________________________________________________ 143. I’d rather you didn’t go. I’d prefer ___________________________________________________________________________ 144. She never seems to succeed, even though she works hard. However ____________________________________________________________________________ 145. A new flu vaccine has been on trial since the beginning of the year. They have ___________________________________________________________________________ 146. I took little notice of the girl standing at the gate. I didn’t pay__________________________________________________________________________ 147. It was easy for us to find the house. We had _____________________________________________________________________________ 148. You can leave only when I tell you. Until _______________________________________________________________________________ 149. The rain in Ha Noi last October was the biggest one since 1984. No rain ____________________________________________________________________________ 150. An aerial is not required with this radio You don’t ___________________________________________________________________________ 151. When he stops smoking, he’ll feel better. The sooner __________________________________________________________________________ 152. These young men became doctors after six years training. After these young men _________________________________________________________________ 153. People believe that the Chinese invented paper in 105 A.D. Paper ______________________________________________________________________________ 154. A man I don’t know told me about that. I was _______________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 8 155. It takes six hours to drive from here to London. It is ________________________________________________________________________________ 156. It was the goalkeeper that saved the match for us. Had ________________________________________________________________________________ 157. I don’t really like her, even though I admire her achievements. Much ______________________________________________________________________________ 158. The Pacific Ocean is on average deeper than the Atlantic. The average _________________________________________________________________________ 159. Under no circumstances should you phone the police. The last _____________________________________________________________________________ 160. We couldn’t find George anywhere. George was __________________________________________________________________________ 161. Although Nam was the stronger of the two, his attacker soon overpowered him. Despite _____________________________________________________________________________ 162. The council rarely allows appeals against its decisions. Hardly _____________________________________________________________________________ 163. If you want my advice, I would forget about buying a new house. If I _________________________________________________________________________________ 164. I applied for the job but was turned down. My ________________________________________________________________________________ 166. Although he seems friendly, he’s not to be trusted. Friendly ____________________________________________________________________________ 167. “Whatever you do, don’t give up hope” they said. They urged __________________________________________________________________________ 168. My boss works better when he’s pressed for time. The less ____________________________________________________________________________ 169. It is expected that the company can get more profit this year. The company ________________________________________________________________________ 170. I was astonished by her confidence. What _______________________________________________________________________________ 171. Someone told me my flight was cancelled when I got to the airport. Arriving ____________________________________________________________________________ 172. Someone has stolen the boss’s car. The boss has _________________________________________________________________________ 173. The last time we were here was in 1980. We haven’t __________________________________________________________________________ 174. Mrs. Wilson says she is sorry she didn’t attend the meeting yesterday. Mrs. Wilson sends her apologies _________________________________________________________ 175. It’s almost nine months since I stopped subscribing to that magazine. Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 9 I cancelled __________________________________________________________________________ 176. The north west of Britain has more rain each year than the southeast. The annual rainfall ____________________________________________________________________ 177. When I arrived in Canberra, I wrote a letter home. On _________________________________________________________________________________ 178. I’d like to visit Singapore more than any other countries in the world. Singapore is _________________________________________________________________________ 179. She listens more sympathetically than anyone else I know. She is the person _____________________________________________________________________ 180. I have never seen such a mess in my life! Never ______________________________________________________________________________ 181. The hurricane blew the roof off the house. The house ___________________________________________________________________________ 182. I didn’t see her again for five years. Five years ___________________________________________________________________________ 183. People no longer smoke so many cigarettes as they used to. The smoking _________________________________________________________________________ 184. If you find it necessary, you can contact me on this number. Should _____________________________________________________________________________ 185. Mary is so young that she can’t join our club. Mary is _____________________________________________________________________________ 186. The owners of the restaurants are usually very rich. The people __________________________________________________________________________ 187. It was easy for us to get tickets for the concert. We had _____________________________________________________________________________ 188. He drove so badly that he kept having accidents. He was _____________________________________________________________________________ 189. You didn’t come home early so the house was broken into and things were stolen. Had you ____________________________________________________________________________ 190. It’s a pity I can’t go to the game next Saturday. I wish_______________________________________________________________________________ 191. I only found out the truth because I heard the two of them talking. If I _________________________________________________________________________________ 192. “Why didn’t you mention the problem before?” I asked them.  I asked them ______________________________________________________________________ 193. You are unfit because you don’t do enough exercise.  If  ___________________________________________________________________________ 194. I bought myself some good new clothes. I need them for my new job. I bought ____________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 10 195. This food is so good that I’m going to have some more. This is______________________________________________________________________________ 196. It is necessary that I post this letter tonight. I __________________________________________________________________________________ 197. We arrived too late to see the first film We didn’t___________________________________________________________________________ 198. I was drowning, but he saved me If he________________________________________________________________________________ 199. His parents made him study for his exams He was______________________________________________________________________________ 200. We couldn’t get the nearer because of the police The police ___________________________________________________________________________ 201. You must see the manager tomorrow evening You’ve______________________________________________________________________________ 202. There was never any answer when he rang Every time __________________________________________________________________________ 203. Speaking English fluently is not easy It __________________________________________________________________________________ 204. You remembered to post this letter, didn’t you? You didn’t___________________________________________________________________________ 205. Nobody can deny that she has a beautiful voice It__________________________________________________________________________________ 206. The news was so wonderful that she decided to have a celebration It was_______________________________________________________________________________ 207. I have never been to the ballet before It is________________________________________________________________________________ 208. I’m always nervous when I face a lot of people Facing ______________________________________________________________________________ 209. The owners of newspapers are usually very rich The people___________________________________________________________________________ 210. John smoked cigarettes when he was a young man John used____________________________________________________________________________ 211. It was such good weather that we went swimming The weather__________________________________________________________________________ 212. Hand your books to me when have finished, please He asked students _____________________________________________________________________ 213. You do not have to pay for secondary education in Britain Secondary education___________________________________________________________________ 214. He had a weak heart which meant he couldn’t walk very far Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 11 His heart was_________________________________________________________________________ 215. When I was younger, I used to go climbing more than I do now Now I don’t__________________________________________________________________________ 216. England no longer had dreadful fogs There used___________________________________________________________________________ 217. By the time we arrive, the other guests will have already started dinner The other guests will start_______________________________________________________________ 218. I would like the school holidays to be longer I wish_______________________________________________________________________________ 219. He is to blame for his mistake. This is very necessary It __________________________________________________________________________________ 220. He must pass his intermediate level English examination. That was obligatory It__________________________________________________________________________________ 221. The mother came and lived with them to take care of their children. That was their request It__________________________________________________________________________________ 222. Isabel: “You can’t borrow my pen, Robert?” Isabel refused________________________________________________________________________ 223. You lied to him, which was wrong You should__________________________________________________________________________ 224. Is it essential to meet your aunt at the station? Does your aunt has____________________________________________________________________ 225. Even though I admire his courage, I think he is foolish Much ______________________________________________________________________________ 226. It would have been a superb weekend if it hadn’t been for the weather But_________________________________________________________________________________ 227. There’s a spare bed in David’s room David’s room ________________________________________________________________________ 228. I can’t get my feet into these shoes These shoes _________________________________________________________________________ 229. I am very pleased that we shall meet again soon I’m looking __________________________________________________________________________ 230. They thought that he was waiting for a message He_________________________________________________________________________________ 231. He found out the key which he lost a long time ago The key _____________________________________________________________________________ 232. Nothing could be done to help him They_______________________________________________________________________________ 233. Someone stole my purse from my handbag My purse ___________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 12 234. She asked Jone to repeat what he had said “Please, _____________________________________________________________________________ 235. It is a pity you didn’t tell us about this I wish_______________________________________________________________________________ 236. We couldn’t go out because the weather was so bad It was such___________________________________________________________________________ 237. The mountain is very high; we can’t climb it This mountain is too___________________________________________________________________ 238. Are you very tall? Can you reach that picture? Are you tall _________________________________________________________________________ 239. A donkey is less beautiful than a horse A donkey is not_______________________________________________________________________ 240. She doesn’t usually stay up late She’s not used _______________________________________________________________________ 241. If I were you, I’d look for another job I suggest____________________________________________________________________________ 242. He lost his money simply because he wasn’t careful If __________________________________________________________________________________ 243. All his suits were made in Paris He had _____________________________________________________________________________ 244. I saw him come out of the house He_________________________________________________________________________________ 245. I haven’t much money, I can’t buy any new clothes If only ______________________________________________________________________________ 246. She was believed to have taken part in revolutionary activities It was ______________________________________________________________________________ 247. In a few countries, the whole of the population only enjoy a reasonable standard of living Only________________________________________________________________________________ 248. Mr. Jones would rather watch TV than go to the cinema Mr. Jones prefers______________________________________________________________________ 249. Frank is very good at tennis Frank plays __________________________________________________________________________ 250. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help him I wish_______________________________________________________________________________ 251. This is too hard a question or her to answer The question _________________________________________________________________________ 252. I am sorry that I didn’t study French last year I wish_______________________________________________________________________________ 253. The children will go swimming if it is sunny Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 13 Unless ______________________________________________________________________________ 254. There’s no need for you to talk so loudly You don’t___________________________________________________________________________ 255. Tim will be eighteen next week It’s Tim’s____________________________________________________________________________ 256. Her grief was so great that she almost fainted So_________________________________________________________________________________ 257. You can leave only when I tell you Until_______________________________________________________________________________ 258. She prefers Italian food to French food She’d ______________________________________________________________________________ 259. Sarah is better at chemistry than Susan Susan isn’t___________________________________________________________________________ 260. When is John and Mary’s wedding? When are____________________________________________________________________________ 261. Most people can understand him when he speaks English He can make _________________________________________________________________________ 262. Tom is sorry that he didn’t watch the football match last night Tom wishes _________________________________________________________________________ 263. The test we did yesterday was so difficult that we couldn’t finish it in two hours Yesterday we did such _________________________________________________________________ 264. She is listening to the radio. She turned it on at seven thirty She has _____________________________________________________________________________ 265. You must pay taxes or go to prison Failing _____________________________________________________________________________ 266. The poor farmer was tired but he kept working In spite of___________________________________________________________________________ 267. This is the sad news that you have brought What _______________________________________________________________________________ 268. No, please don’t tell him I’d rather____________________________________________________________________________ 269. Why don’t you ask her yourself? I suggest____________________________________________________________________________ 270. Peter said he wasn’t feeling well Peter said:___________________________________________________________________________ 271. Collecting dolls from foreign countries is one of Jane’s interests Jane is______________________________________________________________________________ 272. George is not nearly as energetic as he used to be George used_________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 14 273. Jim didn’t lend me any money so I was unable to buy the car If__________________________________________________________________________________ 274. She can’t ask intelligent questions. She can’t profit from listening to her colleagues She can neither_______________________________________________________________________ 275. He spoke English very carefully. He spoke very clearly He not only__________________________________________________________________________ 276. Gravity makes ball thrown into the air fall back down If there weren’t gravity,________________________________________________________________ 277. Because Faraday’s father was very poor, he couldn’t send Faraday to school Faraday’s father was too________________________________________________________________ 278. It is such a boring book that nobody likes it The book is so________________________________________________________________________ 279. They were so strong that they could lift the rock They_______________________________________________________________________________ 280. The weather forecast was inaccurate, so we didn’t take the right precaution Had________________________________________________________________________________ 281. The temperature didn’t fall below zero last night, so the crops weren’t damaged If__________________________________________________________________________________ 282. Though I am poor, I’ll not serve a villain Poor as______________________________________________________________________________ 283. Although I pay him much, this man’s never satisfied However____________________________________________________________________________ 284. These mangoes are so cheap that they can not be good Since_______________________________________________________________________________ 285. You must speak slowly or he’ll not be able to understand you Unless______________________________________________________________________________ 286 John always spoke to his lawyer before signing the contract John didn’t__________________________________________________________________________ 287. My suit needs cleaning before I go to the party I need_______________________________________________________________________________ 288. Did they build the garage at the same as the house? Was _______________________________________________________________________________ 289. The people who were at the meeting will say nothing to the press Nobody who_________________________________________________________________________ 290. The heavy rain made it impossible for us to have our picnic We were ____________________________________________________________________________ 291. He is such a slow speaker that his students get very bored He speaks ___________________________________________________________________________ 292. Mackenzie wrote four best-sellers before he was twenty Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 15 By the age of twenty, __________________________________________________________________ 293. He stole some money and was arrested for it He was______________________________________________________________________________ 294. She met Mike when she went to Spain for her holiday last year She wouldn’t_________________________________________________________________________ 295. Someone should do the job tomorrow The job _____________________________________________________________________________ 296. I’ve never met a more dependable person than Roger Roger is_____________________________________________________________________________ 297. Somebody opened the door just after she rang the bell She had hardly _______________________________________________________________________ 298. People say that he has been all over the world He is _______________________________________________________________________________ 299. I have to write letters, but I hate it I hate _______________________________________________________________________________ 300. As the war ended, soldiers returned home The war_____________________________________________________________________________ 301. It is said that he died by his own hand He is _______________________________________________________________________________ 302. Do as I tell that or you’ll regret about it Unless ______________________________________________________________________________ 303. We must do our work well or the master will get angry with us Unless ______________________________________________________________________________ 304. “Don’t forget to phone the office” she told him She reminded ________________________________________________________________________ 305. I’m afraid I haven’t got time to listen to you I wish ______________________________________________________________________________ 306. The police has just released John John________________________________________________________________________________ 307. I couldn’t hear them because they were speaking too softly They were speaking ___________________________________________________________________ 308. The news of her son’s death was a great shock to her The news that ________________________________________________________________________ 309. He had written the problem on the blackboard. He solved it Hardly______________________________________________________________________________ 310. He studied English. He also studied French Not only ____________________________________________________________________________ 311. We live far from our home. We miss it very much The farther __________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 16 312. You may be strong, but you can’t lift this heavy box No matter ___________________________________________________________________________ 313. Jane weighs as much as her sister Jane is ______________________________________________________________________________ 314. They were building a new shopping center when we came A new shopping center _________________________________________________________________ 315. Are they going to demolish these old houses? Are these old houses___________________________________________________________________ 316. It was such bad coffee that he couldn’t drink it The coffee___________________________________________________________________________ 317. Weather conditions influence most crops Most crops are _______________________________________________________________________ 318. You must not smoke here Smoking ____________________________________________________________________________ 319. We had to spend three hours to open the door It __________________________________________________________________________________ 320. It was not until mid-night that I finished the homework I___________________________________________________________________________________ 321. Is this the only way to reach the city centre? Isn’t there ___________________________________________________________________________ 322. He remembered, and so did she He didn’t____________________________________________________________________________ 323. When are the council going to do something about the city’s traffic problem? It’s high time something________________________________________________________________ 324. May I borrow your pen? Would you mind______________________________________________________________________ 325. “I’d take a taxi if I were you?” said Peter Peter suggested _______________________________________________________________________ 326. It is said that he escaped to a neutral country He _________________________________________________________________________________ 327. Mrs. Dean was one of the customers of Mr. Brown’s bank. Her house was for sale Mrs. Dean ___________________________________________________________________________ 328. Mr. Smith’s company is busier in December than in any other month December ___________________________________________________________________________ 329. Mary didn’t work hard enough. She failed in her exams If Mary _____________________________________________________________________________ 330. The train was delayed for twenty minutes before of the bad weather Because ____________________________________________________________________________ 331. John only understood very little of what the teacher said Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 17 John could hardly_____________________________________________________________________ 332. I was sorry I didn’t know how to do it I wish_______________________________________________________________________________ 333. He didn’t need to be reminded about it It wasn’t ____________________________________________________________________________ 334. These shoes will have to be repaired They will have _______________________________________________________________________ 335. The children are taken home by bus. Their parents work late The children _________________________________________________________________________ 336. There was never any answer when we rang Every ______________________________________________________________________________ 337. “Why don’t you put a better lock on the door, Barry?” said John John suggested _______________________________________________________________________ 338. He left college after he had taken his degree He hadn’t ___________________________________________________________________________ 339. No other town in India is as large as Calcutta Calcutta is ___________________________________________________________________________ 340. Who taught you grammar last year? By _________________________________________________________________________________ 341. It’s time to prepare lunch It’s time for__________________________________________________________________________ 342. Peter is a careless driver. If he doesn’t take more care, he’ll have an accident Unless ______________________________________________________________________________ 343. After fighting the fire for 12 hours, the firemen succeeded in putting it out The firemen managed__________________________________________________________________ 344. They made him wait for two hours He was______________________________________________________________________________ 345. The police made the boat turn back The boat ____________________________________________________________________________ 346. If I had known all the facts, I would not have rung the police As I________________________________________________________________________________ 347. We will notify the police about this matter The police___________________________________________________________________________ 348. Galileo is considered to be the father of modern astronomy Galileo is regarded ____________________________________________________________________ 349. He was a fool to say that It __________________________________________________________________________________ 350. It wasn’t necessary for you to go to so much trouble on my behalf You needn’t _________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 18 351. I lent my car to that man That’s______________________________________________________________________________ 352. I’m going to the theatre tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to it I’m really looking_____________________________________________________________________ 353. I wasn’t there at that time He denied ___________________________________________________________________________ 354. The policeman accused him for stealing that bicycle “You _______________________________________________________________________________ 355. He will feel better if he takes that medicine Unless ______________________________________________________________________________ 356. If you want to keep fit, you must play sports Unless you __________________________________________________________________________ 357. Mr. Hill teaches his students to understand different English accents Mr. Hill’s students ____________________________________________________________________ 358. It was such a boring film that we left before the end The film ____________________________________________________________________________ 359. I had met Brian before but had never really talked to him Although____________________________________________________________________________ 360. I am sure it wasn’t Hilary’s fault It can’t______________________________________________________________________________ 361. Unfortunately, Mr. Baker didn’t tell me until it was so late I wish_______________________________________________________________________________ 362. Has anyone told you about it yet? Have you____________________________________________________________________________ 363. His mother wouldn’t allow him to go out He _________________________________________________________________________________ 364. He’ll never forget waiting for his friend to go to school He’ll always _________________________________________________________________________ 365. “Let’s go for a walk in the park”, said Andrews Andrews suggested that________________________________________________________________ 366. He wished he hadn’t spent so much money He was sorry_________________________________________________________________________ 367. John Speke failed to find the source of the River Nile John Speke did not succeed _____________________________________________________________ 368. Although he did not speak Dutch, Bob decided to settle in Amsterdam In spite _____________________________________________________________________________ 369. Sally’s parents gave her a micro-computer for her birthday Sally _______________________________________________________________________________ 370. Barbara plays squash better than Mike Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 19 Mike doesn’t_________________________________________________________________________ 371. The train journey from London to Bristol takes two hours It is a_______________________________________________________________________________ 372. The lecturer didn’t prepare his speech carefully, so he did it very badly If __________________________________________________________________________________ 373. The gardener didn’t water those plants yesterday, so they died If __________________________________________________________________________________ 374. Although the weather was bad, the schoolchildren managed to come to class on time In spite______________________________________________________________________________ 375. We couldn’t drive because of the fog The fog prevented_____________________________________________________________________ 376. There is no better teacher in this school than Miss Jones Miss Jones___________________________________________________________________________ 377. If you don’t want Sally to be angry with you, I suggest you apologize You’d ______________________________________________________________________________ 378. Henry found a wallet with no name in it The wallet ___________________________________________________________________________ 379. Ronald denied stealing Mrs. Clark’s handbag Ronald said that ______________________________________________________________________ 380. Susan likes staying in hotels but she prefers camping Susan doesn’t ________________________________________________________________________ 381. But for his help, I would have gone bankrupt If __________________________________________________________________________________ 382. Tim found that his friends had arrived when he reached the station On _________________________________________________________________________________ 383. I expect that he will get there by lunchtime I expect him _________________________________________________________________________ 384. Police were informed of the identity of the murdered man The identity__________________________________________________________________________ 385. The president is the statesman I admire most of all The statesman ________________________________________________________________________ 386. “You stole my best cassette, Amada?” said William William accused ______________________________________________________________________ 387. Without the sun, there would be no kinds of energy If __________________________________________________________________________________ 388. As she was tired out after her long walk, she went to bed early Being_______________________________________________________________________________ 389. In spite of the bad weather, the pilot will bring the plane down safely Though _____________________________________________________________________________ Teacher in charge: Nguyen Van Tan Page 20
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