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[해커스토익] 2009년 2월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 1. Mr. Ramirez ------- as chief executive officer at 7. Moran Tech. plans to use much of the profit ------- Hans Oil & Gas Inc. for the last 3 years. gained from its Asia Plant Operations for better (A) being served advertising. (B) will have served (A) which (C) served (B) also (D) has served (C) it 2. The Central Highway will be ------- to closure until (D) where the end of the rainy season in March. 8. The ------- to utilize accounting software programs (A) plain is an indispensable prerequisite for the position of (B) public accounting manager. (C) subject (A) chance (D) general (B) increase 3. Performance ------- to evaluate employees are held (C) ability every year in May and November. (D) currency (A) review 9. Further research on the new line of skin-care (B) reviewed products will be suspended ------- additional funding is (C) reviews found. (D) reviewing (A) if so 4. Many of the team members were surprised to find (B) unless out that their team leader, Ms. Okura, will be (C) so as transferred to Jordan ------- the end of the month. (D) by (A) until 10. The company policy states that invoices from (B) at customers are paid within 30 days of ------- receipt. (C) in (A) they (D) since (B) them 5. The waiting period for ------- on new patents is now (C) their much longer than it was before. (D) themselves (A) approving 11. Due to a ------- in demand for passenger vehicles, (B) approved Green Motors decided to temporarily cut back on (C) approval production. (D) approves (A) incline 6. Before reimbursement ------- travel expenses can (B) extension be made, a valid receipt must be submitted to the (C) drop accounting office. (D) rush (A) in 12. Not one of the applicants for the branch manager - (B) as ------ (C) for personnel office. (D) during (A) post is sufficiently http://www.Hackers.co.kr qualified, according to the [해커스토익] 2009년 2월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 (B) sequence 18. (C) location experience in finance, he was appointed to lead the (D) path merger preparation team. 13. The change in the production schedule will give --- (A) prior ---- (B) combined additional time to develop our advertising Because Mr. Ramirez has extensive ------- campaign. (C) marginal (A) our (D) inductive (B) ourselves 19. The federal government is committed to protecting (C) we consumers by ------- regulating hazardous products. (D) us (A) careful 14. The decision to cut off the workforce by more than (B) cared 10 percent has had a ------- effect on employee (C) caring morale. (D) carefully (A) consider 20. Tom Mckinley is regarded as the retiring CEO's (B) considering most ------- successor. (C) considerably (A) likely (D) considerable (B) extensive 15. Environmentalists are looking for creative ------- to (C) enforced the problems of urban air pollution. (D) common (A) attentions 21. ------- her furniture would not all fit into her new (B) solutions apartment, Ms. decided to lease an outside storage (C) conventions space. (D) collections (A) For 16. Ms. Yakamoto, the head of accounting, is (B) Also ultimately ------- for the contents of the sales report. (C) Since (A) responsible (D) Although (B) responsibility 22. Fardo Motors will recall more than 10,000 vehicles (C) response of the new SUV model because of the ------- part in (D) responsibly the car's air conditioning systems. 17. The Heim company announced ------- its annual (A) productive operating costs at its main plants in Asia have steadily (B) effective increased. (C) sensitive (A) although (D) defective (B) what 23. ------- the current circumstances, the firm has no (C) those choice but to sell up some of its branches. (D) that (A) During (B) Among (C) Under http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스토익] 2009년 2월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 (D) As (A) announced 24. The device produced by Arlington Industries are so (B) solicited superior in quality ------- none has failed within the (C) subtracted products' warranty period. (D) transferred (A) which 30. Customers are required to have valid identification (B) that when first depositing money in a new ------- account. (C) where (A) save (D) how (B) saver 25. All those wishing supplementary pension to ------- plan the must company's submit an (C) savings (D) saved application to the human resources department. 31. In order to receive full severance pay, you should (A) compile submit written notice at least two months ------- your (B) replace date of retirement. (C) refer (A) prior (D) join (B) afterwards 26. In the event that a product is defective, a (C) late replacement or product of equal value will be offered (D) before without any ------- charge. 32. Many universities have experienced a sharp ------- (A) addition in the number of admission applications in recent (B) additional years. (C) additions (A) decline (D) additionally (B) declining 27. Santo Industries will ------- move its (C) declined administrative offices since its headquarters are being (D) declines renovated. 33. Anne Park was awarded the first prize for the (A) markedly project model she ------- at the science fair. (B) temporarily (A) was displayed (C) recently (B) had been displayed (D) decisively (C) displayed 28. After 11 a.m. you will be able to log in to your (D) will display account where you can have ------- to updated 34. The company has decided to change its main technical support. distributor, ------- the company was very disappointed (A) access with the way the old distributor was handling products. (B) accessing (A) afterwards (C) accessed (B) beforehand (D) accesses (C) then 29. Mr. Benoit has recently ------- her intention to (D) as resign as head of the health clinic. http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스토익] 2009년 2월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 35. The primary objective of advertising is to (B) will attend encourage consumption and ------- raise sales. (C) attending (A) before (D) attends (B) thereby 39. Until they were ------- at the end of the previous (C) because month, business hours at the Nuran Bank used to be (D) by means of from 8 a.m to 5 p.m every day. 36. It has always been a firm policy at Prime Tech (A) created Incorporated to ------- address customer complaints. (B) expected (A) promptly (C) changed (B) prompt (D) delivered (C) prompted 40. Productivity is one of the key ------- by which a (D) prompts worker's job performance can be measured. 37. Whether the two manufacturers will merge their (A) conveniences work forces will be decided within the next ------- days. (B) criteria (A) long (C) applications (B) instant (D) publications (C) incoming (D) few 38. The vice president will be accompanied with her assistant when she ------- the trade show in Singapore next week. (A) was attending Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. September 12, 2008. Nary Beth Parkinson WWJ Buffalo, NY 14574 Dear Ms. Parkinson: I recently published a book called Entrepreneur at risk. I am sending you a ------- of the book to review. 141. (A) copy (B) check (C) sense (D) pass http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스토익] 2009년 2월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 The topic is worthy of your morning show, " Good Morning Buffalo." and I would be interested in discussing the book as a guest on your show. The premise is that entrepreneurs are at risk in the U.S and will soon be an endangered species. This is a very ------- topic, as there is an upcoming forum on entrepreneurs at the Carmine Colosseum. 142. (A) time (B) timed (C) timely (D) timing I have enclosed my biographical sketch, a synopsis of the book and a press release from my publishing house. I hope that you ------- the time to look at these. Thank you for your attention. 143. (A) took (B) was taking (C) take (D) will have taken Sincerely Larry J. Beiers president Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. Sherri Lu, Senior Floor Nurse University Medical Center Laguna Heights, CA 03992 May 12, 2008 We regret you must leave and reluctantly accept your ------- as senior floor nurse beginning June 1, 2008. 144. (A) promotion (B) request (C) resignation (D) reference We do, however, understand that personal medical concerns demand your attention now. Your contributions to University Medical Center ------- after your departure. http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스토익] 2009년 2월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 145. (A) remains (B) were remained (C) have remained (D) will remain Thank you for your hard work in every aspect of your job. Your dedication to us shows in your willingness to help train your replacement. We have always been able to ------- on you. 146. (A) count (B) counting (C) counts (D) counted We wish you the best of health. I will miss you immensely. Please stay in touch. Sincerely, Merl Questions 147-149 refer to the following article. Historic judge resigns Judge U.W. Clemon, the first black federal judge in Alabama, resigned after serving the state for almost 30 years. ------- his years of service, Clemon presided over many civil and equal rights cases. 147. (A) Until (B) Against (C) Since (D) Throughout Clemon will join Birmingham law firm, White Arnold & Dowd P.C. Sunday, practicing civil and criminal law. “It’s a win-win situation, because we pick up somebody with variance of history and knowledge, and it suits the nature of our firm,” said Mark White, a shareholder of White Arnold & Dowd. Clemon said he is eagerly ------- joining the firm. 148. (A) anticipating (B) regretting (C) waiting (D) wishing “It has an impressive clientele, and its lawyers do great work,” he said. http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스토익] 2009년 2월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 White said everyone ------- about Clemon joining the firm and the experience he brings with him. 149. (A) exciting (B) excites (C) is excited (D) was exciting “For our young lawyers, he’s a human encyclopedia,” White said. Questions 150-152 refer to the following e-mail. Dear Molly I would like to congratulate you on your recent promotion to assistant plant supervisor. You must be ------- of your accomplishments. 150. (A) pride (B) proud (C) prides (D) proudly Because of your hard work and dedication, you ------- this promotion. 151. (A) observe (B) preserve (C) deserve (D) reserve Employees like ------- help Cadrell's keep ahead of the competition and lead the way 152. (A) himself (B) her (C) yourself (D) they in the field of dental equipment. Your efforts are appreciated. Congratulations again. Welcome to the management team at Cadrell's. Sincerely yours, J.K Cadrell, Jr. President. 정답 및 해설 동영상강의는 http://Hackers.co.kr에서 확인하세요. http://www.Hackers.co.kr
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